Look like a dime on NYE (with ASOS)

& just like that, the holidays are in full swing.

Which means, the next holiday is almost upon us...New Years EVE.

Some people seem to really hate on New Years Eve. 

I mean, I get it. Like no one wants to pay $150 dollars for a ticket to a bar with a bunch of people standing around/trying to get like 5 drinks for themselves and their friends because it’s open bar and you want to 'get your moneys worth'. 

Plus you’re wearing a really nice dress at a place that normally serves $.49 wings on Thursdays.

I remember for about 3 years, doing the whole ‘buy a bar ticket’ thing, and it was fun, to be with people you love, but because I don’t drink (maybe once a month) it definitely doesn’t make sense to go, drink, and buy a ticket to lose my purse somewhere in a cab or like fight with my boyfriend drunk somewhere.

But anyway, NYE sucks if you do something you’re not excited about or something you assume will suck. Most of the time, if you think somethings going to suck, it probably will. 

I'm a huge fan of a small group NYE, a getaway (vacation) NYE or a very CHILL NYE. 

The past two years, I’ve done the last two. 

One in Las Vegas, with just J and I, and it was SO.FUN. I LOVE going to Vegas with him, because I feel protected from creeps and it’s fun to get super dressed up, have a nice dinner, maybe even gamble (I try) together. Just being peanuts everywhere. We were in and out  in two days, and stayed at the Trump, which I really like because it’s not an actual casino so you don’t feel so ‘Vegas-y’.

*don't mind the poor photo quality here y'all* 

(From left: Dress from Phillip LimForever 21 Fur Jacket, Marc Jacobs Stam bag, and on the right a BCBG dress, YSL Clutch and Forever 21 shoes)

The next year we did dinner at our favorite restaurant in NYC, Delicatessen. Again, v chill, v cold in NYC, and just felt right to be casual that year.

New Years Eve is special this year because I have a wedding for one of my best friends, in Cleveland (btw I love Cleveland) at the Ritz Carlton downtown. The rehearsal takes place on NYE and on New Years day is the actual wedding.

For the wedding, I’ll be wearing a glam bridesmaids dress, and for NYE I am still looking for another floor length, 'dressy' dress. 

But you guys, Aso's has THE DOPEST most gorgeous dresses, ever. You can find some classically stunning pieces on their website, with free shipping and free returns. I was blown away at how expensive these look, and most under $200 (at max). I love Aso's, so I was so glad to hear they wanted to do a bit with me on they're amazing dresses.

I’ve been doing some homework on some of the best NYE dresses this year, depending on your vibe

For a NYE Party (dressy vibe)

I love that right now people are bringing in jumpsuits to the mix, and I think that’s such an interesting way to differentiate yourself. 

Also, sequins. I mean when else can you wear sequins? 

Backless Sequin Jumpsuit from Asos

Ombre Sequin Jumpsuit from Asos

Lavish Alice Wrap Midi Dress from Asos

Bardot Silky Lace Midi Dress from Asos

Floral Beaded Dress from Asos


For an NYE dinner (more chill)

For a dinner, or low key night at a friends, just wear your lulu leggings and a sweatshirt, ha.

JK (the dream actually) 

I would do faux fur, gold choker, and big lashes. 

Low Back Black Dress from Asos

Virgo Lounge Midi Dress from Asos

Finders Keepers Dress in winter white from Asos

Plunge Gold Tunic from Asos

Club L Wrap Dress in Navy from Asos

For a glam NYE (upscale vibe)

Long dresses - all day. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to really dress up. I would definitely also consider Rent the Runway, to find something from Bagdley Mischka or Herve (obviously) but be careful because sometimes they can be poor quality (I’ve had this happen before).  

Love High Neck Long Dress from Asos

Embellished Maxi in Black from Asos

Sequin Silver Midi with a low back from Asos

Moda Tall Shimmer Maxi Dress from Asos

Frock and Frill Embellished Overlay Dress with Back Split

I am truly SO impressed with the selection of these, I bought two, ha. The embellished gray dress and the white HOT HOT dress that's sheer. Not sure where I'll wear the white one but HEY, whatever!

Feeling so grateful this week for lots of love from people *blushing emoji* thank you, thank you! Also let me know if you hear or see of something I should write about hehe.

So tired from travelin Dallas and San Fran, last week, then Ojai this weekend with my people. Will keep you posted. I love you!

Also P.S., what is your goto spot for dresses? Anything I've missed? Any stores that have really good ones for NYE? Would LOVE to know because you know best!



All opinions and dress choices are my own, but post done in partnership with Asos.