BIG NEWS: Vegan Protein Bars that are INSANELY GOOD

Before I went vegan about 8 months ago, I was KILLING Quest Bars by the box (chocolate chip cookie dough is the jam!)

There was a time where I was flying all day (I think I was going to London) and my flight was delayed, blah blah blah, I ended up eating 5 in a day. FIVE OF THEM. I had brought some with me to ‘last the trip’ LOL OK. I sort of do that, I eat something until I hate it or until I ruin it for myself. Can you imagine being the flight crew that cleaned out my front pocket to find 5 bar wrappers? HUH?

If you don’t know, Quest Bars are a super delicious, soft, sweet, protein bar, with an almost perfect nutrition fact content. Every flavor, is bomb. Period. With 20g of protein, most under 250 calories, high fiber, super low sugar, they’re a great snack or after workout food.

But when I decided to make the move to becoming vegan, 8 or so months ago, I had to give them up. Made with whey protein, they contain a milk ingredient, that’s obviously, not vegan. Whey has milk, btw. 

So I had to drop it, and honestly it was the biggest thing I missed besides Froyo. Quest bars too, at the end of it, were making me feel sick, not sure why, so there was that too. 

Life was rough, until a golden light shined down upon me yesterday on my way to the Santa Monica farmers market, and I found the most amazing thing ever.

A protein bar with a very similar nutritional content, thats DELICIOUS and dairy free. I have been asking for these forever! But I didn’t think it was possible for a protein bar to be delicious, dairy and sugar free. 


No Cow bars by D's Natural's are new on the scene and come in 4 different flavors. I loveeeeeee how they taste, and the fact that they’re as filling, as delicious and as protein packed as any other whey bar. I would highly recommend (vegan or not) as a good source of nutrition.

I’m trying to shift away from such a protein focus in my diet (our society is protein obsessed) but for a treat, these are a great option. You can eat it as a snack, breakfast, or anytime you want something that tastes like an amazing delicious cookie treat.

These are the stats:

Like, could there be anything more perfect? AND it's actually lower calories than Quest! BAHHHHHH!!! I'm so happy!

My favorite flavor is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (obvi) but you can also get the Mint Cacao Chip, Raspberry Truffle and Blueberry Cobbler.

You can buy them directly from Amazon below:

So that felt good to share. Am I behind on things? Have you had these? Or what’s your favorite vegan bar? ProMax is a good option too!

Enjoy the week my angels! I just got back from Ojai this weekend and it was amazzzzingggg! I can't wait to write a weekending for you about it :)