EASY VACATION LOOK: Off she shoulder green satin dress (under $25 dollars)

Hi! How are you?

Seriously though, how are you?! 

I am feeling a bit all over the place rn, I leave for Joshua Tree Friday, Detroit Monday, and then Palm Springs Thursday. It's a whirlwind but all good, taking it one day at a time.

Plus, I love being on the go. Life's more fun that way. 

Plus PLUS I am detoxing a bit from my vitamins (I take SO MANY) just because I think my liver (filters out all of those vitamins) needs a break. Also I don't want to get dependent, ya know?

Also if you haven't noticed I pull almost all of these things I do out of my ass, ha. I just have a feeling I should take less vitamins for the moment, so I'm doing it. Will let ya know how I feel. 

Sharing this dress that looks and feels so expensive today. I LOVE it, the off the shoulder is flattering, and the material is really nice.

When I was like 5 I had this Belle (Beauty & The Beast obvi) costume and it was off the shoulder, and I always remembered feeling like I looked amazing in my Belle costume, like even at 5 I was into an exposed shoulder. It's just a good look for everyone right?

Loved it for a vacation or to wear this spring. 

I wore it on the first night in Cabo and chose to spice it up with some gold layered jewelry to give it some detail. 

It's from good old Forever 21 of course.

"Rock Forever 21 but just turned thir-tay" will always be the song lyric of my life. 

Yo - in a pinch - Forever 21 for vacations is so on point!

Other amazing Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

Okay I'm off. Reading a new book, You Are A Badass - have you read? I'm really into changing my money mindset right now so reading everything about it. LMK :)

Have the best week! I'll be doing lots of Instastories from Joshua Tree this weekend (it's a trip sponsored by Airbnb ayyyyyy - so follow along!)



Dressing for your body type can change the game for your look + this dress from Free People

Oh hello you!

I need to give a shout out for the babes that can dress for their body type. Like, mad respect girl, you did your homework, you actually pay attention when you’re shopping to silhouettes and styles and you stick with what works.

And it pays off because you look amazing.

I’ve been thinking really that mumu’s are my favorite style, but that also could just be cop-out to finding an actual body type of styles to fit me, HA.

What made me really think about this was this Free People Dress, which really surprised me because I felt like the cut and style, which probably would be flattering on anyone to be honest, felt really made for me. I love the low in the front and back, to show off the shoulders and clavicle, and then not fitted through the body, and short, made it super comfortable and in my eyes flattering.

When in doubt show off your clavicle am I right?

Plus, I could eat and drink all night, and was FINE.

Major KEY.

I wanted to do a little bit of research and find the best dresses or styles for everybody type and share it with you. Helpful for me, helpful for you, it’s an updated guide to finding the styles that give you that extra edge to look and feel your best.

Determining your body type

I love to use this Who What Wear Guide below which is a few simple questions to determine your body type. I mean, I think we all can fit into a few different categories at some stages in our life (I think I've been a banana before and also a rectangle (LOL). 

I think really it's not about putting yourself into a category at all, but more about finding clothes, cuts and brands that really work for you. Those that accentuate you and work to make you feel fucking good when you are wearing it. 

When I do stick to a loose guideline of certain styles. I notice I feel slimmer, I feel happier and I wear those clothes more. 

That's what wearing clothes for your body type is about. Finding what works for you, and working it.

Tips for styling for your body type:


Cinching the waist is key! Belted jackets, or clothes that are fitted to show the curves work too. For curvy, I think it's good to show off the clavicle, and chest area. For the bottom, wearing flares or high waisted pants to show off that a$$ is also a good move. Also, the crop top and pencil skirt is a classic - Kim K all the way. 

Wrap Dresses

Pencil Skirts

Crop Tops

Belted Dresses

Belted Jackets


Show off the shouilders and legs baby. This is my LIFE. The key here if this is you is hiding or sliming the midsection. Short dresses work, long sleeves work and anything that can help accenutate the best parts of ya bod.

Shift Dresses

Flowy Tops

Low Waisted Straight Leg Pants


Highlight the thinnest part of your body, your waist to make it more proportional to the rest of ya. Athletic is generally all the same size at hips, bust and waist. 

Ruffle Tops

Bomber Jackets

Side Cut Out Dresses and Tops

High Waisted Dress Pants

Mini Skirts

Triange (Pear Shape): 

You're basically J.Lo and have hips that don't lie, and that are the widest part of your body. Often times pear shape have a butt, smaller shoulders and broader hips. It's key to show off your ASSets, and accentuate your smaller upper body.

Off The Shoulder Tops

Fit and Flare 

A-Line Skirt

Detailed Top

Structured Jacket

Boot Cut Pants


This is you if your shoulders and bust are larger than your hips. I am sometimes a triangle, and it's key to show off the shoulders rather than cover and hide them, because they can often look bigger. Often triangles love their legs, and waist because they are the smaller parts of their body. 

Fitted Jackets

A-line dresses

A-line skirts

Skirts that skim your bottom half

V-neck sweaters and shirts

Skinny Jeans

Shop the post:

Free People Sylvia Mini Dress

Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal

Here I am wearing this Free People dress that I feel like truly fits my body type.

I'm comfortable in it, it's soft and flowy and it shows off the body parts I like (my legs and chest) and then hides what I don't like as much (stomach and upper bat wing area). The beading is so detailed and feminine, with the blush it's basically flattering on anyone. Plus it's really unique and expensive looking. Highly recommend this in any of the colors.

The sandals, are worth it. You need a good nude heel for all formal actiivites (or 100 weddings) and these are a classic. 

