Bali Recap + FAV one piece bathing suits and post vacay BLUES

Okay soooo I’m BACK!

Back from Bali and feeling, well very so grateful, in awe and a bit anxious to be honest. HA.

But first, how are you? How are things?

For my blog babes, post a link so I can catch up with ya. Let me know!

^^wearing my Poppy and Maria super delicate gold labradorite necklace here!  

I am feeling anxious in the way that going on vacation is fun, but also feeling like I have so much going on at home, it’s hard to get away.

The Almost 30 Podcast launched a few weeks ago (and it’s been AMAZING), Hundred is here, and I started a new job I LOVE downtown. This biatch is DRIVING. (PRAY FOR THE ROADS).

Justin’s also going out of town right when I’m back and I’ve got more travel upcoming which takes me away from my to-do’s. My best friend is getting married in a month btw, and that's all sorts of feels!

But it's sometimes hard to stay in the moment and not get ahead of yourself thinking of all you need to do.

Vacation is amazing to disconnect, but also it gets scary when you have to reconnect.

There’s going to be a lot waiting for you!

I try to remember that, if I really think about it, it’s always gotten done in the past, and in some cases, one day or night or dedicated time will ease all that anxiety away. Trusting yourself that you always get it done (because well, you have before!) is key.

Have you ever felt like this after vacation?

Maybe it’s the precursor to the post-vacation blues. I loved this Man Repeller article on how to remedy those after a good vacation…

Doing things like:

  • Make a list
  • Get dressed up 
  • Sign yourself up for something
  • Repeat after me, "it's gonna be okay"

All so TRUE. For me it's just thinking about all the parts of my life in L.A. that I love, and when you do all those errands shit that you have to do when you're back, it's pretty invigorating for psychopaths like me who LOVE to do shit ALWAYS. 

How do y'all get over post vacation blues? Let a sister KNOW.

Also, we should talk about tips to get over jet-lag! I'm becoming a bit of a pro, and I SWEAR by these tips:

  • Sleep as MUCH as possible on each flight: On this flight, I slept 12 of the 15 hours and then 3 of the 5 on the second leg - LOL. BYE. I take Benadryl, and I can get a serious snooze on with my neck pillow. HOLLA.  Just let it all go and SLEEP. 
  • HYDRATE: I think hydration is the key to anything in life really? So drink LOTS of water always helps. 
  • No booze: Just throws you off really, and never lets you get a good sleep. 
  • Sleep tracking: To get you shifted go to bed earlier, get up a bit earlier, and increase/decrease your time as you acclimate. When I get back and I'm up at 5:00 A.M. because I'm on a different time zone, I embrace it and just start my day. Being mad that I'm not asleep doesn't help and I trust I'll be back on my schedule soon.
  • Melatonin: FOR REAL. Helps so so much with my sleep cycles. It's all natural, and the hormone that induces sleep naturally in your body. You can get it anywhere really, I get mine here.

I love Erica from Fashion Lush's tips here on how she overcame jet-lag when she got back from her trip to Copenhagen.

On Bali though. This place! (heart eyes emoji).

I really never thought I’d go there before, and if you're wondering, the trip was just my sister and I.

She’s older than me, and at some point in our lives I’ve always wanted to take a trip just she and I in our older years (HA!)

Girls with sisters, I know you feel me. It’s honestly just the easiest friend relationship you’ll ever have, pretty much. 

"We could talk, or not talk for hours". 

I won’t bore you with details but there some major highs, and some lows.

We did some LAME ASS tours that were basically shuttles to shopping markets, and our first hotel was um…well let me just tell you that they charged extra for wash cloths. SO JANK. So we moved.

On this piece, never do a tour with Panorama and never stay at Wina Holliday Villa, HA. There’s better ways to spend your time and to stay for that price.

The HIGHS: PRANA SPA, forever.

It was hours and hours of bliss and cool treatments, I got the shirdohara which is supposed to help open your third eye chakra by dripping oil on your third eye for 20 minutes.

There’s also a scalp massage, and face massage which I LOVE.

I’m like a cat. Pet me and I’m yours.

Also Ayana Resort & Spa, which was the last days of our trip.

This place may have been the nicest place I’ve ever stayed in my life. Everything was taken care of, and there were so many infinity pools, flowers, friendly people, and diva feels. So good.

Just the feeling of travel, exploring and being in one of the most gorgeous places in the world was something I’m so grateful for. I feel like I'm always scheming, planning or on the go, so when I travel I feel like I'm most present. 

This one PIECE was also a huge high for me.

I feel like my whole life I’m like trying to be a two piece bikini chick and man it just feels good to rock a one piece. 

This thing from Swim Like a Mermaid is literally like SPANX and sucks you in, cuts in the right places, and is super comfortable. I am finding more and more, that you look better when you just do YOU. Whatever that is. For me, it’s a one piece right now.

