Holidays with yo hunnie: What to get the man in your life for Christmas

Seasons Greetings my babes! Now that we're in full Christmas season swing, we need to discuss something important!

What to get ya man for Christmas!

Boyfriend, brother, father, best guy friend, guy you've been stalking on instagram for the past few months now....

Whoever! It's important to actually get them something they want and will use. I thought I'd leverage my boyfriend, Justin to get good ideas :).

If you don't know, this is Justin, he's my 4 year running roommate, love, and best friend. He is sweet, kind, funny, and super CHILL. 

Of all his endearing qualities, Justin has dope style. I cannot shop for him or take any credit for the way he dresses, because I don't think he actually wants to wear anything I get him. 

But he dresses well.

He's always a bit ahead of the curve, not wearing short sleeve polo shirts that his mom just bought him when he was 15 at TJ Maxx (no hate on TJ's tho!) 

I mean, I never thought I'd date someone with good style, TBH.

Added bonus.

So I had Justin pick out some dope threads for guys for Christmas, or even just as a nice thing to do. I mean a guy dressing well also benefits you, right?

I feel like most guys are still wearing their college t-shirts and baggy jeans, no? I can't hate 'em because its' practical but the men need an upgrade sometimes (most times) and we need to be there to give it to them!

Let me know what you think! Any other guys style questions? ASK AWAY.

Stores to shop

Supreme: Streetwear, that's dope. ONLY NY: A favorite for t-shirts and hats. A beach-ier vibe. Common Projects: Really quality clothes and the best shoes. Undefeated: Best shoe selection there is. Stussy: Very street, so keep that in mind!Vans: Justin wears the F out of his Vans. They are such good everyday shoes.Urban Outfitters: One of my favorites for men's. Pac Sun: Randomly, it's so on point with clothes for men.Nordstrom: Good for accessories and nicer itemsNotre Shop: On the more expensive side, but quality goods that last forever. Vince: Good classic men's clothes that will LAST. 

What to buy this year for Christmas:

Men's Bombers: They fit well and are a super cool way to look fashionable, fast. 

Joggers: Super comfortable and a way to wear skinny jeans that's not too stuffy.

Scalloped Bottom Shirts: Having scalloped buttons, and a larger collar can make a mans chest look broader and bigger. Super flattering I swear.

Grown Up Briefcase: So key for your 9-5 man. 

A Nice Tie: Always a classic, it's a nice way to spice up their stocking stuffer

Weekender Travel Bag: Something they don't know they need, this they will use during weekend getaways with you!

Classic Wallet: I feel like every man uses an old wallet, it's time to upgrade!

Toiletries Bag: I needed one of these, and realized that Justin does too. A classic that they'll use everyday. 

Apple Watch: On the more expensive side :) he'll love you FOREVER! 

Shop best gifts: 

Or, as a last idea, my friends, I would do a trip or an active present! I am doing a trip with Justin, we're going up the Pacific Coast staying at hotels and airbnb's all the while. I'll be documenting and sharing it with you, of course. But instead of buying something we're doing experiences :)

What are you planning to get the man in your life? Anything I missed?





The FLORAL trend: Not boring or stuffy this time!

Hello you! My favorite person!

Little fashion post for today. This dress, I love. I love it! I want to share it with youuuu because it's soft and flow-y, and AFFORDABLE.

Because floral, when done right, is like the SEXIEST.

But if it’s done poorly, you’re like Easter threw up all over a Lilly Pulitzer picnic blanket. It’s suffocating me.

I would never think that I’d love floral so much, because I'm usually into streetwear, or anything with a bit of an edge.

But a moody floral, is badass.

It’s the big floral print, mixed with dope (often neutral) colors that really compliments an edgy look. Throwing in the femininity of flowers.

This dress I'm wearing here is the shit. It's by dee elle AND it’s $48 dollars from Nordstrom. You can wear it basically anywhere, and I love that it covers the arms. Just super flattering for any shape basically the way it’s cut.

Plus, this pattern is a bit rocker chic, no?

Let's get to it. 


Also this is all under $100 dollars. NOTICE A TREND? I love things that are quality - for CHEAP.

Like this dress, which I love because it's bell sleeves and fits in ALL the right places.

Plus the floral pattern here is more edgy and good for day and night.

Shop similar looks:

Keep me posted which ones you love, or which ones you buy! I love this look for an easy date night, or casual day out. It’s a bit dressy, but not too much. Plus, loose and flow-y.

My favorite words.

Now off to workout! Feeling like I need a good sweat, and like DETOX. How’s your week? Feeling this look?

Love ya,


Love in a major way: Fringe bags for Summer!

Hello hello! So glad you’re here!

So just in the swing of the week now, and it's MAY GRAY in Los Angeles. A month where it's basically just overcast all the time, and it's weirdly affected me. Just a bit more sluggish and unmotivated than usual, but what can ya do.

It also could be coming off a weekend in AUSTIN with my best friends, and I am exhausted. We had the BEST TIME on Lake Travis, exploring the city and just truly cherishing our time together. More on that later!

But a post on my bag, that I was rocking during the trip. I wrote about fringe and the fringe trend a few months ago, but I mean, I’m glad it’s stuck around! It’s the boho gypsy, long wavy hair undone, babe look that I just adore.

Wearing fringe on your purse or bag is the best way to do it. When you see the movement in the bag on fringe, it’s my favorite. Detail that you can play up or done, or not wear if you don’t want to.

Plus, if you’re doing a plain outfit this is the perfect pick me up.

I got my fringe bag in black suede from a boutique in Vietnam and it rules. I can't link the exact one, since it was from a tiny shop in Hoi Ann and I mean I don't know if they even had a credit card swiper. Plus, it rules, but I'm going to be real that there's cuter ones out there. LOL.

It’s soft, carries just enough and I love the fringe look. I love suede, no matter how impractical it is. In L.A. you can wear ANYTHING and never fear rain, sleet or snow.

There are SO MANY good fringe bags, I just have to pick up another I think!

P.S. Rebecca Minkoff is killing it right now.

Shop the look:

What’s your favorite? Any of these you love? It’s the perfect time to shop a new fringe trend you know?

Again for music festivals you must frolic with your fringe bag! How adorbs for photos!? :) 

Always glad you read! Keep me posted with you! I need to write my Austin weekending post ya know?!