When you need a plant based low sugar reset: Splendid Spoon

Hi baes:

How are you? Hope all is well :)

I don't know about you, but lately I have sort of been falling back into negative habits around eating and body image and it's really bumming me out. I just haven't been putting myself first therefore the decisions I am making around eating and self care have fallen by the wayside and it's just a bummer.

So I needed a motivation, and I am pretty pumped to start fresh, and to seriously reset and establish a confidence in myself that I can nourish my body and not be so obsessive about my food.


But, to get myself back my favorite way is to prepare myself and my fridge with healthy nourishing foods. One of my favorite ways in the colder months especially, to feel light, and be kind to my body and digestion is through Splendid Spoon.

Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that combines the power of plants, the science of slow cooking & nutrient bioavailability and the proven health benefits of intermittent fasting to design a formula that easily fits into your daily life. Their plans are customizable, and suitable for those on an elimination program, a sugar detox, or paleo diet. Of course too, it's suitable for vegan and vegetarians. 

They have a few different plans, but it's mainly smoothie, and thick soup or bowl based. So you're really helping to reset your digestion and nourish yourself with liquid focused foods.

How it works! You can get:

The Program 2.0 5 Days of Breakfasts Lunches and Drinkable Soups

Just Breakfasts Powerpacked Smoothies that are DELISH

Just Lunch 5 Plant Based Lunch Bowls

 1 Day Soup Cleanse 4 Drinkable Soups and 1 Soup Bowl

Right now I incorporate it in once a month as a digestive reset, and way to nourish my body through drinkable vegetables and hearty soups. If I want to snack or eat on it, too, I will, but I find that I am really full my following their eating plan. It feels SO good and you feel REALLY full after each meal. 


Why I love it:

It’s affordable: $135 for the 5 days package and plus you get my discount. That's NOTHING for meal delivery I swear!

You feel nourished: Truly. There's nothing more nourishing than a thick plant based soup!

It’s Ayurvedic: Yes the warming soups are so good to fuel your digestive fire. 

It gives my digestive system a break: Having soups and liquid based nourishment gives your body time to completely reset.

I get all my veggies in: They are obsessed with making sure you get veggies in. With their plan you get plenty.

It’s EASY: Nothing easier than drinking your smoothies or heating up your delicious thick soups. 

It saves SO MUCH TIME: It's easy and takes no time to eat and heat up your meals. 

Example Menu:

Green Dream Smoothie: Water, avocado, organic pineapple, coconut milk, organic lime juice, pea protein, almonds, sea salt, organic chlorella, organic spirulina

Cauliflower Tikka: Water, cauliflower, organic tomatoes (organic tomatoes, organic tomato juice, sea salt, citric acid, calcium chloride), onions, cashews, tomato paste, coconut oil, lemon juice, coriander, cumin, cilantro, ginger, turmeric, sea salt, black pepper, chili powder

Cumin Sweet Potato: Water, sweet potatoes, cashews, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro, sea salt, cumin, red pepper powder

Red Beet Buddha Bowl: Water, red beets, sweet potatoes, onions, organic carrots, quinoa, organic kale, extra virgin olive oil, organic celery, tahini (crushed sesame seeds), lemon juice, sea salt, garlic, coriander, cumin, chili powder

Celery Plant Drinkable: water, celeriac, organic russet potatoes, onions, organic celery, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, garlic, thyme, black pepper

Cauliflower Coconut: water, cauliflower, navy beans, onions, organic celery, coconut oil, garlic, sea salt, Madras curry powder, rosemary, black pepper


So my lovelies, sending you love this week! Plus, excited to share that to do Splendid Spoon you can click the link here, to get a one of my Ambassador Perks, $20 off your first purchase! Try it out, reset, refresh and nourish yourself in a low sugar plant based way.



P.S. Read my article on Splendid Spoon here:

A 21 day cleanse anyone can do with The Clean Program

Being back from Croatia, I was feeling like I needed a good reset. You know when you’re just super motivated after 11 days where you pregame each carb meal with carbs covered in olive oil. I honestly was CARBO LOADING the whole time, it was crazy, but it was delicious and in the moment, and I was talking to myself the entire time, saying,

"Enjoy the moment, be here NOW.

With that croissant.

With that baguette, with these biscuits and this desert.

Eat it, and FUCK the shame around it."

L OH L. #VacationVibes. 


So, that was it. Just being present during vacation and enjoying it as much as possible. 

But in an effort to embrace the ebbs and the flows. I thought, this week I’m getting back on track, it’s going to be GREAT. Because with ebbs and flows, there is up and there is down, ha. But I try to look at it in a positive way. It's fun to organize and strategize how you're going to get healthy and feel better. 

But what do I do? 


How can I channel this desire to feel clean and feel better?  Like what’s the plan food wise? 

Juice cleanse, no.

Those are out, and this girl gets HUNGRY. There’s too much sugar in most, and I want to nourish my body not starve it.

No hate though for a good low sugar juice cleanse for the right reason. They make sense at times for some people.

