Protein Packed Hormone Balancing Oatmeal (with PlantFusion)

OKAY, so! I have gotten so many questions related to healing my hormones naturally, a post that I wrote a few months back about my hormone health journey.

In short, I had really messed up my hormones through stress, excess exercise, too many stimulants, among other things. I wasn’t getting my period, I wasn’t myself and I definitely didn’t look or feel like it either.

Check out that post for the full story, but the biggest way that I healed myself naturally (brought my hormones back into balance – confirmed through testing two months ago) was through diet.

Changing my diet, to add in more healthy fats, reduce my sugar, and eating filling natural whole foods.

One of the staples in my diet has been PlantFusion Protein. It’s the only plant-based protein shake that compares to whey: enhanced with 4500mg of branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and 3,350mg of glutamine, PlantFusion is a complete and extremely potent source of protein. It’s the first plant-based protein that compares to animal proteins (like whey) in amino acid density and balance.


  • It’s SUPER nutrient-dense: it has a 21 grams of protein + amino acids and only 120 calories.
  • MAJOR KEY. It’s free of all major allergens: No dairy, soy, gluten (wheat), eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts, or shellfish. There’s no artificial flavors and preservatives.
  • One of my favorite parts it that it’s easy to Digest: It contains a proprietary blend of enzymes to ensure anyone can digest it. With other proteins I’ve had a bloated belly, been uncomfortable, but not with this one.  

One of my favorite recipes that I swear by, for healing my hormones naturally is my Hormone Balancing Protein Oatmeal. This version with pumpkin spice, but you can omit that, or use things like cacao, cinnamon, or mulberries if you’d like. I wouldn’t suggest honey, maple syrup or anything that will spike your blood sugar, that doesn’t help and is one of the biggest ways to throw yourself off.

I eat this all year round, but especially love it during the winter and fall seasons when I really crave warming in the morning. I love my Fab 4 Smoothie, but I also subscribe to the ayruvedic principle that having something warming is helpful for your digestive fire in the morning.

For this recipe video, I use Plant Fusion Vanilla Protein Powder. I’ve shared them with you before, because I seriously love their product, and when people ask me what vegan protein  powder I use, I always tell them it’s PlantFusion. I love that it has digestive enzymes in it (seriously helps to keep the tummy flat) it includes superfoods, and keeps you fuller WAY longer than any protein I’ve ever had before.


1 Scoop of Vanilla Plant Fusion Protein

When it comes to hormonal balance certain protein sources serve you better than others. Eating protein provides your body with amino acids that are used to produce specific hormones, including insulin and growth hormone. 

1 tbsp of Coconut Oil

Many hormones are produced from molecules derived from essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fats. A lack of fat in your diet will prevent these hormones from being in balance, impairing athletic performance and recovery!

1 tsp of Ashgawanda

Adaptogens directly affect your endocrine system. Your endocrine system is in charge of your hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that affect nearly every bodily function. Adaptogenic herbs, or more accurately the compounds in them, can direct your cells to make more or less or certain hormones … at the same time!

1 pinch of Pumpkin Seeds

Seed cycling for hormone balance is one of those things that seems far too simple to ever work, but work it does! It’s very gentle nutritional support that encourages your cycle to follow it’s natural rhythm and gives the hormones gentle nudges in the right direction.  Best of all, it’s done with whole foods, not with supplements or drugs, so it’s entirely natural, simple, inexpensive and gives you a whole different way to keep in contact with your body. 

Read more about seed cycling here

1 dash of Pumpkin Spice

Other Ingredients you can add to your Power Oatmeal:

Almond Butter/Nut Butters

Cacao Nibs


Chia Seeds


The best part about this, is that you can win Plant Fusion Protein Powder by signing up for their email list using this link. They are picking a winner each week, and the emails they send I love, they include recipes and helpful tips.


Anything you love to add to your protein oatmeal?

Enjoy, lovelies!