Shop my favorite one-pieces:

The one piece was also perfect for my non-working out bod this trip. I took almost the whole trip off working out, on purpose to let my body sort of re-group since I haven’t taken more than 3 days off, probably since Vietnam.

I feel like at some points, it’s good to let your body fully repair, reset and rebuild.

The one workout I did do, was run.

It’s the one thing you can do wherever you go, and you see a different perspective of a place when you’re running. I go in the early morning, so there’s less foot traffic and in this case it’s way cooler.

I feel like when I want to really get right, running is the way to go. Meditative, a great workout, going for 3 or so miles during the week really helped to ground me during a chaotic week.

I’d say, if you can, go for a run on a trip. Find a path or just go in circles around your hotel (done that).

When you’re enjoying your gelato or desert (after lunch and dinner) it makes such a difference to feeling light and having energy.

Sometimes, if there’s a hotel gym and I’m not feeling too frisky, I’ll connect to wifi, and let myself be on my phone during an interval run. I’ll run for a few minutes, walk for a few minutes, and during the walk I can text or catch up with things that I can’t normally not being connected to wifi. It motivates me to workout (SADLY), so just moving and however you motivate yourself to do it, is key.

On Bali, I am doing a full guide for the travel guides section so that’ll have details on everything for ya. If you ever go or are thinking of going, please email me! Let’s discuss I would LOVE to help.

For packing, I used my Vietnam Packing Guide as a reference :) 

Feels good to be back with ya!

What do you guys think about one-pieces right now and working out on vacay? Do you take a break or still get a sweat in? Any tips? I know BBG girls take their plan on the go, which is something I’ve also been thinking of doing!

Let me know! Now off to Whole Foods (need to DETOX, salad bar salad is major KEY $7 for a super filling salad ya’ll)

All my love,


BALI VIBES: My mini-itinerary + what I packed

Hi friends!

Surprise, LOL, I am in Bali for the next week or so, basically trying to absorb, chill, learn and just soak it in as much as I can.

Thus far I did a little detox with my phone, to give myself two days to really just be here, and it’s been amazing.

Highly recommend that. It was freeing, to be honest! It's always gonna be there when you return :) 

Lately I've been feeling like I'm not being supportive enough or like spending enough time liking or commenting on my friends/blogger babes posts. So hard to keep up, and I always want to feel like I'm doing enough for others that do for me....

But I can manage that, I think. Let me know if ya feel me?

I did however, want to share the itinerary with you for what I’m up to for the next week or so!

Especially if you wanted to do Bali or have recommendations for me!

I’ll be snapchatting @hundredblog the good stuff and posting the highlights on Instagram @hundredblogla :)

The first two days were chilling, adjusting and getting my bearings. I also did some meditating, beaching and planning for the week since I hadn’t done much research.

Wanna hear something? I love tours on vacations, LOL.

How MOM AM I? 

I know it's sort of lame, but I feel like i get so much more out of it when someones telling me what I am doing or what I am looking at.

Also, you learn things. I am a more 'cultural active vacationer' than 'chill' vacationer. 
Like I keep my schedule TIGHT and I know everything I'm doing when I go.


What kind of vacationer are you!?

Otherwise what's happening:

Monday: Arrive, Kuta Beach and dinner at the W Semiyak

Tuesday: Beach Day at Le Pirate (CUTEST EVER!) stay here, it's amazing

Wednesday: Kintamani Tour of local Temples, Dinner at Merah Putih

Thursday: Eastern Bali Mystic Tour, which involves trying local drinks and meeting the local people, Dinner at Sea Circus

Friday: Breakfast at The Spicy Coconut, which has the best acai bowls EVER, Prana Spa for a 3 hour SLIMMING Treatment, Beach for the afternoon

Saturday: Oleh-Oleh Tour which is an evening show from the local people, dancing and drinks

Sunday: Beach morning, Monkey Sanctuary visit and Motel Mexicana for dinner

Monday: Snorkeling, boating in Padang Bai 

Tuesday: Beach in the morning, Lunch at Sea Circus (AGAIN) and airport to travel home

Where I’m staying:

We’re in Kuta which is the middle of the island, on the west side. It’s supposedly the most populous area, and close to beaches, shopping and nightlife. I am wondering if we should have stayed in the North part of Bali, but we'll see :) 

We'll be at a few different spots, like the W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak and Peppers Seminyak, all around Seminyak and Kuta. We did one night at Le Pirate which is s'cute.

I am so excited to share what I’m doing through the week mostly on socials and do a full recap with pictures when I’m home. Also all the feels of the culture. 

What I packed:

I packed really light this trip and made sure that I had a range of light breezy fabrics for the week.  Sunscreen is a major must and making sure to bring beach gear is key! It’s all tropical, but as always I wear things that have a bit of an edge so I have that in there as well. Unfortunately, a few of my brand collabs will have to wait to share until when I'm back because my packages didn't come (noooo!!)))