But, I had heard about the Clean Program from a friend who did it, and LOVED it. She was raving about the shakes, and how easy it was to do. 

I'm always down to try something new, and especially when something involves: 

  1. Eating real food
  2. Nutritious shakes
  3. An easy plan to follow

So in comes The Clean Program. 

What The Clean Program is:

63 Supplement Packets

42 Cleanse Shake Packets

The Cleanse Guide


Special-Strength Probiotic

Member-Only Community Access

All of those things, are given to you with directions and essentially it goes like this:

  1. Morning: Shake + Supplements
  2. Lunch: Healthy lunch + Supplements
  3. Dinner: Shake + Supplements

That's it. That's your schedule for the next 21 days. I know some people resist having a set schedule, but I make so many decisions during a normal day, that I don't want to ever think about what to eat, and when. 

Of course, to each shake I added all of my adaptogens and avocado, and coconut oil into my shakes to make them super satiating and filling. Highly suggest doing this! 

What I add to my shake: 

Ashwaganda Powder

Astralagus Powder

Moon Juice Power Dust

Phylum Husk


I freaking love my shakes tho, for real. I LOVE the texture, consistency, how they taste, how filling they are, and I love starting them in the morning with something sweet that fills me up, and then something sweet and ice cream like in the evening.

Lunches were/are things like big salads, with a fatty dressing like Primal Kitchen, Moon Juice Crisps, Flax Crackers, Hummus, Raw Wraps, Veggie Burgers….to name a few things.


Vitamins in the Clean Program:

Special Probiotic: This 100 billion count probiotic is designed to help restore the healthy flora within the gut. It is shelf-stable, with a powerful multi-strain formula.

Enzyme: This antimicrobial enzyme helps destroy undesirable bacteria, fungus and yeast overgrowth.

Herbal Extract: A potent herbal extract noted for its antioxidant properties and support of healthy liver function.

Digestive Enzyme: A vegetarian digestive enzyme that ensures proper nutrient absorption. It contains acid-stable lipase and three different proteases.

What’s in the Shake:

The Cleanse Shakes are antioxidant and fiber-rich to help you detox effectively. It's super filling, clean and you don't feel bloated. They have rice protein, apple fiber, a vitamin and mineral blend...to name a few things! I've tried both the chocolate and vanilla, and love each.


    I've also been experimenting with Beta-Glucan, from The Clean Program. Beta glucan is a soluble fiber that helps improve cholesterol, heart health, and blood sugar levels. You take it before lunch, or before a meal and it helps to heal your body and gut bacteria. This one doesn't taste amazing, but I take it down quickly with water. 

    What was so life changing about the Clean Program for me, was the digestive enzymes and the supplements that came included in the Clean Program.

    I had no IDEA what it was like to have a flat stomach everyday. 

    Flat not in the sense of sick pack abs, but in the sense of a non-bloated stomach that was working properly and my digestive system was completely on track with what it should be. I have always had a good digestive system, but never super consistent. With this, it was SO consistent, and I was never gassy (sick, I know HA), I was never anything but feeling energized and that my food was properly assimilating into my body. 

    I had never realized how bloated I was, and that I thought it was normal to just feel like I had a food baby most days, ha. 

    I am a believer, honestly. I love the method, I love the supplements and I've never felt so much like my body was working together in flow. My digestive system, my energy levels, I loved the schedule....huge fan. 

    If you're not able to do the full 21 days, I highly suggest the 7-Day plan. It's 7 days worth of shakes, supplements, and really easy to help you get back on track. 

    You can use this link for $40 off your  21 Day Program cleanse! 

    Excited! Have the best week,



    55% off healthy cleanses for *summer bods* + Chef V Interview

    Oh hello you!

    Guys remember when I did the Chef V cleanse? I talked about how it was 'The Realest Cleanse in the Game'.

    Well it still is!

    I had to write the word, 'cleanse' here, but it's more so like a reset, a refresh, a restart, a chance to reduce sugar cravings, restart your gut flora, give yourself energy, battle cravings...all of that. So to me, Chef V is different because, it's not a juice cleanse with 6 juices LOADED with sugar (fruit sugar, I know, but still you get the same energy crash). It's super CLEAN, low sugar, nutritional and WORKS.

    I've done a lot of cleanses. I've fasted, I've tried a lot of different things.

    I love experimenting, and our bodies are our greatest experiment.

    I am in the middle of doing a little experiment right now, by having a green juice every day for a month.  Simple, easy and using the Chef V green juice to see what happens. Post on that later.

    I wanted to interview the real Chef V - and get her health perspective, business perspective and just learn more about eating well. 

    But, for summer bods in a pinch, try their cleanses, and use the code HUNDRED for 55% off. Honestly, SO AFFORDABLE, I am thinking of doing the 21 day cleanse, because this babe is DESPERATE. 

    Right and I know I shouldn't say 'summer body' and we should all love our bodies all the time no matter how they are. True. I feel you. But like, I need a body that's appropriate for summer, so summer body.

