Siesta life in Spain.

I can't tell you how often I'm at work and want a nap midday. 

I mean who hasn't thought about it, after a solid lunch and potentially during a long ass conference call.  #LIFE 

Just a little recharge to get me through, I swear! I mean who gets to nap anymore? It's hard to find the time to disconnect, even when you're not at work. 

But in Spain, they got that recharge game on LOCK. 

Let me introduce you to one of the greatest things ever, the 'siesta'. 

You've probably heard, but a siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon after lunch, and a standard in Spanish Culture. 

I've been in Mallorca for a day now, and seriously forgot Spanish siestas. Also about how everything's closed at like 6 PM, and people do.not.leave their houses on Sunday. Sunday is a serious family day. Love my fam, but haven't seen them for a Sunday in about 10 years. 

It is so different here than in the states, where we are constantly go go go, more more more and bigger, stronger, faster. It's true that Spanish people like to just chill out, enjoy life, and work to live, not live to work.

I'm so used to New York City where it's non-freaking-stop. From the second I wake up until when I go to bed, I'm engaged in something, thinking about something or just 'on'.  People on the subway bring their laptops to work for that 30 minutes on their way in, and dinners don't start until at like 10 PM. If you don't have 50 hobbies, you're sort of uninteresting. 

It was almost jarring here coming to Mallorca, like we went to lunch at 1 PM on Friday, and everything's closed. Sunday you can't travel too far because public transportation shuts down. Every sort of shop maintains working hours of 9-5 (with 2 hour siesta in the afternoon). I've been to Spain a few times, but every time I'm surprised by this. 

I'm here obviously being super (annoying) American like, 'they could make sooooo much money if just one of these places stayed open during the siesta, everyone would go there!

But that's not their priority. 

Again work to live, not live to work. Take it slow and make enough to support your family but nothing more. 

Even for a few days this lifestyle was an adjustment for me, to slow down, take it in and just unwind. More so to not be able to get breakfast at 8 AM and to find anything open on Sunday, but still 

When you travel you need to balance 'seeing things' and 'relaxing', and it's a fine line for me to draw. I have a hard time 'relaxing', honestly. I'm sort of annoying that way. People constantly comment on my 'busy body' status.

So, it was a total 'lesson' for me in Mallorca to think about slowing down. But more about what you value, how much you need, and if our culture of 'want' and 'more' is all that. 

I'll keep you posted! After this I'm back in London for a week. 

Love, Krista xx

Oh, and I didn't even know this, but Mallorca is an island in the Mediterranean right next to Ibiza, it's SO BEAUTIFUL. Super clean, fairly touristy, with lots of beaches and fabulous places to explore.