But I'm really excited :)

Super brief but I wanted to keep in touch with you! Let me know if you have any suggestions for a sister or what’s happening with you! LDW recap PLEASE!

All my love,

Exciting news + if you're traveling - you NEED this list!

Hai friends! How are you? How's the week? 

Maybe you've noticed, maybe not, but lately my travel game as of late has been super local - in California pretty much, besides Cleveland for a wedding, Dallas for work and Florida for family. I've done Palm Springs (behind on that weekending guide), Santa Barbara, Malibu and really staying in California.

So obviously I'm anxious for the next trip, and was so happy that my dad acquired dad guilt and is now realizing my sister and I are getting older. He said something along the lines of 'realizing that his daughters won't be single (unmarried) for too much longer'. He probably doesn't know that I have a few more years....but I'll take it.

So after some research and basically me just taking the reigns on this (like I do most things involving group decisions hehe), I planned a trip for us to go to....






Bow chica bow wow OH YAH. 

Sigh. #dadsrule

I mean you can't do Thailand with your dad (too sexy like I don't want to be on a secluded beach with my dad ew), I feel good about my Europe travels, and after you've seen one Church you've seen them all.

Plus I've never been to Asia. 

I was thinking about my packing game, and some of the key things I bring when traveling internationally, whether to London for work, or for fun anywhere else. It's honestly a craft.  Fitting all your things in is like Tetris. Making sure it's not liquid if you carry on (I always get caught) and making sure your outfits match your activities, the temperature, weather and vibe, is a talent that people get paid lots of money for. 

How you travel, says so much about you as a person...


I’m serious!

Like, it exposes crazy little things about you!

I pack 1003423 packs of vitamins and protein bars. I always bring more shoes than I ever wear, I sleep as soon as we take off, and when I fly I always write down (or re-write) my current goals in my journal. I also have an obsession with dressing up for the airport. I don't wear makeup 90% of the time, but for some reason when I travel I find it super mysterious/cool to look fly when I'm traveling. 

I also love to be on a plane.  Seriously detachment unplugging time to be had on flights! 

When I did my last big trip, I was reminded of all the little things I needed to prepare, and wanted to gather it all together for you as a list, if you needed it in case your life takes you somewhere interesting this year :).

So, your guide to packing internationally like a badass bitch on da GO. 

// To keep you organized //

// To keep you healthy //

  • Vitamins: I take so many vitamins it's almost weird. I personally buy into the benefits of vitamins and have noticed a difference when I am taking them vs. not taking them in things like my skin, energy levels and hair. I'll probably post a full list later, but when I travel I make sure to bring vitamins for nutrients that I may not be getting fully on the go. Like a multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Iron, B-12 and Maca. I'm also partnering with HU nutrition at the end of the month, so will keep you posted on a product review of their stuff - but I love what they're about
  • Bars: All day. It's so key for me because there isn't shit at airports or when you're away to eat quickly, that's healthy and as delicious as protein bars. Now that I'm off that #questlife I have been on Vega Sport and Pro Base bars. It sucks because they have mad calories but they're the best possible thing when you're looking at that vs. a baguette in a french cafe. 
  • Hand sanitizer: Key for staying away from all the germs that you'll encounter when traveling.
  • Trail Mix: I love the simple trail mix from Trader Joe's - it's sweet enough but no candy in it. 

// To keep you busy //


// To keep you beautiful //

// To keep you cute //

  • Scarves: So key for flights because you can also use it as a blanket, and for anywhere because it adds a little something to a what could be plain outfit. I am huge scarf fan when I travel too because you can take it off it you're hot or use it to cover up should it get cold when the sun goes down or something. 

// To keep in case //

  • Neck pillow: Every time! I don't even know why I have it I forget so much. But I do love when I remember it.
  • Visine: For when your eyes are dry, especially with contacts, when flying.
  • Camera: I always forget, but your photo quality is so much better with a good camera. I have a Nikon DSLR 7000, so it's big but takes amazing photos. 
  • Umbrella: Good to have if you need in places like London, Seattle, etc. 


RIGHT? So I know this was a BEAR (because it was so much to write and link) but I'm hopeful it's helpful as a travel guide, or even as a guide for life essentials. because basically the Alexander Wang clothes should be my wardrobe staples for LIFE.  All of this stuff I truly love and use, and feel strongly about or I wouldn't post it. 

What are your essentials for traveling? Any brands or things you must have that I'm missing? Also if you've been to Vietnam, let me know what you think! I'd love to hear your feedback and tips on traveling Asia!

Also make sure to keep in touch on my trip via my social links, below and my snapchat @hundredblog. I'm going to try my best to keep you informed :)

Anything I missed? Happy Monday, friends! xoxoxo


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