Shit I like: Week of July 20th

hola my friends!

I really like this post, because there is a lot going on, and lots of good things happening all over.

An update: I'm doing the last bit of moving this weekend, because Justin is already in Santa Monica apartment searching, so I've been packing and selling our furniture on Craigslist. I'm so ready to completely re-up my apartment, and actually decorate it. I heard that L.A. has really good Flea Markets, and a few of my girls have really good design aesthetic, so I'll hopefully osmosis some home decor style. Holla if you know of good places to look in regards to Home Decor. The last time I actually decorated I was moving into my college dorm and I had a Tommy Hilfiger flag bed spread, so, yah. 

So, on Craigslist. I've never really sold anything, and I was of course, a bit wary. We all hear those horror stories and it's really a bizarre concept that a random person will message you online and offer to pay for your personal belongings.

But, because people are inherently good, I've met seriously such kind people. A lovely couple from Queens, a dad from The Bronx, and this lady living in SoHo. Each time I have someone coming, I'm like waiting for them to try and scam me or something, but they've been lovely! Plus I'm so lazy I was going to honestly throw everything away, so it's been cool to see others happy with stuff you don't want anymore. 

So, nice people and cash for my old stuff is Shit I like for sure, but also:

  • The Nasty Gal x For Love & Lemons collab is actually so insane it makes me feel anxious because I want it all and I have absolutely no where that I could wear any of this shit. If you find a place, please let me know. But these pieces are super sexy, super summery, light, and unique. I love when you see a piece, and without labeling you know which brand it is. That's For Love & Lemons to the max. I splurged and got this 'Maxi' dress (which it's absolutely not a Maxi -it's a slip) and think that these pieces will be something that both chicks and dudes are really into. Or dudes won't get it at all. It's a toss-up.


  • These Forever 21 knock off Diors are absolutely worth the $5 dollars, vs. $500 dollars for the mirror shades (although I die for them). I bought them in both colors, and I would say they are a bit uncomfortable but like again, $5 dollars. K bye.


  • I'm really into donating old stuff, and completely cleaning out my closet. I've gotten rid of sooooo much stuff with the move, it's like shedding a skin. I have bags and bags of wack clothes, that I'll truly never wear, and it's nice to feel like you don't have as many options in your closet, and most of them are the ones you actually like to wear. You can donate at GoodWill, Salvation Army or sell other places if you'd like too. Also according to Feng Shui - an overstuffed home can rob you of vitality, opportunities and even money. 


  • I found the best shampoo in the world basically. It's called Batistse, for blonde hair and it's got a bit of color in it so it really helps to cover any roots you could have. My roots are GNARLY right now, and it's been critical for after workouts, to clean my hair a bit and cover the dark. I used to use Frederic Fekkai powder shit but I realized I looked like George Washington and had like gray roots so I've decided to turn over a new leaf here. 

  • This week I made a really tight mix, that I'm proud of because it's not just the same old trap that I usually listen to. Click here and enjoy at work or anywhere. It's under beats, and on my Soundcloud.


  • This Miracle Skin Transformer BB cream made by Sara McNamara the bomb, and I wear it allllll the time. I'm not really a make-up during the week wearer (pure laziness), so this is perfect for a quick cover-up in the morning or after a workout. It covers any flaws, is super smooth and really light. I don't feel bad/weird if I wear it into a workout because it doesn't have that heavy feeling. Also has SPF which is a major plus in the summer.  I wear Medium, and it's cheapest on Amazon.

Okay my babes, that's all the shit I love this week. Talk to you soon, next time from Cali! (I'll provide full deets on our apartment and how to let your company work remote, etc.) 

Love, Krista xx