Shit I like: Week of August 10th

Can you believe we are over a week into August? What is happening in the world? Summer don't gooooo (oh wait that's why I moved to California....hehehe).

This week we haven't had wifi at all, and service is shitty in California (but no one is freaking out for some reason) and I've been thinking a lot about connectivity and how much I need to be connected.  Like, I'm running from charger to charger and wifi spot to cell network service spot. 

I'm all sorts of hobo with no furniture, all my clothes packed up (still!) and looking for a signal. 

But, what I'm grateful for right now (I'm going to add a grateful to shit I like posts), is this weather, and feeling like L.A. is a place I want to set roots in. 

Setting roots means finding furniture and home decor for our spot, and I'm getting inspiration all over the place. Always loving lots of white, with a variety of textures and patterns in pops of color. I know me talking about decorating is throwing everyone off, because it's so unlike me, but with anything I need to have a vision of our place before I buy anything or commit. I'm taking my space more seriously and how it affects how I feel, etc. For some reason right after college I wanted to buy a bedroom set from Ashley Furniture with my college money, so I had to part with that (shit) when I left NYC. All new, is a good thing.

Some inspiration I'm into:

Shit I like:

  • This article on a Digital Detox is really speaking to me right now. We check our phones over 150 times a day? Errrrrrrr....
  • I LOVE FREAKIN' TED TALKS - a whole lot. This one is a new favorite on something we see everyday. 
  • Did you check your August Horoscope yet? Do so here
  • There's so much to do in L.A. in August, it's making me think I won't want to leave. 
  • Hypebeast is probably one of the only websites I visit regularly and this article with 'The Hundreds' was dope. 
  • Decorating my home, and discovered a designer I love through my friend Tessa. Amber Interiors, so vibing this whole deal for the apartment as I search for decor! (BTW I suck at home decorating). 
  • This one piece is everything from Mara Hoffman.
  • Everyone has these jeans and they look amazing.
  • I think I may buy this art for the apartment, because buying art is what adults do. 
  • Last week I bought this shirt from Anthropologie and I've been wearing it an absurd amount. Because, well, loose and flowy. 
  • I found a round textured aztec beach towel from Anthropologie too, and I'm obsessed. 
  • This mix is so very tight. 

I also need to make a mood board this week, so will let you know about that process soon. Keep me posted on good links, shopping or decor ideas, I neeeed them.

Have a good week!

Krista xx

Inspiration photos via 1 / 2