Super key for creatives, bloggers and small business owners - business cards from MOO

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This post is for my bloggers, creatives, photographers, whoever....on BUSINESS CARDS.

I know, I know. Business cards are so, 1992.

But I SWEAR. They are NOT.

 It seems like an ancient practice, but it's one of those things like handwritten cards that really makes you stand out. It's taking the extra time to be a little different, with a personal human touch.


Do you remember the app where you like 'bumped' another phone and get that persons contact info? 

You'd open the app, then touch your phone with the other persons (the 'bump') and somehow that way the data got transferred?

For some reason, I don't want to always have everything be in my phone lately. There's already so much info!

I also don't want to be on my phone when I'm meeting someone for the first time. 

With that, there is also the awkward process of handing them my phone to get information.

Then they see that my phone background has my current diet goals (no peanut butter or fake sugars, eating past 6 PM - LOL) and it's like, you don't want someone in your business or a phone number in your phone book if it's not going to be used often. 

When I was in Palm Springs I was talking to a few people about their brand, business, blogging, whatever, and I just wasn't in love with going on my phone adding them to my phone book, standing there while they typed their names in....

At this stage in my life the numbers in my phone book are the homies. People I talk to everyday, and I don't want to add everyone in.

Just for organizations sake ya know?

So in comes the business card.

Super easy, and it's the most natural thing when talking to someone to just hand them a card.

In the greeting, or in the goodbye, giving a business card is still a classy ass move.

It's like, 'I have a legitimate business, check out my card' to know that. BAM.

Plus it keeps things more streamlined and it makes you stand out.

So for the blog events I've been doing and just in general when I'm out (because seriously if you talk to people, you don't realize how everything is somehow connected!) I've found photographers chatting with strangers, connections to brands, or even just readers. 

I found these amazing MOO business cards and am IN LOVE.

I was looking for them to be unique, CRISP, clean, modern and THICK.

Plus I wanted them to be a little different, and I couldn't decide between the pictures on them so I was happy I could have more than one style.

I got the 50 Standard Size Luxe Business Cards, and the style template is called, "If the shoe fits".

The LUXE is a thicker paper, which makes it feel heavier. 

Having business cards:

  • Differentiates you 

  • Is professional

  • Helps you increase your brand awareness

  • Is a super cute to connect with people

For me, it's worth it to throw them in my bag, purse, whatever. Because I feel like EVERYDAY I meet someone that knows someone that I can chat further about something about. Related to the blog or not.

PLUS. If you give someone your business card - you are not obligated to call them or reach out to them at all. SO. The power is in your hands with what you do with it should they reach out to you.

What to put on your business cards:

  • Your email

  • Your cell phone number

  • Name/title

  • Where they can find you on social media (SUPER IMPORTANT)

The photos I chose feel like represent me and my brand (whatever that means) in a way that's creative, professional, yet honest.

These are those photos:

Also, these MOO cards are under $35 dollars for 30 of them, and they'll last you for a long time! I love how quality they are and you can make whatever kind you'd like with their various templates. Feel free to be creative!

Let me know if you have questions on these. I thought it was cool, and had to share it!

You da best!