How to be an amazing bridesmaid (or wedding guest!) + this dress from Free People

Oh hi friend!

How are you? How was the weekend?

I was in DENVER this past weekend for my bestie's bachelorette, and am feeling oh so TIRED. But loved it, we did a lot of the things listed in my Denver guide, and also had a TAROT READER come join. It was really fun.

But to you. How's life? Is it Fall where you are? California is hot as F right now. 

With my friends wedding upcoming, I started to think about weddings and how I can be the best wedding guest or bridesmaid possible. 

I’ve come to find that making the effort for these weddings, really sets my friendship with that person apart from someone that may not show up, or is a bit aloof or unsupportive.

Justin and I made the effort to see my amazing friend Alexandra and her fiancee wed in Atlanta (I wouldn’t have missed it for the world TBH) and I feel like it really solidifies my place in her and her husbands life, as forever friends.

No better feeling really!

I think that I really could use more advice here from you too.

For the bridesmaid babes, what do you do to make the bride feel special? How do you try to make their lives easier during a crazy chaotic time? 

Or how do you just be a good-ass wedding guest to all the weddings we have these next few years!

 Oh and this dress! This I wore to a wedding in Chicago from my lovely friends at Free People.

This dress is so appropriate for a wedding I LOVE the halter top on the dress. It shows enough skin, (but not too much) and I felt comfortable all night.

Plus the quality is out of this world. It feels expensive, a bit heavy and really nice to wear. I am so thankful I have this so I can wear it, pretty much forever.

Highly recommend, friends! I'll have it forever I'm sure! :)

But back to being a good wedding guest... I asked my lovely friend Jen Glantz of 'Bridesmaid for Hire' what her tips would be on being a good wedding guest.

If you haven't met her, check out The Almost 30 Podcast episode where we interview her - she's AMAZING and basically attends weddings as a bridesmaid for a living. In addition to that, she's an author, has an amazing blog and just all around badass lady.

You can also get her amazing book, Always a Bridesmaid (for Hire) here! I just picked mine up :)

She drops knowledge on my first bullets below! 

How to be an amazing wedding guest:

  • Show up on time & show up sober. Get through the ceremony and then you can reward yourself with hugging hello the open bar.
  • Dance when the party needs a pick-me-up. Even if your seat at the reception table is super comfy, get your butt on the dance floor to help get the party started and keep it going. 
  • Leave the drama for your momma - or just at the door. Try not to start any fights or bring in any stress on the wedding day with personal problems. Everyone can feel your energy when you walk in a room and that energy is contagious. Bring your best self to a wedding.
  • My friend Cassidy talked about making things personal for the wedding gift, or going off the registry. Which I think are both really good points. The wedding party really takes time to fill out the registry, so what's on there, they actually want. Or if you know them well, get them something you KNOW they'd like. 
  • Also to not overwhelm the bride, try texting other people if you need to find the location for the church on the big day. If you text the bride and the groom it may get overwhelming, so try to be mindful and keep the random text for directions to a minimum.

How to be an amazing bridesmaid:

  • DON'T make this about you. If you're not happy with the dress, your hair or makeup - don't make it a point to go wild about it. Suck it up and remember, in 8-hours you can change into PJs and wash the makeup off!
  • Don't ghost on the bride. Call and text every so often to let her know you're there if you need her.
  • I make it a point to check in often with my friends that are brides. Asking how they are, how everything is going is really important. It's such a stressful time, and there's so much going on, they need to know who is there and be reminded why they are doing it in the first place!
  • I also love to get my bride babes this necklace from Etsy. It's simple, and I engrave either her new initials or the date of their wedding in there. 
  • Keep it calm, and be understanding. Period.

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What do you think?

For the brides, what could your guests do for you? What could your bridesmaids do to help? Would LOVE your advice and stories too! I'm sure you have so many!

Loving you!


Thanks for Free People for your partnership on this post!