GROOVY BABY: My favorite denim right now - BELL BOTTOMS.

I can remember it clear as day.

Walking into Mason Middle School in the 8th grade with my BIG ASS Bell-bottoms thinking 'Damn I look so FRESH right now. I am going to be so cool in 8th grade this year'.

Well cool probably wasn't the word, but I DID end up wearing my bell bottoms at least 3x a week for the next year or so until SKINNIES were the only thing we were wearing.

Did anyone else shop at Delia's? Or wear bell bottoms then?

I remember I did feel like it was flattering. I can only imagine my 8th grade legs and the bell bottom to thigh ratio....SMH #goldenyears

BUT the bell bottoms are BACK and they are serious #HOTGIRL vibes. Not because I am wearing them here, but because the babes here in Cali rocking the bells - are just so boho chic it's hard to stand. There's something feminine, sexy and FUN about wearing your bell bottoms. Throw on a sweater, crop top, and you're good. Your legs look small because of the bell, and they sit just right on the BOOTAY.

I LOVE mine from Show Me Your Mumu - they're pricier than I normally spend on clothes at the moment, but because they are so comfortable, and fit just right I wear them ALL the time. 

Plus I feel like a badass, like everyone has their jeans and these are SO different. It's so nice.

Highly recommend.

My favorite bell bottoms right now:

Other favorites from Show Me Your Mumu:

What else I'm wearing in this post: 

Lewis Top Slinky Rib Black (this top isn't cheap but I have been wearing it NON STOP. It's so cozy, soft and fits just right)

Black and White Blanket Scarf

Jeffrey Campbell for Free People Booties

What do we think? Into it? 

Lemme know, guys!