Packing for long international travel. What's in my bag?

So now that my birthday is over, I am fully focused on my next upcoming trips in less than two weeks. *closed mouth smile*

I’d say about 90% of the time I am focused on my next trip. The other 10% I'm eating, texting or working out. 


I've been doing lots of weekenders, smaller trips, so this will def be my biggest of 2015 thus far.

I'll be traveling around to Marrakesh, London and Spain for 3 weeks.

(Prayer emoji)

I’m very excited! Especially for Marrakech, which has been on my dream list for as long as I can remember. Africa is a whole different game, and Marrakech is known for it’s insanely beautiful mosques, open markets, the desert, riads (our riad!)….

London will be fantastic (as it always is). A place I have grown so much to love. It’s like an international NYC, and I've thought about moving there to live, quite a bit. I'll be there for work mostly, but making sure to explore as much as I can. 

Majorca is an island in the Mediterranean known for its beautiful beaches, amazing parks and just being a lush spot to get away for Europeans. This is the chill part of the trip. 

I've been thinking of what I’m packing (for such a long trip) and just thought to share some of the key things I always bring when I travel internationally, especially going to multiple different climates. I'll do one checked bag, medium size luggage and a large carry on as not to get too crazy. I really want to keep this as minimal as possible because I'll be on the go so much with my stuff.

Checked bag: 

  • T-shirts: Quality ones that actually look like I planned on wearing a t-shirt from places like Aritza. I really like their t-shirt brand Wilfred. It's that supermodel just-landed-in-LAX t-shirt that's actually sort of expensive look.
  • Leggings: Le duh. Black pants, pleather pants go with everything, anywhere. I like the J Brand ones because of the rise (aka not too low - over that). 
  • Jacket: Team no puff coat! I'll just have to layer, so I’ll wear this one from Zara, which is good for layering. 
  • Dresses: I’ll bring one maxi for Spain and possibly to wear in Morocco, but nothing more.  This one covers a bit more than usual, but I want to be conscious to not show too much skin in Marrakech because it's their culture for women to be as covered as possible. It's also on sale! Which is the best.
  • Sweaters: One or two good sweaters that I can wear and be comfortable sleeping an entire flight in. Zara of course has really cute basic ones like this
  • Shoes: My Forever 21 kicks have been the best, so I’ll rock these, and then my knockoff Celine's from Aldo. I've gotten a lot of compliments on these shoes, so much that i bought another pair so when these wear out I can have one on deck. 


  • Bags: I’ll bring my Rebecca Minkoff bag because it’ll fit everything. I’m not too fused on bags for this trip since I want to be conscious of packing light. Also in Morocco I’ll keep my wallet on me, in London I’ll use my laptop bag and time in Spain will be spent on the beach so I won’t need it.
  • A high quality carry on: I wore my Lo & Sons bag so much it’s almost unwearable, but the thing is so good to travel with. It’s got lots of pockets, and at a price you don’t mind getting dirty. 
  • Head scarf: Still searching for a head scarf? Where does a girl find  a good head scarf when she's going to Africa and wants to be stylish? I'll keep you posted on this, but need one!
  • Cover up: Always needed for to-ing and fro-ing on the beach. I loved this one
  • Swim suit, Mikoh just has it down, I loveeeee this one sooooo much I'm okay with the spend. It's different and has support which is nice. 



  • Quest barsSeriously it’s hard to eat well when you’re at the airport or in different countries, so I make sure to pack bars just in case. 
  • Vitamins:  I’m crazy about vitamins, I take so many! I always bring them so that I am sure to get vitamins that I may not if I am just eating vacation food all day. I take so many but really think that CLA, B12, St. Johns Wort, Biotin and Iron are key for me. 
  • Cetaphil Face Wash and Lotion Travel Size: Because there is no grosser feeling than being on a plane, am I right? It feels so good to shower and wash your face after a long flight. 
  • Scarves: Because it's so nice to layer with, and you can also use them as a blanket for sleeping on the plane hehe. This one is DVF below. 

  • My macbook pro: My new BFF. 
  • Dynamic Thought: My newest book read. It's like an another version of The Secret for me. I'll let you know! 
  • My rifle paper and co journal. Which makes me happy to write. I love to write and journal on the plane. It's that uninterrupted time to really reflect and chill out. No phone.

I’ll for sure be doing my guides on these places, and posting as many pictures as I can. I'm trying to up my photography game and capture as much as possible.

Let me know if you have anything I'm forgetting! :)

Wish me luck! xx