Currently writing from ATLANTA Y'ALL. Here for work after two weeks in New York City. Atlanta is sort of poppin' off with cool things to do! Writing about that lataaaaa.

But my time back in New York City. Oh yes! So many people are of course asking about the differences between NYC an L.A., how I'm liking it, the move, WEATHER...

I mean first, let me just say It's crazy because I really thought I would miss da big apple more than I do. I mean it's been like 8 weeks but whatev. 

I miss my diverse ass group of friends, who are unlike any people in the world, my workout classes (Tone House and Barry's), some of the food, air conditioning.....

Let me just speak on this for a second. Because Cali doesn't do A/C and it confuses me so much. Plus you can never do your hair because it sticks to your neck and your makeup like melts off your face. Sleeping with someone next to you in a hot room is F-U-N. 


Other than A/C, being back in the city after my stint in Cali, I don't feel like I'm missing anything. Straight up It's like, everything is hard as fuck in NYC and it doesn't have to be. You don't need to make such an effort for everything in life.

*sips west coast kool-aid*

I digress.

I think I'm in the California honeymoon phase right now, so take that into consideration but the differences between L.A. and NYC. I thought I'd summarize it for y'all cuz you're da best.

NYC vs. L.A.

  • It's HARD ON THE STREETS. Like damn I forgot how much time it takes to get anywhere in the city. Going from one place to another is usually 45 minutes minimum via public transit, and it's just like everyone's always pissed, ha. But then again in L.A. I'm sure you guys haven't heard anything about the traffic? Nawwww. Honestly though, it's a huge problem for the city and they need to put serious insight into alleviating the traffic congestion. It becomes almost a prison for people in L.A. keeping them from moving freely. *Steps off Public transportation soapbox* Although the subways are littered with little rats and pole street performing kids, NYC public transportation probably wins. P.S. I seriously want to join a club or group dedicated to public transportation importance awareness in L.A.. PTIA is what I'll call it if it doesn't exist already. IT'S SO IMPORTANT L.A. GET UR SHIT TOGETHER.
  • THE PEOPLE. So coming back to NYC I forgot how different people are. People in L.A. are SO FRIENDLY. People make eye contact and say sorry if they run into you. They ask you how they are and they want to know! Or they act like it and they've quit their jobs to pursue acting and they practice their acting like they care on me and I fall for it. For sure there is a shallow factor and maybe they don't give a shit but it makes you feel human. I fuckin' love New Yorkers for their DGAF/CBF (which I just recently learned, 'can't be fucked') level. They do THEM, and everyone's on the go. In L.A. they're weird, but happy weird. It's refreshing to connect with random people, smile and see them smile back. 
  • THE LOOK. Put bluntly: NYC girls dress for other girls, L.A. girls dress for dudes. NYC they dress for fashion, for art. L.A. to straight up look hot. It's a boho, sexy vibe on the west coast. The long hair, tan skin, and bombshell-like vibe rules. In New York, you're wearing shit like a fur shaw and fringe booties cuz it represents something, or because of the fashion factor. In L.A. girls just wear shit that guys understand and looks good. In regards to mens fashion, if I was to comment on it, it's better in NYC. Where they have opinions, instead of just rocking board shorts.
  • NYC HUMBLES YOU. L.A. ENCOURAGES YOU. People in NYC can be so fucking rich and they're still on the subway. They still live on the same street as you, and they still complain about the cost. You just don't know peoples money as much in NYC. In L.A. though, if you have $2,000 in your checking account you own a BMW and you wear designer shit like to the gym. You just really flaunt your money in L.A. you get a mansion, you get a nice ass car, and you can show it. NYC also keeps you humble with the grind, there's always someone better than you, or richer than you, smarter than you etc. but in L.A. everyone like thinks they're shit is revolutionary. They're all like on some sort of project, or doing something random, who knows. L.A. is more accepting of weird shit you could want to do, and of following your passions through fully rather than paper chasing to make sure you pay your NYC rent.
  • WEATHER. Don't need to say anything here. Fall is cool but L.A. has the perfect day on LOCK.
  • EVERYONE WANTS TO BE ON THE OTHER COAST. People are funny. In NYC everyone's like 'OMG I LOVE L.A.!' In L.A. they're like 'Wow NYC is so cool, what an amazing city'. I guess both are true though! 

So that's my initial observations on the differences between NYC and LA, which I'm sure will change as I hopefully get some roots set and try to Cali my lifestyle. Ya feel me? For real would love to know what you think. Which coast do you prefer? Where would you live if you could?

Also peep my Nasty Gal body chain, dope right? Madewell off-the-shoulder top, Urban Outfitters shorts and Forever 21 cage sandals.

Just tryna stunt in my cheap-ass threadz.

Finally flying back to the LAX this evening and so very excited to be back by the beach. It's true, I love NYC. But L.A. I love you more. 

Have a good weekend guys! Thankful for ya.


I got a speech coach, and it's blowing my mind.

There's something about New York City that makes you want to seriously grind.

And better yourself.

And to be at the top of your game.

And to freak the fuck out at randoms on the subway.


I don't know if it's the city, or podcasts, my environment or friends, but I just want to continually get better at everything.

Which brings me to the latest adventure in my quest for self improvement.

I got a speech a coach.

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