One relationship tip I swear by

So you guys know Justice, right? I don’t talk about my relationship much because it’s so sacred to me, and honestly I value our independence so much. I want to be known for being me, first, not someone for just being a partner to someone else.


Among other things.

But in short Justice is my soulmate, the best part of my life and the thing I am most proud of. It’s been 5 years, 2 coasts and so many laughs.  He’s gorgeous, smart, kind and funny. PERFECTION.

Through our moves, job changes, career changes, life changes, we’ve had times of insane stress and change. Which for most, lead to fights, and arguments about nothing.


I remember when we first moved to LA, lots was happening and we both were feeling unsure of the move, so we were fighting a bit. Arguing and roommate problems. 4 years living together things.

I don’t know what it was, maybe a conversation with Lindsey, or deep in a meditation session, but it hit me that if Justin was the person I loved the most, I needed to treat him that way.

Simple, right?

Before in relationships I would say that those closest to me always felt my wrath if I was stressed or things weren’t going my way. It’s like I would take them for granted, with the assumption that they’d always be there because they loved me. Maybe I didn’t always give my best self or the best version of me.

I don’t know if it’s what I saw at home, but I realized that if someone asked me who I loved and cherished the most, it would be Justin, no doubt. If that was true, I needed to always remember to treat him that way. Treat him as if he is the greatest thing. No matter how long it’s been, always be kind, always be patient, and assume the best.


Right now whenever I am with him, I seriously think about treating him the very best that I can. That’s going out of my way regularly to make life easier for him, to think about all the things I love about him and tell him, and to be sure that I am centered, confident and loving myself first.

It’s also the meditation that has given me space between my emotions and my reactions. Because we are not our emotions, those are fleeting, and they are passing, so when I see the Chipotle bag on the counter after he’s eaten dinner 4 hours ago, and doesn’t want to throw it out for some reason I don’t know, it’s those seconds that meditation gives me to remember what REALLY matters. Me throwing that bag away without saying shit because that’s what I would want him to do for me. If I want someone to be forgiving, kind, and patient with me, I need to be forgiving, kind and patient with them.

It’s been so amazing to grow and to fall so madly in love with this kid, he is truly perfect in my eyes and what I am most proud of in my life. Excited to see what 2018 has in store, and continue leveraging him as a mirror to my personal growth and self-development.

Make sense? Let me know how you are in your relationships. Do you sometimes take them for granted?


Let’s chat.



Celebrating 4 years with BAE feat. Billabong (Warhol Surf Collection)

Hi you!

What's happening?

How are ya?

Hope the weekend was GOOD. 

So big news at the peanut household (ha) we're celebrating our 4 year anniversary this week (not sure the exact day of course) but we'll be doing a low key dinner at our favorite burger place (great options for both of us and it's super cheap, LOL).

Nothing crazy just spending time together, we also did a beach day (here) reppin' this rad Warhol Surf Collection for Billabong.

When I think about Justin and our relationship, the past 4 years have (over anything) been SO MUCH FUN.

The key (for me) to being in a long term relationship isn't taking anything too seriously, and to have FUN. 

Yes, he's there for me when I need, and does all that cute shit girls love, but 99% of the time when we are hanging out we're making fun of one another, laughing and playing.

I know that when people used to tell me, you need to date your best friend, I understood it, but I didn't understand it until living with J for so long.

There's so much going on, in both of our lives, I just want someone to come home to and laugh with. I need someone to support my vision, to support me working 99% of the time, to love to travel, and to enjoy 9 PM bed times.

Anyone else?

Oh and did I say we're always laughing?

Plus he ain't bad to look at, right? :) 

This weekend at the beach, Justin and I wore the Warhol Surf collection, because #VeniceBeach and I was IN LOVE with his threads. 

The shorts, are the perfect length, they hit right above the knee and the palms are classic, but not cheesy. 

The short sleeve button down, we're both such FANS. Cut just right, and good for summertime it's a refreshing take on the short sleeve. Cute right?

He also got the long sleeve, because for most days he's wearing a soft long sleeve shirt, especially to the beach.

Oh and me? 

