The best damn holiday shoes EVER (and they're from TARGET)

Hi my loves!

How are you? 

How's the week? 

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the holidays with all there is to do!? Same. I am just trying to remember that it only happens once a year, and that it always gets done.

Last night I went to this intimate panel discussion with Childish Gambino (Because of the Internet, Parks and Recreation, Atlanta) and it was SO COOL. It's always amazing to be around super talented, smart people that are doing real cool shit.

It was fascinating to hear and learn from such creative, inspiring and smart people.

Donald Glover, recently worked to create PHAROS, an experience in Joshua Tree that incorporated virtual reality, music and community. One of the concepts from the event, was to not have your CELL PHONE. Crazy right? No one there brought their phone into the experience, in order to create a more engaged audience and more personal experience. The team at Microsoft and Donald really did something amazing, new and exciting and I was so excited to be a part of the party. 

I LOVE. So vibing more of those opportunities out right meow! 


I got these boots from Target a week ago, and I've been giddy ever since knowing you guys will LOVE. 

Thus far I've gotten people that have stopped me in the streets asking about them. They're perfect for holiday, so chic and oh-so expensive looking.

I mean for real. I was in Laguna last weekend and rich ass Laguna moms were like drooling over them.

I mean the embellishment do you die? I LOVE. 

Also these photos were crazy because they're exactly the vision I had for these shoes.


The heel height is just right, they are a bit edgy, and it's good to mix up your shoe game a bit in the winter from the classic boot. 

Target for real has the best stuff right now, so I have more to share with you later next week! Ya'll know I'm about that affordable luxury :) especially with the holidays here I am feeling OH SO broke. 

I love ya! Let me know what's happening with you?! These boots, do you like?



**Photos of The Childish Gambino Event via Microsoft  Pharos.