Anything I missed? What do you normally wear for your body type?

For me, I feel like my body type changes, HA, but sticking to the ones closest too it definitely helps me look and feel my best.

Let me know what yours is and what you wear for it!

Have the best week loves!



Be a better blogger (tips and tricks) + Fringe feels in this Tobi number

Oh hi! How was the weekend? What did you do? Anything fun?

I had the perfect mix of friends, being productive and actually had some alone time (GASP).

I also volunteered at this event Sunday and I heard some stories that literally had me in tears. Full details on that to come! I also recorded a lot for The Almost 30 Podcast and let me tell you, I was laughing so much at some points. If you haven't listened, you must! 

But for now, writing about blogging today! The crazy world of BLOGGING!

So many bloggers, so many blogs so little time.

I think the one question I get, EVERY single day about blogging, is,

"So how do you make money then?"

Not everything in life needs to make you money. Ya know? 

But it does make me money (as with other bloggers) and ya gotta love people for being curious! 

So, it's affiliate links, sponsorships and other weird ways. As an example and this is a serious LOL, I work with a company in Japan to give them fashion videos weekly. I record things I've bought and am interested in, and they pay me enough to cover my rent each month. It's truly a GIFT. 

I know people that do social media freelancing, photography, styling, editing, and writing guest posts to also make an income. There are so many ways! Of course, they all take time, but that's part of the job.

Stuff like that. Through being in the world of blogging, marketing and social media now I've learned some things from people way smarter than me.

Blogging tips and tricks. In the most random order, EVER. I've written some really helpful things that I've learned growing Hundred Blog for the past 1+ years. 

Tips for bloggers: 

First, if you have a blog and are looking to make money through brand sponsorship's. I think that having calls with brands, is so KEY. 

I have been suggesting that instead of doing everything via email, that I hop on the phone with a brand and speak with them. I make sure to ask:

  • What are their goals for this year from a marketing perspective?
  • Who is their ideal audience?
  • How can I best partner with them?

This allows me to really connect with them and to chat in much more detail about what I can do for THEIR BRAND not just for me. I did this last week with a brand I use and love, and now we are working together on another full post, Instagram takeover, and giveaway for 10 of my readers. Without treating this company like a client, I wouldn't have gotten so much out of this partnership!

For brands that don't pay, I ask them to post my photo on their Instagram (which can have hundreds of thousands of followers). This gives me visibility, and promotes my brand, in a way that works really well for me and makes it worth it! 

If you love a brand, and they don't have 'budget' (even though most do!) I think it's good to start that relationship, so them value 10x and get your foot in the door to lead to a paid sponsorship later.


I made my pinterest business account so I can see which pins do well and which don't. This allows me to understand which articles or photos are best, and what I should do more of. This is totally free to do! My best performing pin? The one with Justin :) 'Tips on Living with your Boo'

I also made my Instagram account a business account so I can now gather analytics. 

Looking at the numbers or 'insights' on instagram can helpful for anyone really. It' tells you what posts did the best so you can post at better times, and see which posts your followers like!

Add your blog pages to 'Stumbleupon' to get traction and readers that way. it's helpful to share your content with people who may not read it, It's simple, you can do it here

Make your media kit a page on your blog, so you can keep it up to date with your statistics.

I have mine here, and it's password protected. I share this with brands that I am talking to. It allows me to stay up to date (to the week) with my numbers (vs. a PDF may be hard to keep current).

Also, everything else is digital. Why wouldn't this be?

Shoot with different photographers.

I love my girl Danika, but I also learn a lot when I shoot with different photographers. I learn about timing, light, composition of photos, and the varying perspective really helps my content. 

Avoid multitasking! I feel like I try to do that, and it just takes me longer to get what I need to get done, done. Try to focus your time, using something like a time cube, so you can accomplish what you've set out to do. 

Learn to say no to things that don't vibe with you. Lately I've really changed my opinion on being gifted stuff, and really don't accept anything free anymore that I don't love already. It makes me feel obligated to post or write about the product, and if I'm not obsessed with it, I don't want to feel like I have to share with you (and be dishonest!)

Snapchat and Instagram Stories: Do them both, and mix it up. For me, I plan to do sponsored stuff on Instagram stories (because my audience is bigger) and then keep my snapchat personal and more real. 

Take time off: If you need it, give it to yourself so you can come back more creative, focused and still in love with blogging. 

Utilize these apps that I wrote about in a previous post. 

Share updates that are personal and authentic. I've found that the more true I am to myself. The more people connect with me. 

When working with brands, numbers are important, but if you’re able to show a brand why you’re valuable to them, they will want to work with you. This all comes down to how well you can package yourself while being honest. The best partnerships are as much about organic integration and unique content creation as they are about sales.

GMAIL has Canned Responses for things, and they are a game changer for your emails. Read about conquering your inbox here

Save photos for Instagram in a specific folder so you can access them when you need content. 

Shop this look:

Black Tobi Fringe Dress (size down it felt big on me! I usually wear an M but this was really big)

Nasty Gal Strappy Heels

My Willows Shades

Turquoise Necklace (I usually just get these simple necklaces from Etsy! Super cheap too!)

Gold Midi Rings

Dior Lip Addict Maximizer

Oh, and if you're thinking about starting your own blog? Let me know! I'd love to chat with you and brand strategize. 

Also, DO IT! Don't be afraid and trust that there will be people out there that support and LOVE what you do. 

For me, my blog is the blog that I want to see in the world. My podcast (Almost 30) is the Podcast that I want to hear. That's it! 


What are some tips? What have I missed? We should share!

Have the best week! Loving you!