HATS OFF HOTTIES: My favorite way to look laid back and cool

Did you guys have days in middle school called 'hat day' where it was designated you could wear a hat if you brought in a dollar they'd give to charity?


Only me?

K. HA.

I don't know if I wore a hat then, but now I AM ALL ABOUT IT. 

Love me a good DAD hat, and I feel like such a sporty little bish when I rock any sort of cap. If I wear a brim hat, I feel like I'm trying really hard but also really cool at the same time - LOL.

I sometimes think I'm like Jessica Alba or Jessica SImpson (when she was with Nick Lachey - obvi) cute and just SO laid back.

Roots or no roots, the coolest way to look like a laid back babe is FOR SURE a hat.

PLUS - it also protects your hair color from fading in the sun (key in L.A. especially) and protects your face from UVA/UVB rays.

Even though you should definitely still wear sunscreen it's an extra little layer that helps.

Shop my favorite hats:

My hat here is from The Style Club, and one of my best friend Gemma got it for the bridesmaids in her party. 

I mean, the cutest right? They all say babe and then on the side they have the hashtag from the wedding. The best way to ask your bridesmaids with something they LOVE. 

On the side it says #OfKorusIdo (Korus is his last named and it's pronounced cor-us) so it's perfect.

Plus I love a good hat for a bad hair day, ya know? Nothing covers up your roots and makes you look chic like a good hat.


Let me know any brands or hat styles you love, I need to find one for Palm Springs next weekend!