HOT GIRL CONCERT WEAR: featuring Bourbon Barbies

Hi hi! 

How are youi? How was the weekend? 

I just got back from a week in Detroit, and then in Chicago for the weekend for a wedding!

It was THE BEST. I miss my friends so much, and being with everyone I love is every.thing.  Detroit felt so much like home (Midwest LIFE) and it was great to be among trees and the fall. Chicago felt like/is my serious home and I got to see lots of people, enjoyed the most amazing wedding. 

What did you do though?! Let me know!

A week ago when I was in Denver, we did a concert at Red Rocks and it was basically the shit. Completely rated appropriately (which is high) and a perfect setting for a good fall concert.

I was REALLY into my concert attire, all of it by Bourbon Barbies, a sustainable fashion brand that's doing things differently.

Sustainable being, the clothes are handmade by the BB babes, each to order, and sourced from the leftover designer clothes that places normally THROW OUT.

BB repurposes them, and makes them unique, and rad. They're affordably priced, and I feel like this street vibe is perfect mixed in your wardrobe. 

So I was in a ripped t-shirt, with the lace up and my FAVORITE jean jacket probably ever.

Everything is oversized and I was basically wearing pajamas, in public. Nothing is BETTER. It was comfortable, rocker chic and I really like to just play the part at concerts and dress accordingly. 

Also shout out to this jean jacket for being SO BADASS. I've gotten so many compliments on it. It's so comfortable and just the right size. 

Go to brunch, be brunch chic. Go to a show, be show chic. I am such a fan of dressing for whatever situation I am in. It makes it SO MUCH more fun. 


So I shopped all my favorite Fall/Winter concert threads for you! 

Shop rad gear:

Shop bitchin' shoes:

Shop badass jackets:

Shop babe accessories:

Okay so what are you loving? Anyone else wear specific outfits for specific places? 

Also any good concerts you're excited for? I just bought two tickets to Bon Iver at the Hollywood Bowl and I am SO EXCITED. I feel older that I am looking forward to a 'chill and sway' concert, but thats LIFE.

Okay, loving you! Chat soon.



Weekending in Sonoma

I think everyone's starting to realize that our friends won't be single forever. 

The first of our huge group of girl friends is engaged (!!) and I'm honestly looking forward to the wedding more than anything I can remember.  I mean more opportunities to hang with your best friends, and celebrate someone happy and in love, yes please. 

With weddings, comes bachelorettes, and we spent this one in Sonoma, California. Which is right next to Napa outside of San Francisco. A perfect spot for betches in the fall to strut their stuff in neutral colors and patterned scarves. 

The weather was PERFECT, the wine was flowing and it was a good mix of low key/chatting/karaoke/pizza ordering/finding the only bar in the whole town/playing Adele's Hello 238x with a little bit of Celine Dion mixed in the playlist. 

That type weekend.

There's so much to say about being with friends, how happy you are and at home. But it really amazes me every time that I get together with, like all 20 of us, we fall into the same pattern. A hilarious one at that.

We seriously just sit around in a circle and compliment each other.

I'm not kidding. One of our friends boyfriends noticed it a while ago, and it's so fuckin' true. We compliment, and show appreciation and love for each other, the entire time we're together. I leave weekends feeling confident as F, grounded and just truly accepted and loved. I swear if you walked downstairs to the group after getting ready, or even just showering, you'd feel like you've won Miss America and these were all your longtime fans from your hometown. It's compliments about how you look, but more importantly about who you are.

Plus, it's not fake at all. It's just upfront and confident about what we all uniquely bring to the table as friends and people. That we recognize openly to one another without fear.

I know that there are girls and groups like this, but I've also seen other friends be a part of the 'mean girl' clique where you talk shit about the one at the table in a group text, and roll your eyes at the one that's rocking the boat or possibly doing something a bit different, because you're jealous, or just plain hating on the other person.

Honestly, in my group of friends if you ever even toe the line of talking shit, it's shut down (politely and kindly) with a positive comment right back.

You are the company you keep, by the way, and if you're around people that inspire, encourage and embrace you, you're in good fucking hands.

So I could continue my rant about how rad my best friends are forever, but that could be another full post. So without further adieu, Weekending in Sonoma.

Things to do:

Wineries? Take a tour or go out on your own (not driving of course). But there are so many gorgeous places to enjoy yourself for an hour or two. We did a tour, which was perfect for the day so we didn't have to think about options. A few of the best ones are below:



Healdsburg (a small area with tons of wineries to see)

Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyards

Keller Estate

Ledson Winery

Go on a hike: We went on like a mini walk - there was like 16 girls in a row going up an incline which is pretty hilarious.

Go to the hot springs: They are open seasonally but are naturally occurring and supposedly amazing.

Go to Napa for an afternoon

Do a spa day

Basically, in Sonoma if you're not at wineries there isn't much to do hehe. 


Places to stay:

We did airbnb, and our little gingerbread house was so cute for all of us. I would do airbnb if you're rollin' deep, but if it's just two of you, there are also good hotels and B&B's.

Inn at Sonoma

El Dorado Hotel: Also has the restaurant. Right in the middle of town.

MacArthur Place: Probably one of the nicest places to stay here, it's rustic and beautiful. 

The vibe in Sonoma is super laid back, rustic and easy. It's good for chicks, groups of chicks  and romantic weekends fo sho. 

There's probably lots I missed, so l let me know if you've been to Sonoma and love something! Also if you want a full detailed itinerary, holler! It was a good place for Bachelorettes, and we had chicas coming from all over for it.

Feeling in love with life today and also excited to share news next week! Thanks for reading.



P.S. Wearing this $49 dollar dress in green from H&M, which is AMAZING. You can get it here. Also had a Parker Jumpsuit in black that is so comfortable and chic.