Maybe it's living in L.A. but everyone and their mother is drinking Kombucha these days. 

I, for one, have at LEAST one a day.

It's my sweet fizzy pick-me-up in the morning before a workout. Or that afternoon treat when I want something sweet.

I have never been a soda drinker, and try to get as much water as I can but sometimes water gets BORING.

Ya know?

Kombucha spices things up a LOT, plus provides amazing health benefits.

I've always loved it because of it has probiotic properties, which aid in digestion and help overall gut health. Gut health has been linked to better energy levels, a stronger immune system, a health weight and regulated hormone levels.

A few other benefits of a healthy gut:

  • Improves mood and mental health
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • Improves oral health

But what IS Kombucha actually? Where did it come from and why has it become so popular?

This may be a shocker to the newbies, but Kombucha is a living organism. It's a fermented drink made of black (or green) tea and sugar. It contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and enzymes and has been prized by traditional cultures for its health-promoting properties. It’s been around for a LONG time and has since regained popularity as a health drink.

Wellness Mama says,

"More specifically, Kombucha is a sweetened tea that is fermented with a SCOBY (a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) to become a nutrient-rich beverage. The fermentation process takes 7-12 days depending on temperature and the strength of the SCOBY.

The SCOBY consumes over 90% of the sugar during fermentation, resulting in a low-sugar finished product. This process is similar to what would happen in sourdough bread or milk/water kefir".

If you've seen other brands with the little gunk at the bottom of the bottom, or maybe caught some on your lip when you were slurping. 

That, is the SCOBY. 

Yes, you read right, it's living. 

Crazy, I KNOW!


But the thing about kombucha, is that no two kombuchas are alike.  Some can be made from green tea, and some from black tea. I, personally love my kombucha to be made from green tea, which gives it the fat burning properties in green tea and is LOADED with anti-oxidants.

(Fat burning. Yes plz).

Oh and if you don't want the SCOBY in your drank (I feel you) Clearly Kombucha has you covered with all of the benefits, no gunk. Sometimes I don’t want the goo-string hanging from my lip after I slurp, ya know?

Ladies before a date, Clearly Kombucha is your best choice :) hehe.

That's why I love it.

No grossness, AND it has the lowest calories and sugar content of all kombucha's that I've tried. 

So many of the Clearly Kombucha options I’ve had have 5 calories per serving and 2g of sugar in the ENTIRE bottle. There is a range of sugar content and calorie content, but all is REALLY low on the spectrum. Which allows me to enjoy them at ANY time of the day.

So key.

Because when I love something – I LOVE IT.

I have noticed that there is just a big discrepancy between the brands, making a healthy thing unhealthy with the added sugar.

The other day, I was early for a pilates class (shocker – I’m never early) and I bought a Kombucha (won't say the brand) but after I finished it, I casually turned the bottle to read the nutrition facts on the side, to realize that it had a total of 18g of sugar in it.


That's when brands ADD sugar after fermentation.

Unnecessary, and RUDE. RIGHT?

If I want that much sugar, I'll eat it thanks. 

Kombucha is sweet already!

So with anything, just read labels and know before you buy or consume anything.

So Clearly Kombucha has been my brand, so it was perfect that they wanted to partner together.


I love that they donate 1% of their profits to the International Rescue Committee, I love that they’re low sugar and super tasty and have NO gunk. I love that they make it easy to stay healthy and on track.

Light, sweet, healthy and it gives back :) nothing better!

You can find Clearly Kombucha nationally at Natural Grocers, The Fresh Market, and Akins (Safeway and Whole Foods are specific to certain regions) & C Botanicals is in Sprouts and Natural Grocers nationally. 

In LA you can find us at Bristol Farms, Lassens, Sprouts, and multiple smaller chains - you find via the store locator here:

My favorite flavors?

Strawberry Hibiscus

Ginger Mint Lemonade

Asian Pear

Have you guys tried Kombucha? Loving it? Or if you’ve tried Clearly Kombucha let me know!


Thanks to Clearly Kombucha for partnership with this post!




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