Weekending in Newport, Rhode Island

With the move on the horizon, I've been going through my NYC bucket list (which I can share, just let me know but FYI it's basically like food stops? LOL) and one of the items was to be sure to visit Newport, Rhode Island before I left.

My friend Kath had briefly told me about it, and Rhode Island is a quick three hours driving (without traffic) from the city. I know people that have been, but it's definitely not as popular as The Hamptons or Montauk in the summer. We rented a car, and drove out on Saturday as to avoid traffic and attend our lil' going away party on Friday night - which was at Rare Rooftop in Midtown. Such a good spot for casual drinks with a view in NYC. On the real, I'm so grateful for everyone that came to celebrate our move and just spend time together before we go! LYLAS betches! Also can I say I'm the worst person to be in the car with? As a co-pilot I was fired because I cannot pay attention that long :(

But can I just say, Newport over The Hamptons or Montauk all freakin' day.

I just really felt like I was removed from the city, much different than anywhere I had been yet on the East Coast. Very clean, very family, very historic and very special. 

This was one of the places that reminds me how much there is to see outside of the standard cities like New York City, LA, Boston.... which people urge you to visit in the U.S.

I sound like such a tool saying mansions, but like, THE MANSIONS. This place has the nicest houses I have ever seen in my life. Old, old, old money. 

I was thinking I would post a guide but like, for real, I was there for two full days in total. That ain't no guide! I do feel as though there were some spots and things I would recommend though. 

Also, so we stayed in two different Airbnb's, the first was legit like a barn. I mean it was rustic, and clean and cute but we shared a wall with horses. I'm. not. kidding. Second was insane, like a dollhouse, my Insta did the space justice for sure.

So the barn, I didn't hate it, all good, whatever (although Justin was FREAKIN' the fuck out because there was no central air and boys for some reason can't stand the heat - LOL). But you guys, I wrote in my Airbnb review, just how I thought - that people should know there's no wifi, it's clean and in a good location, but gets super hot because it's a BARN. I honestly feel so guilty I can't sleep, ha. But like, how honest should we be in reviews you know? Someone's gotta say something.

So that's what I'm working with there and this week. I want to be a person that rights legit reviews on shit, so people actually know and there isn't 4-5 stars on everything because people aren't being fully honest.  I mean, PEEP THIS SPOT YO!

The whole review thing  probably won't happen but you know? But hey, it's a good thought. LOL.

So mini Newport, Rhode Island, to-do's:

// to see //

The Breaker's: It's really good to go down Bellevue and check out these mansions, walking or driving. The Breakers' is the Vanderbuilt Mansion, with like 75 bedrooms and mad crazy stuff like Gold plated walls. 

Thames Street: Where everyone goes out at night. Partyish.

Narragansett Beach: Beaches on the east coast aren't really that pretty but a beach is a beach yo'. 

// to eat //

Castle Hill Inn: Good for a long outdoor lunch and also to stay. They were hosting beautiful insane weddings there when we went. Gorg. 

Bouchard Inn: Old timey, but famous in RI and has good food and service. If you're vegan/veg tell them early and they'll make you special thangs.  It's one of those places where they have special servers who only fill water glasses.

Brick Alley Pub: disclaimer, if you go to RI they will tell you to go here, but don't unless you love eating Applebee's. Then go. But for real, it's straight up Wing's N' Ring's. 

Salvation Cafe: Eclectic spot, my favorite in RI. 

The Mooring: On the water and in the most popular strip in Newport. 

// to stay //

Castle Hill Inn: very gorgeous, good location, but pricey. It's the same place as the restaurant linked above.

The Attwater: this may be the trendiest spot to stay in Newport, it's pretty expensive but insanely pretty. 

Now back to packing my life away and finding an apartment in California! Justin has left and is on the hunt, keeping me up to date and sticking to my guidelines, of no carpet, true one bedroom, and larger than our current spot. Fingers crossed y'all.

Let me know what you think if you've been to Newport, also what you'd do during your last weeks in NYC? 

Have a good weekend! Love, Krista