BOMB Protein Bars + 12 FREE for YOU!

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Hows' the week? Feeling crazy that it's April, no?! I'm so excited today to write about an awesome giveaway for you guys, that I think you'll really like - and is super easy to enter!

I'm not sure if you know this, but if I could live on green juices and protein bars, I would. Truly. I would eat 14 a day and drink smoothies and juices and be happy as a clam. If I could also eat pancakes and chipotle once a week I would be even MORE happy with life.

I eat protein bars for breakfast, and during that in between time after lunch before dinner (I have dinner at 6 on the dot because I am basically a retiree). But I get super hungry in between so need something, filling, easy and tasty. 

When you should eat protein bars:

In the morning, for breakfast that's under under 300 calories

After a workout to ensure you're getting something that has the appropriate mix of protein, fats and carbs

For a snack, in between lunch and dinner to hold you over

As a desert (what I do!) Under 300 calories, it will satisfy a mean sweet tooth

I think it's the fact that they bars are sweet, filling, flavorful and full of nutrients and proteins that make protein bars so amazing.

Plus being vegan, it’s a great source and way for me to get my protein in. I’ve been on the hunt for good tasting vegan bars, but it’s pretty hard to get something that’s flavorful and delicious, that doesn’t have whey.

Medical News Today says:

Whey is the milk protein that gives most protein bars their flavor, protein and allows them to be no sugar. They also are what makes your tunny ache because it has lactose. Milk is made of two proteins, casein and whey. Whey protein can be separated from the casein in milk or formed as a by-product of cheese making.

I've been a connoisseur of all flavors and types (I sound like a total loser saying this but ok), in my search I was super happy to find a hearty, delicious, super healthy and good on the go, protein bar from PROBAR.

PROBAR is the maker of healthy, plant based, convenient products for people - and they're committed to sustainability AND good taste. It's important that what you're eating is organic, or has no genetically modified ingredients, so you know that what you're putting in your body is the best food possible. 

They make a variety of things. PROBAR Bite, Fuel, Base, Jolt, Meal and Base. I went with Base, just simply for the high protein content, because I want that hearty taste, that's filling and has lots of protein.

Why I am so obsessed with these bars.

PROBAR Base bars are:




High in Protein

Filled with Chia and Flax seeds

Filling, with 4g of Fiber

Gluten Free

PLUS: They taste SO GOOD

The texture is a bit chewy, but mostly crunchy with a chocolate coating on the outside. There's SO MANY good flavors, and included in the variety pack (that I hope you win!), you can try each. I loved the chocolate supergreens, chocolate peanut butter and cookie dough - like insane amounts. There's also chocolate bliss, and coffee buzz (which even has caffeine!) 

I think my favorite aspect of the bars is that they're super filling (as I mentioned). You feel satisfied, but also like you just had a treat.

P.S. I love treats.

It's good for you, with real ingredients and you feel satiated after. What more can you ask for?


Even more exciting news than my love affair with a protein bar is...

That PROBAR and I are giving away a box of free protein bars (that's 12 free bars!), to my readers! Easy peasy, free bars for the people I love the most. This gives you an opportunity to try EVERY flavor, and enjoy them anytime – on us.

How to win a FREE box of PROBARS:

Well, it's simple!

  1. Comment below which flavor PROBAR you want to try the most!
  2. For a BONUS Entry, follow PROBAR on Instagram, Twitter, and 'Like' The PROBAR Facebook Page.
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  3. In your comment, tell me if you shared, followed, or liked it and you'll double your entry. 
  4. It's that easy!

Can't wait to give something to you guys, that I really love!

I look forward to seeing your comments, your favorites and your thoughts! 

You're the BEST.