#HereToCreate with adidas + my fitness motto + why I workout in all black

This post is sponsored by adidas, but all opinions are my own.

Hi you! So glad you are here!

Super excited for this post, because I get to share an outfit I have been living in.

It’s super flattering, street style vibes, all from adidas.

I’ve had a love affair with adidas since back in the day. I lived for my SAMBAS, died for my shell toes (and still do, I wrote about my adidas superstars here) ripped off my snap pants before every practice and now can be found most Sundays in my adidas crew neck sweatshirt. It makes me feel like a badass.

adidas to me, is about being unique, being yourself and being unapologetic about it. It’s at the intersection of sport, street and style.

I never set out in my life to have 6-pack abs, or to be the skinniest babe in the room. My fitness motto has always been about clearing my head, respecting my desire to move, and being strong enough to support all aspects of my life. For me, this year it’s about celebrating my body. Catching each negative comments, I make to myself, and flipping it around to a positive. It’s about focusing on the good parts, everything that works in perfect harmony on a daily basis, rather than the extra armpit fat I notice in the Barry’s Boot camp mirror.

I remember one time when I was making a comment about my body, or something related to that, and one of my friends said,

‘Because your body is the way it is, it makes you who you are’.

This seriously stuck with me. The way my body is made is part of who I am, a reason why I am unique. It’s also helped me to evolve the way I feel about fitness.

I now see working out as a way to keep everything in my life moving. It keeps me energized, excited and happy.

So, when adidas reached out about a partnership I was SO EXCITED, because their holistic view of health and fitness, aligns perfectly with mine.

As a fitness fan (as you know!) I am always on the lookout for the best clothes to work out in, and the cutest shoes to walk to the gym in :). For leggings, I am fan of the high-waist super spanx-like feel.

I’m also all about an all black gym moment. Kim K vibes. It makes me feel less visible, and more chic. Adding in the Stella McCartney element to the whole line, seriously takes it to a whole ‘nother level right!?

These kicks, which I live for, are super light, comfortable with enough support for running (which I am trying to do more of!) I’ll probably do a full post on this later, but running feels like the missing component of my workouts for the past year. I avoid it at all costs, but each time I do it, it’s more effective than almost anything else I do. Having light, comfortable grey kicks is all the inspiration I need to run more.

For workout tops, I used to be a fan of the super loose fabric, but now with HIIT and yoga, I want my tops to be really tight, so I’m not adjusting or I’m not worrying about tucking anything in.

Having a top fit to my body also allows me to see what’s happening when I’m lifting weights, or in a downward dog. I can adjust accordingly. That’s why this top is perfect. It’s comfortable, SUPER black and tight.

That’s the same concept with these pants. I NEED them to be tight enough for me to not adjust, not pull them up, not worry about if they’re riding up or falling down. Pulling up my pants during a workout class is a distraction. It’s the same concept with the top as it is the bottom, it helps me to see what I’m doing with my body so I can make adjustments accordingly with my posture, like in Lagree Fitness. 

What I’m wearing in this post:

adidas Pure Boost X Training Reigning Tramp Shoes


Warp Knit Tank Top


Warp Knit Tights


You can also go to adidas.com to save %15 by signing up to their email list!

Would love to hear from you, your fitness motto. What moves you, what inspires you and what you do to honor your body, not punish it. Looking forward to being inspired by you!



My favorite podcast episodes ever + an outfit to kick it in

Oh hello you!

So glad you're here. What's up? How are you? 

I've been wanting to share a list of my favorite podcasts (specific episodes!) with you forever! 

I the biggest fan of podcasts. It's like, my way of multi-tasking. I listen when I do almost everything, seriously. When I clean, when I'm chilling, when I'm walking... it keeps me:

  • Up to date with the world
  • Informed of new trends and topics
  • Interested in people 
  • Interesting in conversations

I know all I know because of podcasts probably. I wrote about my favorites here!

But in this post I want to write about the episodes that really stuck with me.

Oh and did I mention I'm doing a podcast?

With my friend Lindsey Simcik, that'll be launching in the next few weeks. I just finished making the website (my fourth website I've made!) and it's called the Almost Thirty Podcast. It's about your twenties and thirties, and how it's such a interesting and pivotal time in life. We'll bring on guests, answer questions, and chat about topics like 20's us/30's us, and Hundred/Not Hundred.

But anyway, if you don't do podcasts, DO! In the car, wherever. These are 5 of my favorite episodes from the past few months.

Podcast Episodes to listen to now:

Tara Brach is my girl. She's calming, present and speaks on topics that relate to spirituality, mindfulness and joy. Once a week she'll post a really good guided meditation. If you've never meditated this is a great way to get into it. It's only 5 minutes, so I use it to come back to presence. 

I really LOVED this podcast. It was great to hear the hosts talk in detail about a creative lifestyle, and balancing your creative life with your personal life. They asked some really good questions about what you need to be happy, and I felt like it just really flowed. This would be especially good for anyone whose a blogger or creative.

