Birthday Expectations and Reflections. What's up 27?

It seem's like with birthdays, much like New Years eve, there can be so much pressure to have the absolute 

You know what I mean? 

It's the best to be the 'birthday girl' but it's also like, nerve-wracking because there's so much expectation! There's so much anticipation, planning, organizing and people reaching out, it can be a lot.

My birthday has come and gone, and this year I wanted to remind myself to be super grateful for whatever came my way, and to ultimately expect nothing. 

Which wasn't hard because it fell on a Monday this year! Haha

I feel like in the past I've had expectations for others to do certain things for me, or to show they love me in a certain way. Like, who reached out, and when, what did they say and do. 

On the flip side I've had expectations on myself to do some amazing shit and be with 100 different people, getting attention from everyone. LOL. 

You know the drill.

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