A 21 day cleanse anyone can do with The Clean Program

Being back from Croatia, I was feeling like I needed a good reset. You know when you’re just super motivated after 11 days where you pregame each carb meal with carbs covered in olive oil. I honestly was CARBO LOADING the whole time, it was crazy, but it was delicious and in the moment, and I was talking to myself the entire time, saying,

"Enjoy the moment, be here NOW.

With that croissant.

With that baguette, with these biscuits and this desert.

Eat it, and FUCK the shame around it."

L OH L. #VacationVibes. 


So, that was it. Just being present during vacation and enjoying it as much as possible. 

But in an effort to embrace the ebbs and the flows. I thought, this week I’m getting back on track, it’s going to be GREAT. Because with ebbs and flows, there is up and there is down, ha. But I try to look at it in a positive way. It's fun to organize and strategize how you're going to get healthy and feel better. 

But what do I do? 


How can I channel this desire to feel clean and feel better?  Like what’s the plan food wise? 

Juice cleanse, no.

Those are out, and this girl gets HUNGRY. There’s too much sugar in most, and I want to nourish my body not starve it.

No hate though for a good low sugar juice cleanse for the right reason. They make sense at times for some people.

But, I had heard about the Clean Program from a friend who did it, and LOVED it. She was raving about the shakes, and how easy it was to do. 

I'm always down to try something new, and especially when something involves: 

  1. Eating real food
  2. Nutritious shakes
  3. An easy plan to follow

So in comes The Clean Program. 

What The Clean Program is:

63 Supplement Packets

42 Cleanse Shake Packets

The Cleanse Guide


Special-Strength Probiotic

Member-Only Community Access

All of those things, are given to you with directions and essentially it goes like this:

  1. Morning: Shake + Supplements
  2. Lunch: Healthy lunch + Supplements
  3. Dinner: Shake + Supplements

That's it. That's your schedule for the next 21 days. I know some people resist having a set schedule, but I make so many decisions during a normal day, that I don't want to ever think about what to eat, and when. 

Of course, to each shake I added all of my adaptogens and avocado, and coconut oil into my shakes to make them super satiating and filling. Highly suggest doing this! 

What I add to my shake: 

Ashwaganda Powder

Astralagus Powder

Moon Juice Power Dust

Phylum Husk


I freaking love my shakes tho, for real. I LOVE the texture, consistency, how they taste, how filling they are, and I love starting them in the morning with something sweet that fills me up, and then something sweet and ice cream like in the evening.

Lunches were/are things like big salads, with a fatty dressing like Primal Kitchen, Moon Juice Crisps, Flax Crackers, Hummus, Raw Wraps, Veggie Burgers….to name a few things.


Vitamins in the Clean Program:

Special Probiotic: This 100 billion count probiotic is designed to help restore the healthy flora within the gut. It is shelf-stable, with a powerful multi-strain formula.

Enzyme: This antimicrobial enzyme helps destroy undesirable bacteria, fungus and yeast overgrowth.

Herbal Extract: A potent herbal extract noted for its antioxidant properties and support of healthy liver function.

Digestive Enzyme: A vegetarian digestive enzyme that ensures proper nutrient absorption. It contains acid-stable lipase and three different proteases.

What’s in the Shake:

The Cleanse Shakes are antioxidant and fiber-rich to help you detox effectively. It's super filling, clean and you don't feel bloated. They have rice protein, apple fiber, a vitamin and mineral blend...to name a few things! I've tried both the chocolate and vanilla, and love each.


    I've also been experimenting with Beta-Glucan, from The Clean Program. Beta glucan is a soluble fiber that helps improve cholesterol, heart health, and blood sugar levels. You take it before lunch, or before a meal and it helps to heal your body and gut bacteria. This one doesn't taste amazing, but I take it down quickly with water. 

    What was so life changing about the Clean Program for me, was the digestive enzymes and the supplements that came included in the Clean Program.

    I had no IDEA what it was like to have a flat stomach everyday. 

    Flat not in the sense of sick pack abs, but in the sense of a non-bloated stomach that was working properly and my digestive system was completely on track with what it should be. I have always had a good digestive system, but never super consistent. With this, it was SO consistent, and I was never gassy (sick, I know HA), I was never anything but feeling energized and that my food was properly assimilating into my body. 

    I had never realized how bloated I was, and that I thought it was normal to just feel like I had a food baby most days, ha. 

    I am a believer, honestly. I love the method, I love the supplements and I've never felt so much like my body was working together in flow. My digestive system, my energy levels, I loved the schedule....huge fan. 

    If you're not able to do the full 21 days, I highly suggest the 7-Day plan. It's 7 days worth of shakes, supplements, and really easy to help you get back on track. 

    You can use this link for $40 off your  21 Day Program cleanse! 

    Excited! Have the best week,