Rich Roll is my dude. Always dropping knowledge and keeping me up to date with important and thoughtful topics. This one in particular hit home because it's on a topic that I know little about. The fashion industry. Here Andrew Morgan talks about 'fast fashion' and the effect that super cheap clothing has on our environment, economy and world. 

Not sure if you saw my dope interview with The LadyGang - but these babes KILL ME. I love them. Listen to all their podcasts but this one in particular made me chuckle. 

I actually felt neutral about Chelsea Handler until this episode. She is so rad, for real. She owns her life, she's honest, but she also shows this really soft raw side of her, that's loving and open. I loved hearing the contrast between her and Anna (who is super sweet!) 

For real Shaun White is HILARIOUS. I had never known his story, how he rose to fame and how he made a BUSINESS out of it. Capitalizing on his Gold Medals to build a life that outlasts those moments. This one's a good one, and super entertaining.

Keegan Michael Key of Key and Peele is a true Legend. Hilarious, warm, and charismatic, hearing him do improv on this podcast is the coolest thing. He's super creative and HILARIOUS, I was crying laughing listening to it. 


Shop the look:

TUC + WES Green Drape Jacket (sold out, similar from BB Dakota here

Adidas Superstar Kicks (On sale here! These are my EVERYTHING)

Tan Ribbed Dress

Turquoise Gold Chain Necklace

Other outfits to kick it in:

Easy Dresses

Drape Jackets

Comfy Shoes

LOL @ eyes closed. Sometimes ya just can't get it right ya know?

But anyway, let me know which podcasts are your favorite! I am SO down to listen to what you share!

Also want to be on our podcast? Let me know! We'd love to have ya ask a question or propose something for us to discuss!


Keep me posted on the ones you love. These are SERIOUSLY so good. 

Okay, love you!



A little (EASY) way to make your life (and others lives) a LOT brighter

Oh guys! So glad you're here, and excited about this post.

I read something the other da that I just LOVEDDD an had to share with you.

(& if you'd like, links to this outfit below)

A post from Jedidiah Jenkins

Who, is truly one of my favorites when I found him from Rich Roll

It's a post about complimenting STRANGERS

Yes, strangers.

Jedidiah is a MUST FOLLOW on Instagram. He is a beautiful amazing wonderful wordsmith, and he writes these LONG captions, that are so so stunningly put, it takes my breath away. Each one feels like my thoughts, just so much more beautifully.

They are poignant, thoughtful and true.

This one was one of my recent favorites, with such a beautiful message, it struck me to share.

(I know it's long, but it's SO GOOD! Read read it!)

When I see something good in someone, I tell them. Straight away. Like a reflex. Even if I don’t know them at all. This can often be mistaken for flirting, but maybe it is. I love flirting. But I’ve seen the effects of this and I’ve felt its effects on me. I am always telling waitresses how beautiful their hair is or how charming they are or bartenders how masterful they are with the flip of a bottle.

I do this because I have found that a compliment from a stranger can reshape my whole day. If a random kid says he likes my jacket as I walk by, I feel like a fashion genius. If my buddy says it, I’m glad for sure, but not as charged and giddy.

There is something about speaking lovely words to people. Our nervous minds are always trying to see themselves, to fish out the mystery of our own identity. Words have all the power. Have you noticed when someone is saying ‘this was my first impression of you..’ you perk up with wild interest? We want to meet ourselves.

In a moment of anger, an emotional pronouncement over someone can poison them for years. ‘You are a disappointment.’ ‘You are lazy.’ Saying what someone ‘is’ is like witchcraft.

For this reason, I tell people what is lovely, so that it becomes more of them. If a talkative friend stops and listens to me, I pause and say ‘you’re such a good listener.’ She might lean back and put her hand on her chest and say ‘I am?’ And I’ll say ‘yes, thank you.’ I guarantee she’ll be a better listener from that day on.

Words have power, to bless or to curse. That’s why I love reading them, writing them in cafés, hearing and saying them. They shape the world. What is a thought but words or feelings looking for them?
— @jedidiahjenkins

I can recall times when a stranger has complimented me, or me them, and it breaks down a barrier between us, lets the other one in and feels so good.

It's not being vain or concentrated on looks all the time. It's not that we only like how someone wears a shirt or their clothes, but it's the act of being kind and NOTICING another, letting them put their wall down to be appreciated out of random that is just so lovely.

It's true, when you compliment someone you know, although you mean it, the nicety seems less exciting. It's the usual greeting from a girl. The ice breaker to meet new people, "I like your shirt". 


But for a stranger, it warms them and creates a reminder that we are all HERE and this slowly brings the human element back into it. 

In a life lived through our phones, in a digital world with our heads down when walking the streets. A compliment is a kind way of bringing both parties back to 'reality'. Breaking ice, and the barrier between strangers. 

So, this week, my thing, is to SAY what I am thinking when I notice something I like. To  put that positive energy out there, and when I'm thinking something lovely about someone, to just say it.

Make their day, just by expressing what I'm thinking.

Truly, a beautiful concept.

I love it. 

Thoughts? Feelings? A good add to the week, no?

I love ya,