SHADY: Summer shade style inspo from ASOS

Honey's have you noticed the transition from big sunglasses to little sunglasses?

Well, it's happening. Small shades are IN, and I am trying my best to find flattering ones that fit my face. 


So I found the best shades from my favorite, ASOS that I wanted to share with you as summer inspiration. 

Summer Shade Trends: 

Cat Eye


Super Small


Embellished Shapes

Tinted Lenses


Any sunglasses that I missed? I love ASOS because I can basically cover all the trends with ASOs because their sunglasses are not only on point but they're affordable. 

Being EXTRA with ASOS: Favorite skirts to transition into fall

Let me just start by saying, that in L.A. it is nowhere near fall. It's like 93 degrees, LOL. A lil recap on life, I just got back from Croatia a week ago, and it was AMAZING. I can't wait to share more on it. I am in lurve.

Also for The Almost 30 Podcast we had our Sex Love and Other Things Event. It went SO well, the babes showed up ready to chat and share, and so many amazing brands shared amazing products. It was cool that, we are the only event that I've heard of, talking about sex and relationship wellness. Truly! So thank you to everyone for coming out for that, thank you thank you!

In life, I am a bit maxed with things, but knowing that the fact that I am home for the next three weeks makes me feel better about the workload. With weekends, I can manage to get it all done :). 

Excited about sharing some fall inspiration with you fashion wise. I am loving what's out right now, and of course, have to go with my favorite ASOS for everything when the seasons change. They're always on point with styles, colors, textures and prints, and you cannot beat the price point. Although it's hot, I am feeling like slipping into the fall vibe with darker colors, leopard and prints. 

This post is in collaboration with ASOS, but all opinions are of course my own.


What I'm wearing in this post:

ASOS Raw Denim Mini-Skirt in Black I wear this one all the time, super comfortable and the perfect length.

Black Mule Sandals My go-to shoe this summer and fall. They slide on, and you can wear them with anything! Plus they cover up the perfect amount of your foot.

Thin Metal Plated Belt Easy and so rocker chic.

Black Off-The-Shoulder Top (Sold out, similar here)

MAC Lipglass in Lust My favorite everyday shade.


What Aubre is wearing in this post:

Front Button Cord Mini How cute and affordable is this?

Floral Blouse Such a fan of the comfy flowy blouse!

Black Sock Midi Boots Super comfortable and super in.

Yellow Front Button Jacket (sold out, similar here)

Fall Skirts from ASOS:

All super chic, cute and affordable

Fall Mules from ASOS:

Seriously, you'll wear these all the time.

Fall Blouses from ASOS:

The perfect top for work, or play.

In these photos is my friend Aubre Winters, a total babe and light in my life. It's SO NICE to have creative, loyal, funny, friends who just get you, right?


What are you favorite fall trends? Share them below, please!

Love you, will be in touch next week! xoxo


1 key to being happy + groovy casuals from ASOS

This post is written in partnership with ASOS but all opinions are my own


Had an epiphany last night that I need to share with you. 

If you listened to the Almost 30 Podcast, last week we talked about body image, eating, dieting...all of the things with Danika Brysha (curve model and CEO of Model Meals). 

It was, everything.

One of the best.

We laughed, we got deep, we had fun...and hopefully inspired some people! SO much good feedback.

But, the one thing we talked about was eating. Something that I think about ALL THE TIME. I've talked to you about my meal deliveries (KleanLA - I love you) my Cabo prep and being vegan.  

I had the realization with food and eating, I find myself feeling my best, and feeling most confident when...

I simply do what I set out to do.


If I want to cut back on sugar, and set the intention, and actually DO IT. It feels SO GOOD. 

Or, when I say I want to pitch brands for the blog for an hour on Monday night, and DO IT. It also feels good. 

Whatever it is, when I actually DO what it is that I set out to do, I feel fucking amazing.

Same goes with starting a blog, or a podcast. I set out to do it, and took the little steps each day to actually make shit happen. Yes, I had doubts. Yes, there is always other things I could have been doing (trolling instagram or watching buzfeed cooking videos, for example) but I knew that if I wanted it, and did it, it would make me happy.

When do I feel bad? Whenever I know there's something that I want and my actions aren't aligned with what I want.

aka, I'm not doing what I set out to do. 

When you set a goal, and then follow through with that goal, you're sending a message to the universe that says your serious. The universe LOVES THAT SHIT and will send everything it can to support you. It may not happen right away, but overtime, it will happen.

Yes, for sure, life is messy and sometimes things get in the way, but the simple fact of setting a goal and doing it, sure can bring you joy.

It also can bring you closer to your goals. Period. 

In this post, clothing wise, I am wearing my favorite, ASOS from head to toe. I LOVE ASOS. For real, it's affordable, it's unique and I always find something there that looks way more expensive than it is. It's also refreshing, takes on street wear, casual wear, and even formal wear. I've gotten really nice dresses to wear to weddings, and some of my favorite casual weekend clothes all in the same trip. 

For this outfit, the TOP, is my go-to. It's comfortable, long, soft, unique and I wear it tucked into a denim skirt, or loose over jeans like this outfit here. The angled denim, are super trendy right now, and SO comfortable, lets your little calves breathe, HA. The mules, under $40 are really in right now, comfortable and I can wear them with almost anything. I like that they have a bit of a heel but I actually want to wear them :).

What I'm wearing in this post from ASOS

Printed Shirt

Frayed Angled Denim Jeans

Black Mule

Reflective Sunglasses

Rebecca Minkoff Navy Blue Tassel Bag

More Mule Inspo from ASOS:


More Fringe Inspo from ASOS:

More Blouse Inspo from ASOS:

Alright guys! Some life inspo and style inspo from ASOS. My favorite place for unique affordable threads that I want to wear, always!

Not too shabby for a Tuesday, eh?

Let me know when which things you feel good about following through on. Also, if you're an ASOS lover like myself :)