Let's Talk about Alcohol


This one's an interesting one, but I need to write about it and discuss it with ya.


It's about alcohol. Drinking. 


(I posted this on a Monday so if you're feeling a Sunday Funday, this will hit HARD). These photos are from the recent Almost 30 Podcast event with Energy Muse and Spirit Daughter. WHICH also reminds me that having events and doing things like this REALLY helps me to not drink.

Because 'll just say it, I don't drink really. It's been about 3 years that I've been this way. 

Sure, I'll have a glass of wine once a month with girlfriends or hold a drink at a club. But I'm just not into it.


I'm very black and white with things that affect me personally, so, it's like 100 or nothing (PUN!!!!) and I just am zero on drinking. When I do drink it's Bright Cellars wine that's sent to my house (their wine is the best and we always have bottles on hand, you can get free wine here if you'd like!)

Don't get me wrong, I definitely drank in college, and went through a period of time where I drank A LOT in Chicago. Not like, during the week, but on the weekends, I would get DRUNK. That was the goal.

I think it was beginning my meditation practice that began the shift away from drinking. Or just a greater sense of interest in my body and wellbeing. 

But I feel like I've never actually even liked it in the first place. I was talking to a friend who knows me from WAY back, about how I was glad I don't need to feel like I have to drink anymore, and she goes "even in college you never liked to drink". 

Which was true. I would do it, sure. But I wasn't enjoying what it was doing to me physically and mentally. Even emotionally. 

Ever seen a drunk girl cry outside of a bar? Yeah. Exactly.




In college, I LOVED my friends, hanging out with people, yes. Did I laugh a lot, and was it fun, yes. But the days spent on the couch watching Real Housewives of Orange County, nursing hangovers or feeling sick from late night pizza, I don't miss. What I could have done with that time!

But having phased it out of my life slowly, really has changed everything. 

Maybe I never felt like everyone did when they got drunk. For sure I was fun and funny, but it was almost like, I wasn't present or didn't remember anything. Which means that I wasn't really THERE in the first place. If I'm spending time with you, I actually want to BE there. 

No judgement of course, everyone I know for the most part drinks, but I wanted to share some of the benefits I've seen since cutting back. 

A lot of people's problems can be solved by not drinking, ya know? Want better skin? Don't drink. Want to sleep better? To feel better? To have a better workout schedule? To manage your mood? To feel more connected to yourself and your body? 


Benefits I've noticed from of not drinking:

Spiritually, feeling more connected: Alcohol does the opposite of supporting your spiritual growth. Alcohol lowers your vibration, numbs your psychic senses, and creates energetic holes in your aura. I know it's a bit out there, but it's true. My connection with myself, God (Source) whatever, and my angels has been so much easier to access now that I don't drink.

Your SKIN: It's made a huge difference on my skin, it's elasticity and overall plumpness. I can tell if I ever have a few glasses of wine how much less vibrant I look. Since I don't drink my skin has been so much more clear and bright.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, which can give skin an unhealthy color and texture. By not drinking, your body is able to absorb more vitamin A, increasing cell turnover, which keeps skin looking healthier and younger.


Mental clarity: Having clarity in my thought - makes me feel like it's me making decisions, not a hungover self who is tired, groggy, achy...etc. I am able to be super sharp and multi-task a million things because I don't have the sugar or alcohol slowing me down. You also are able to have much more clarity on your emotions. Ever been drunk and cried? YUP. It really just exacerbates things.

It's help my sleep: my quality of sleep is really so much better since I stopped drinking because I get into DEEP sleep. I don't wake up still tired, or feel so exhausted because my body has been fighting poison and blood sugar spikes all night.


Alcohol can disrupt the two most important parts of our sleep - Slow Wave Sleep, which is the most physically refreshing part, and REM Sleep, which is the part which helps us learn and remember.

Therefore, most light to moderate drinkers (like I was) who reduce their alcohol intake or stop drinking altogether, will see a marked increase in the quality of their sleep. 

Feeling better in my body: I respect my body now so much more than ever, so being kind to it by not feeding it alcohol has been really amazing. I can get in every workout that I plan on doing (I don't cancel because I'm hungover) and really focus on what's going on in my body without a fogged mind. 

More meaningful relationships: Truly. Having conversations 1-1 with friends and people in my life without alcohol is everything. Getting really deep or just having fun with THEM not the drunk person they/you become allows you to really create a deep meaningful relationship. 


I don't mean this as preachy, by any stretch, but I definitely get asked about it, all the time. For each person, that asks, it's mostly a response of agreement, that they also feel better when they don't drink. Which is interesting. 90% of the people in my life drink, and it's for them. I still go out to bars and clubs, and seriously just chill and people watch. It's also nice to be a sober person, watching my friends, keeping track of purses, making sure everyone's safe and ALWAYS being the DD. I love that part of it. 

If I could sum it up, I would say that, what I want out of my life, I won't get by being drunk.

For the peer pressure? It actually doesn't exist. Yes, I've been in situations where people probably want me to drink, but also people don't care about what you're doing as much as you think. 



So reminding yourself of all the benefits, maybe sipping on a soda water is really the key for me in getting the MOST out of my life. Building this massive business that's Almost 30 Podcast, feeling aligned, feeling healthy...it's all worth it for me.

Okay, phew what do you think? Do you guys drink more, drink less or what has your pattern been? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Have the best week!