GET READY WITH ME: Flawless skin with TEMPTU and red hot with Ever Pretty (plus a GIVEAWAY FOR YOU)

Guys I did my very first, very L.A. event last week. 

Like real L.A. 

It was SO STUNNING, at this hotel, and with the most gorgeous babes on the planet. Everyone was DECKED out, to the 9’s, and it was more networking than anything. When you’re in a room with mega babes, that you don’t really know, unfortunately or fortunately you gotta stunt. 

(Stunt means you gotta look AND feel your best).

So I needed to get prepped with a new dress (yup it was pretty fancy!) and then make sure that my makeup was super on point. 

I have always been so curious about airbrushing your makeup. I have a friend who's skin is seriously like butter - and she uses an airbrush kit.

Basically to make her skin look like J.Lo.

Last time we were on vacation together, I was waiting for her to use her TEMTPU the whole trip.

I’m like okay how is this going to work? How much time will it take?  How does she do it when sh isn't a professional makeup artist.


BUT, it was freaking simple.

She would bust out her TEMPTU, put in her little color pod, spray gently for 15 seconds, and BAM. She’s like a porcelain doll (that has a really good base color and glow). 

After the base of course, she would finish it up with a light bronzer, and blush on her cheeks.

She let it sit for 1 minute and she was DONE.

I couldn’t believe it, when I was sitting there using my fingers and my old BB cream to get a  good finish, never knowing you could airbrush your makeup on for an amazing canvas.

Make-up GOALS. 

So when I had this event, I was so excited that I could partner with both TEMPTU and Ever Pretty to get ready for it. I was so excited that I could have J.Lo smooth skin (in seconds) and wear a bombshell dress (just like all the other gals!)

If you don't know, Ever Pretty is a dress brand.

I got this maroon stunner, just a classic really well made dress that fits like a glove. When I normally am a bit self conscious about form fitting, I was blown away at how flattering this was. The cap sleeves and sweetheart are really flattering for anyones chest (regardless of size I think) and the trumpet bottom makes the bum and hips look RIGHT. 

The price, of Ever Pretty is also - justtttttt right. Really affordable, mostly under $50 and makes having a new dress for every occasion super easy. Under the ‘formal’ dresses section is where I found the ones I loved. 

This video takes you into how super quick it was getting ready for the event (which is good because it happened to be on a weekday) and you can see the steps for the TEMPTU.

How to use the TEMTPU airbrush for a flawless finish:

  1. Attach Airbrush Foundation to the TEMPTU Air and power on speed setting two. Holding 4-6 inches (a palm's length away) move in circular motions, pulling down gently on the SoftTouch Control to release the makeup.
  2. Stop and look, pausing for 10-15 seconds in between passes until reaching your desired level of coverage. TEMPTU’s Airbrush Foundation is weightless and buildable; a little goes a long way and coverage is completely customizable.

1-2 passes for sheer coverage

2-3 passes for medium coverage

3-4 passes for full coverage

I applied the same principles for the highlighter and blush, focusing on those areas specifically and watching how it applies to see how much or how little to use.


What TEMPTU colors I used (I used their shade finder here, and it was PERFECT):

Foundation: bisque

Blush: Washed Rose

Highlighter: Pink Pearl

What dress I am wearing:

Sweetheart Neckline Maroon Dress - $55.99

Other Favorites from Ever Pretty:

Long Lace Cream Dress - $38.99

Tribal Cut-Out Maxi Dress - $19.49

Floral Print Maxi Dress - $16.24

The giveaway:


In partnership with these amazing brands, I am going to be giving away $100 TEMTPU e-gift card AND a $100 Gift Card to Ever Pretty.

YEAP, you can recreate whatever look you want, and make your skin flawless, celebrity smooth.

All you need to do is:

Follow @TEMPTU and @everprettycom then comment the *heart* emoji when you're done!

Extra entries for tagging friends! 

The winner will be announced on July 31st, 5:00 PM PST, and will be able to pick whatever dress they'd like, and receive all they need from TEMPTU.  

Guys what do you think? So exciting right? I can't wait to have everyone share their tips, and meet these amazing brands (if you don't know them already!) WOULD LOVE if you shared your favorite dresses from Ever Pretty, and which part about TEMPTU makes you the most excited! 

Let me know any questions you have! 


*Thanks to Ever Pretty and TEMPTU for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.