The best DAMN OTK BOOTS + RECOVERY over rest

Having a major splurge vs. steal moment. 

Y'all know I'm all about the steal. Although I'm moving away from fast fashion, I am super supportive of finding a better more affordable alternative to the expensive.

So these are my pride and fucking joy. 

The OTK boots, from TARGET basically a Stuart Weitzman knock-off. 

They are SO comfortable a perfect heel height and I feel like a sex kitten when I wear them. Truly. It's the one thing that people really notice when you walk in the room, and they can't call you slutty because they cover you up!

I'll throw on a sweater dress, pair it over tight jeans, or with a tight dress and my jean jacket. It's guaranteed sexy, and when you're comfortable on top, you feel good in these too because they're so soft, and cover most parts of da leg.

Oh and I also wanted to shout this out to you guys because I feel like you may feel me on this.

I was listening to Tim Ferriss the other day, per usual (I've written about his podcast here and I also have a podcast you can listen to here) and someone asked him about taking time to rest. He mentioned that he has his passion, and he finds it hard to take 'chill' time for himself. He said he knows the benefit of it, but doesn't know how to relax. 

I'm like wait did you go in my brain and send Tim a question because I HAVE NO CHILL. I give zero fucks but have no chill. Justin always says, I'm cool - but not chill". 

So I was interested, like how do I chill? I know most people watch their shows, or something like that but I sort of hate TV.  I know I sound pretentious when I say that but I just don't enjoy it. Finding ways for me to unwind and relax is hard. I usually do it when I'm traveling, or yoga is a chill time for me.

But I LOVED what Tim Ferriss said.

He said to think about relaxing as 'recovery'.

Like the workout terminology, recovery SO when you go hard, you go hard and when you take that time off, it's key for you to RECOVER so you can go hard again. 

Good, no? I love a good fitness/wellness reference. 

So recovery mode, for me is stretching, foam rolling, reading (Tools of the TItans right now), things like that. Chatting with friends probably as a #1. That's real SOUL recovery.

How do you recover? Any good tips? Let em know. 

Chat soon sistahs!