I got this tie-dye one piece, and y'all know I'M ALL ABOUT THE ONE PIECE. It's a 90's vibe throw back and right now feels so sexy to me. 

It covers everything you need, is super comfortable and I love how this is cut. Super low in the back, and it's cut high on the thigh. 


But anyway, super beach-y, oh so Cali.

I LOVE Billabong but this collection gets Cali summertime RIGHT. For both you and your man! 

What I'm wearing in this post:

Billabong Warhol Surf Collection Sweatshirt (super soft and comfy)

Billabong Warhol Surf Collection One-Piece (I am in LOVE with this. It's super sexy, flattering, and comfortable. I love how low the back is!)

Oh and you know Liketknowit? The app where you can screenshot whatever someones wearing? I have mine, here but lately, Justin keeps texting me, YOU BETTER LIKE IT TO KNOW IT! and it's making me WEAK.

I can't. Making fun of blogger life makes me LOL. 

Anyway, what's your relationship secret guys? Also, loving the one pieces lately right?

Have the best week!



Holidays with yo hunnie: What to get the man in your life for Christmas

Seasons Greetings my babes! Now that we're in full Christmas season swing, we need to discuss something important!

What to get ya man for Christmas!

Boyfriend, brother, father, best guy friend, guy you've been stalking on instagram for the past few months now....

Whoever! It's important to actually get them something they want and will use. I thought I'd leverage my boyfriend, Justin to get good ideas :).

If you don't know, this is Justin, he's my 4 year running roommate, love, and best friend. He is sweet, kind, funny, and super CHILL. 

Of all his endearing qualities, Justin has dope style. I cannot shop for him or take any credit for the way he dresses, because I don't think he actually wants to wear anything I get him. 

But he dresses well.

He's always a bit ahead of the curve, not wearing short sleeve polo shirts that his mom just bought him when he was 15 at TJ Maxx (no hate on TJ's tho!) 

I mean, I never thought I'd date someone with good style, TBH.

Added bonus.

So I had Justin pick out some dope threads for guys for Christmas, or even just as a nice thing to do. I mean a guy dressing well also benefits you, right?

I feel like most guys are still wearing their college t-shirts and baggy jeans, no? I can't hate 'em because its' practical but the men need an upgrade sometimes (most times) and we need to be there to give it to them!

Let me know what you think! Any other guys style questions? ASK AWAY.

Stores to shop

Supreme: Streetwear, that's dope. ONLY NY: A favorite for t-shirts and hats. A beach-ier vibe. Common Projects: Really quality clothes and the best shoes. Undefeated: Best shoe selection there is. Stussy: Very street, so keep that in mind!Vans: Justin wears the F out of his Vans. They are such good everyday shoes.Urban Outfitters: One of my favorites for men's. Pac Sun: Randomly, it's so on point with clothes for men.Nordstrom: Good for accessories and nicer itemsNotre Shop: On the more expensive side, but quality goods that last forever. Vince: Good classic men's clothes that will LAST. 

What to buy this year for Christmas:

Men's Bombers: They fit well and are a super cool way to look fashionable, fast. 

Joggers: Super comfortable and a way to wear skinny jeans that's not too stuffy.

Scalloped Bottom Shirts: Having scalloped buttons, and a larger collar can make a mans chest look broader and bigger. Super flattering I swear.

Grown Up Briefcase: So key for your 9-5 man. 

A Nice Tie: Always a classic, it's a nice way to spice up their stocking stuffer

Weekender Travel Bag: Something they don't know they need, this they will use during weekend getaways with you!

Classic Wallet: I feel like every man uses an old wallet, it's time to upgrade!

Toiletries Bag: I needed one of these, and realized that Justin does too. A classic that they'll use everyday. 

Apple Watch: On the more expensive side :) he'll love you FOREVER! 

Shop best gifts: 

Or, as a last idea, my friends, I would do a trip or an active present! I am doing a trip with Justin, we're going up the Pacific Coast staying at hotels and airbnb's all the while. I'll be documenting and sharing it with you, of course. But instead of buying something we're doing experiences :)

What are you planning to get the man in your life? Anything I missed?