Being EXTRA with ASOS: Favorite skirts to transition into fall

Let me just start by saying, that in L.A. it is nowhere near fall. It's like 93 degrees, LOL. A lil recap on life, I just got back from Croatia a week ago, and it was AMAZING. I can't wait to share more on it. I am in lurve.

Also for The Almost 30 Podcast we had our Sex Love and Other Things Event. It went SO well, the babes showed up ready to chat and share, and so many amazing brands shared amazing products. It was cool that, we are the only event that I've heard of, talking about sex and relationship wellness. Truly! So thank you to everyone for coming out for that, thank you thank you!

In life, I am a bit maxed with things, but knowing that the fact that I am home for the next three weeks makes me feel better about the workload. With weekends, I can manage to get it all done :). 

Excited about sharing some fall inspiration with you fashion wise. I am loving what's out right now, and of course, have to go with my favorite ASOS for everything when the seasons change. They're always on point with styles, colors, textures and prints, and you cannot beat the price point. Although it's hot, I am feeling like slipping into the fall vibe with darker colors, leopard and prints. 

This post is in collaboration with ASOS, but all opinions are of course my own.


What I'm wearing in this post:

ASOS Raw Denim Mini-Skirt in Black I wear this one all the time, super comfortable and the perfect length.

Black Mule Sandals My go-to shoe this summer and fall. They slide on, and you can wear them with anything! Plus they cover up the perfect amount of your foot.

Thin Metal Plated Belt Easy and so rocker chic.

Black Off-The-Shoulder Top (Sold out, similar here)

MAC Lipglass in Lust My favorite everyday shade.


What Aubre is wearing in this post:

Front Button Cord Mini How cute and affordable is this?

Floral Blouse Such a fan of the comfy flowy blouse!

Black Sock Midi Boots Super comfortable and super in.

Yellow Front Button Jacket (sold out, similar here)

Fall Skirts from ASOS:

All super chic, cute and affordable

Fall Mules from ASOS:

Seriously, you'll wear these all the time.

Fall Blouses from ASOS:

The perfect top for work, or play.

In these photos is my friend Aubre Winters, a total babe and light in my life. It's SO NICE to have creative, loyal, funny, friends who just get you, right?


What are you favorite fall trends? Share them below, please!

Love you, will be in touch next week! xoxo


Transitioning into fall with the best OTS Shirts right now

Fall is upon us babies!

SO EXCITING! I mean I for one am a lover of summer, aka why I live in California where it never ends. BUT, Fall is my absolute favorite.

For all the basic reasons, YES, but more so because I love wearing a sweatshirt and shorts. It's sort of my jam. Sweatshirt weather is LIFE.


But because I must go in public, I am a huge fan of the off the shoulder trend. Yes it's been around for a season or two, but it's here to stay, and it's flattering on pretty much everyone. I love how sexy and understated the shoulders are, and if you throw on some Josie Moran Argan Oil for your shoulders and decolletage. It makes you glow in the best way possible.

So as we transition, and I still want to show some skin, but also hide my arms and feel uber sexy with some jeans on, I am all about the OTS.

Wearing my favorite one here, from AMUR via Rent the Runway, what I've been using the past couple weeks and am LOVING it.

Sign up for Rent the Runway here, and get 20% off! Doing a full post with them, but so into wearing something a few times and POOF I'm done with it and get something new!

But this outfit, with this comfortable and high quality, really well made top, super comfortable jeans that flatter anyone and mules was surprising comfortable. Huge fan of a look I can wear to multiple places, lunch, work, whatever. 

The mules tho, I wear almost everyday because they are easy to slide on, cover most of your foot, and are under $40 from my favorite, ASOS



Shop my favorite OTS Sweaters:

Shop my favorite OTS Tops: 

Shop my favorite black denim:


S'cute right? Also this was shot in Beverly Hills, for you blogger babes and with me was Aubre Winters of @aubrewinters. She is the BEST.

Let me know any questions, and have the BEST WEEKEND! 



HOT GIRL CONCERT WEAR: featuring Bourbon Barbies

Hi hi! 

How are youi? How was the weekend? 

I just got back from a week in Detroit, and then in Chicago for the weekend for a wedding!

It was THE BEST. I miss my friends so much, and being with everyone I love is every.thing.  Detroit felt so much like home (Midwest LIFE) and it was great to be among trees and the fall. Chicago felt like/is my serious home and I got to see lots of people, enjoyed the most amazing wedding. 

What did you do though?! Let me know!

A week ago when I was in Denver, we did a concert at Red Rocks and it was basically the shit. Completely rated appropriately (which is high) and a perfect setting for a good fall concert.

I was REALLY into my concert attire, all of it by Bourbon Barbies, a sustainable fashion brand that's doing things differently.

Sustainable being, the clothes are handmade by the BB babes, each to order, and sourced from the leftover designer clothes that places normally THROW OUT.

BB repurposes them, and makes them unique, and rad. They're affordably priced, and I feel like this street vibe is perfect mixed in your wardrobe. 

So I was in a ripped t-shirt, with the lace up and my FAVORITE jean jacket probably ever.

Everything is oversized and I was basically wearing pajamas, in public. Nothing is BETTER. It was comfortable, rocker chic and I really like to just play the part at concerts and dress accordingly. 

Also shout out to this jean jacket for being SO BADASS. I've gotten so many compliments on it. It's so comfortable and just the right size. 

Go to brunch, be brunch chic. Go to a show, be show chic. I am such a fan of dressing for whatever situation I am in. It makes it SO MUCH more fun. 


So I shopped all my favorite Fall/Winter concert threads for you! 

Shop rad gear:

Shop bitchin' shoes:

Shop badass jackets:

Shop babe accessories:

Okay so what are you loving? Anyone else wear specific outfits for specific places? 

Also any good concerts you're excited for? I just bought two tickets to Bon Iver at the Hollywood Bowl and I am SO EXCITED. I feel older that I am looking forward to a 'chill and sway' concert, but thats LIFE.

Okay, loving you! Chat soon.