    What's in each cleanse. 

    • The Chef V Green Juice: HUGE FAN. Low sugar, gives me energy and just feels GOOD. 
    • Shake powder: I use it with almond milk to make it more substantial - delicious.
    • The soup: Which is also filling and delicious. 

    There are 3 day, 5 day and 7 day. If you wanted you could do the full on system, or you can also work some foods into it. Like a salad at night, or at lunch, apples, carrots and hummus...etc. That's what I'll do if I am working out hard that week.

    Okay, so HUNDRED code, and now to the interview with Chef V:

    Veronica Wheat, founder of Chef V, is an author, yoga instructor, healthy chef and nutritional therapist. 

    How did Chef V begin, and what was the motivation behind starting your own business?

    I started in 2010 making healthy meals for people at their homes and  boutique catering for birthdays, showers, And even weddings. In 2011 I started making healthy meals and delivering them to my clients home. I would shop, cook, deliver, plan, answer their questions... I did it all. With my meals I would force people to drink my famous Organic Green Drink. 9/10 people had no idea what a green drink was in 2011. But in 2012 I decided to stop doing the food and developed a way for everyone to get fresh, never pasteurized, green drinks delivered to their door for a low cost. This took off because no one else was doing it. (Niche!) Soon I developed my own cleanse, based on my nutritional background. I knew typical juice cleanses out there were not the healthy option for cleansing. Over 200g of sugar per day! Yikes!

    I developed a cleanse that is not all juice but incorporates plant protein to rebuild muscles and help you loose fat not muscle. Then I added a tasty detox soup at night to make you feel as though you are indulging. The plus side is that people started loosing lots of weight on my cleanse, besides all of the beneficial internal effects. Now I have two locations across the country one in San Diego and one in Mew York city, where I have distribution access to over 120 million people! That's a lot of healthy green drinkers! 

    Certified Organic - what does that mean and why is it important? 

    It is very important and we pride ourselves on that. It's a rigorous standard that makes you oxide by all organic processes. Everything must be certified organic with a track record, down to the seed, soil, and grow process. Then, on our side we must oboe by certain regulations like even our cleaning products and veggie washes must be certified organic. Some companies my boast that they use all organic products but I guarantee that they aren't obiding by all of the regulations above and beyond just organic produce. So look for the USDA seal for certified organics. 

    What is the difference between your cleanse and others?

    Low low Sugar, certified organic, local, always made fresh, delivered to your home, cold-blended,  not juiced (for maximum nutrients), not pasteurized, you get two protein shakes per day, and a yummy soup at night. 

    What has been an amazing success story of a customer that stuck with you?

    We have heard everything from massive weight loss (25 lbs. in one week), people have stopped taking auto immune medicines, people say their cured of allergies, a guy said he had gout on his leg for 10 years and did a 3 day cleanse and t melted away.

    One lady was cured of diabetes after a year and lost over 100 lbs. all of these testimonials are on Facebook and Yelp including videos and reviews. Check them out

    What's hard about what you do? (Owning your own business, etc.)

    Managing people is always hard to do. Especially as we grow and a new Position comes about and you have to train  and manage a new person, luckily we have great managers who are awesome and help achieve these goals every day. We have an amazing staff that I'm thankful for.

    What's most rewarding about what you do?

    Changing people's lives!

    I've had people that never ate a vegetable before in their life, no joke, start drinking the green drink and magical things happen to their bodies. Just the testimonials are amazing. It's everything about our business. If our customers aren't happy we aren't. That's why we are so big on reviews because we can really learn from people's input. 

    What's the biggest misconception about cleansing?

    Well, there are tons of misconceptions because most cleanses out there are toxic! Just make sure you have good nutrients while cleansing (no master cleanse), and make sure there isn't tons of sugar, more then 40g per day is super toxic. Sugar turns to fat, spikes the blood sugar and can cause diabetes, amongst other health issues.

    What's something people need to remember to be successful when cleansing?

    I always tell people to pre-cleanse 2 days prior and 2 days after, to ease you into and out of the cleansing process. You want to ease yourself into and out of a cleanse so you don't shock your system, before or after, and you aren't adding toxins to your body before or after so you have the most success. I give you a detailed schedule to follow before and after with foods you should and should not eat. i.e. No gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, or red meat. 

    What is the biggest mistake you see people make with their diet?

    Not being consistent or planning ahead. Eating out is seriously detrimental too. So many hidden calories and salt to make food taste good, even at 'healthy places'. 

    If people could one thing for their health, what would you suggest they do?

    Drink a green drink every morning for breakfast. It will change your life! 

    Where can people connect with you and learn more?

    Facebook, Instagram @chefvlife or my blog ChefVblog.com

    I got a 5 day cleanse coming that I am SO EXCITED about (maybe just excited to see how I feel after) but I will keep you posted on the progress!

    She's cool, right? I always love hearing from entrepreneurial babes, that saw opportunities and made something out of them!

    Keep me posted, guys! Talk soon!