Adventures in: Laser Light Therapy

Damn so living in California rules. 

Lots to do, we're on the beach, it's beautiful every day, people are is good!

But the thing, about the weather and the the SUN.

I mean #highschoolkrista was a SUN GODDESS. Prom freshman year I went to TWO DIFFERENT TANNING LOCATIONS to get my bronze on, and I had a monthly membership that I think costed me around $120 dollars a month. Which is a fuck load for a high schooler! Honestly, I loved being tan so much, I was always a bit burnt, and I probably did it into college when spray tanning took over. Then I was a Mystic addict, level 3 on the daily.

My mom to this day, says that I have 'olive skin' even though I was just blasting myself with UV light at Sun Spot Tanning.

Le sigh. 

But as you get older, it's not so cool to look like you're straight out of Cancun, and it's weird, now I can seriously tell on my face after a long day unprotected in the sun. The fine lines are a little deeper, and the sun just doesn't look as fly. 

I honestly am a FREAK here in L.A. about sun exposure. Justin calls me Erykah Badu because I wear a head wrap (to protect my blonde hair color from fading) and like SPF 80 on my whole body, if I even go out in the sun. 

I want to look young for as long as possible without like needles and shit. 

So, I signed up for laser light therapy  at Skin Laundry in Santa Monica.

I've done a laser treatment before in New York City, at Virgina Wade's office (she's the shit) and really noticed the difference in my skin for the next few weeks. Totally resurfaced, soft, clear and just smooth. Like none of the discoloring, or random little bumps. 

I got the introductory package, 3 for $120 dollars, as I do think that laser light therapy is something that needs to be kept up with. It will work as much as you do it. 

It's one of those things, like a facial 2.0. I know a facial works, but it doesn't feel as powerful to me, just exfoliating and rubbing my face with shit, over a powerful laser light does. 

Ya know?

Reading about the benefits of this new age procedure, had me convinced. 

The benefits of laser therapy on skin, via Skin Laundry are:

Immediate Benefits (after one session):

  1. Vaporizes dirt and removes bacteria

  2. Improves dull complexion and unevenness

  3. Tightens and brightens skin

  4. Leaves skin softer, smoother, radiant, & glowing

Long-term Results (if you continue to do it, you'll see greater results over time):

  1. Helps reduce sun damage & early signs of aging (sadly yes please)
  2. Noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  3. Reduces overall redness
  4. Clears acne and helps prevent future breakouts
  5. Reduces the visible appearance of pores (please)
  6. Evens skin tone, texture
  7. Reduces the visible amount of scarring on the skin from acne lesions and cysts
  8. Reduces hyper-pigmentation, unevenness, sun spots, age spots, and melasma
  9. Diminishes visible broken capillaries (those red weird looking spots that seem to really appear as we age)
  10. Stimulates collagen and elastin production (what helps keep our skin youthful)

I'm just hopeful to brighten my skin tone, keep it tight and just look super clear (small pores all that shit).

I went to into Skin Laundry and the place is beautiful, super friendly people and they were really helpful in describing the laser therapy, the benefits and how to maximize it. My girl was helpful getting me situated and into the sweet goggles to protect my eyes. 

The treatment itself was really quick, probably less than the 15 minutes they advertise and I wish it would have lasted a full 15 minutes.  Like laser the shit out of me please. 

You cleanse your face first, with their face washes (which I really liked) get on your googles, get yourself lasered and then a cooling gel and toner is swiped on after which feels really nice. This was definitely like the facial' part of it. 

Also, I didn't like that they didn't do my neck and chest too. Have you seen old ladies chests sometimes who don't take care of like their faces? YOU KNOW? It's so important to pay attention to this area and I felt like it missed out on that. Apparently you can pay more for it however.

Upon leaving, my face was red, but not frighteningly so, and I was told it would last for a few hours. Check my fresh bare faced non filtered mug. P.S. I love filters.

As far as pain? It felt like a light tingling, which I like. HA. If it didn't feel like anything I'm not sure I would believe it worked. Pain mean things are working right?!  

I have two more left in my series to use, which I'll do use bi-weekly. I think at that point I'll have to decide if I want to continue doing it, at a monthly price of $50 for 1 a month, and then 4 for $140 a month. Could be a good thing to add to the regime, but also maybe when I got fat stacks I'll do it weekly, HA. 

The verdict:

I think this is the real deal alternative to a facial, it's like a super intense facial laser beam light basically, and it really does make a difference, especially for sun damage. I know there are places that do it all over, and are called different laser names depending on the intensity. You can go really intense with things like the Fraxel laser, or the Clear and Brilliant which I said I did once in NYC. I'm going to continue on, since I've noticed a positive change, and there's nothing else I am doing for my skin really anyway, and probably should. I'll keep you posted on my next visits! 

When looking for laser treatments, you can search for laser treatments in general, but just take note which laser, and of course the price, because it can vary like crazy. Gilt City often has good deals for laser places in the area, and I would be sure to not pay full price as it can go up to thousands of dollars for things like the Fraxel (which blasts your face off basically). 

Have you guys ever done laser treatments? I should also write about my laser hair removal because it's changed my life in the best way possible, ha. Would love to hear your thoughts? Also any questions, or recommendations, ask me :).