Shit I like: Week of June 22

Welcome to the new week ya'll!

Some things I'm into right now. 

First, have you guys heard of DayBreaker? It's this (sober) morning dance party that originated in Brooklyn, that now takes place all over. I went on Wednesday with Yoga included, and I would suggest trying it out if it comes to your city. It sells out super fast, and is $40 dollars a ticket. Which, considering they have tons of free juices and bars for you to eat, it's worth it. 

I also did 3 workout/hangouts this weekend which was really fun. I'm a huge fan of that sort of multi-tasking (friends + fitness + not spending a lot of money + not drinking), and when you do a new class like, at Overthrow Boxing Studio (which I did Saturday) it's good to have a friend with you. 

Right now we have a house guest in da casa! Our friend Mike O'Connor has been staying with us, and it's been fun to explore with someone who doesn't live in New York City. You end up doing shit you may not have - like we explored Brooklyn Heights all day Sunday. Mike models in L.A. but has been traveling around as of late, and we've been a solid lil crew. I love time with friends in when they're actually in person vs. via text/phone. Ya feel me?

More shit to like: 

  • I'm obsessed with this cactus iphone cover from Urban Outfitters for some reason
  • MoMa Ps1 Line-up dropped and I'm very excited! MoMa Ps1 takes place in Long Island City, and brings DJ's to the art installations at MoMa. It's outside, with drinks, good fashion and good vibes - definitely worth a weekend go.
  • Just copped these new kicks, in black (very into Nike right now).
  • Raw Meal vegan protein is the BOMB. It's vegan protein and the flavors are so delicious. It's v filling too, I actually mix the protein powder with almond milk, honey and oats for a cookie type thing at night. It's soooo good. 
  • This bandage dress from Made for L.A. is veryyyy sexual, I just copped it for like date night (at Meatball Shop prolly). I am into Made for L.A., it's like where Real Housewives of Orange County I think get all their gear. 

Have a good week! Officially summer ya'll.

Love, Krista xx