On BODY IMAGE (Love Your Body Event + why I got a health coach)

I’ve been wanting to talk about this one for a WHILE now.

I never knew when the right time, or when the situation would strike to inspire. Or, encourage me to chat about it. 

Our upcoming Almost 30 Podcast event, Love Your Body with Kelly LeVeque, Danika Brysha, Danielle Pascente, and Chelsea Leifken, inspired me to talk about Body Image and body love. 

First, on the event because I CAN'T WAIT. 

June 24th from 3 - 7 PM in Beverly Hills at this GORGEOUS SPACE. We'll do a moving meditation together, we'll eat light bites, get TONS of goodies from so many good brands, and then have the speaking sessions from our amazing speakers talking about their body journey. If you haven't listened, listen to our Almost 30 Podcast episodes with all of those babes. They are so REAL, raw, honest, fun and have SO MUCH depth.

So, come! Register here and bring a friend :).

All donations go to two badass charities, Awaken Arts and The Movement Foundation. 


So, back to body image, and the bodies we all LOVE to hate.

I feel like there's so much info out there about how to look and feel your best. 

It's like, 'I drank lemon water in the morning for a month and feel GREAT. Here are the top 10 benefits to drinking lemon water in the morning'. 

We want to remember the days that we looked and felt our prettiest, and fittest.

There are SO MANY articles about how to be your thin, pretty, have clear skin, have good hair...

Take this vitamin, drink this tea, do this workout, use this face cream. Blah blah blah. But there aren't always articles or instructions about getting over bad body conversations.

I mean, hi.


I write about shit you can do to make you feel better about how you look.

Everything that I do share - I believe in, and do myself. But, there's a piece missing there. 

My thought to write this was sparked by a conversation with a friend on her shag carpet in West Hollywood. 

Oh, and by every consideration, my girlfriend is TINY.

A literal 100 pounds, yoga lover/instructor, super in shape and an actual model. She's the girl that makes the girls at the front desk at yoga 

So, I was pretty surprised to hear when she started talking to me about her issues around food, and eating and her body.

She went through a list of what her body SHOULD look like, why wasn't that way (her bad habits, she's lazy...all things that weren't true) and then went to Instagram to show me the girl she believes she SHOULD look like.

I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

This was the person who I  knew that other girls were looking at saying, why can't I look like HER?

Even the "HER" has another girl who they think they should look like.

It's a cycle that never ends. Every girl, has another girl on fucking instagram they think they should look like. Or someone they should talk like, take pictures like, dress like....

Pretty fucking sad right?

Keeping in mind - this person I'm hearing is SO much smaller than me. Someone by standard definitions has what we'd consider the perfect body.

Long, lean, and toned. 

But having this conversation with someone where we had such similar, destructive thoughts was just a reminder about how hard we are ALL hard on ourselves. I felt myself talking shit about myself and my body, too. 

On that night were two healthy, able bodied girls complaining about everything they DIDN'T have going for them. 

Pretty sad huh?

At the end of the conversation I was sick of hearing myself.  Feeling like some of what I had said was truly how I felt, and that some of it wasn’t really how I felt.

I felt like I had betrayed myself a little bit and talked so poorly about myself. Deep in my core, I know that I love myself more than that. 

When I really think about it, I get frustrated that with all of the GOOD in my life I can sit there and have a negative conversation with myself about how much I eat, and how much I think I should eat. How I think I should look.

Sometimes because I do have those thoughts, I feel like I attract those conversations. Where it centers around not feeling good ENOUGH about my body and the way that I look.

Insecure days come in different forms and the experiences accompanied with them vary from person to person.

Okay, so I’m not at a weight I feel my best at, or most comfortable at. But I am healthy, I’m working out, I have friends, I have a job I love, passions I love, friends I love….so when I become consumed with that one negative conversation, it negates those other amazing things completely.

Why does one bad thought overtake all the other good?

Yes there have been times where it’s WAY less good on that scale, and the list of good things may seem shorter, but that’s when you concentrate more intensely on the good.

During these insecure days, It’s important to differentiate that negative voice in your head from your truest self.

When I was talking out loud at my friends, I felt like I was betraying myself because I was letting my negative voice overtake the one that was my true self. The one that's always there for you, man. Your true voice, or authentic self is the greatest part of you. It’s at your very core. It's that strength and light that movies talk about and charities speak to. When there's more noise, it's harder to hear the voice deep in your core.

To help combat my incessant conversation about my weight, and body, I've enlisted a health coach, who I’ve been working with for the past month.

Jessica Suchan, gorgeous angel and friend, has been serious game changing in helping me understand my thought patterns related to food and body image, and rethink about how I approach and speak to myself. Also about the decisions I make and WHY I made them. I'll have a full post on that and some of the negative patterns around food/self talk that we all most likely do to share.

Having a coach has helped me realize:

  • Overall, I am doing more good than harm to my body. I workout, I sleep, I'm vegan and eat well overall...I prioritize my health and although I'm not super happy with how things go most of the time body wise, I am doing SO MUCH right. Thinking of the little things, like drinking water, having tea after dinner, going on a walk at work, is critical to finding more and more ways to do better by yourself.
  • Little things MATTER. I've never realized how much little things matter. Like, little snacks, 200 calories here, or 200 there, REALLY add up. Every bite, lick or taste, your body takes in and if you're not counting it in as your calories you need to be.
  • Encouraging yourself works wonders over discouraging. I felt like for so long I would get so frustrated I didn't know how else to approach myself than to talk negatively to myself. But it turns out that the tiny wins, and cheering myself on does me way better than being my own bully.
  • Having someone that's unbiased and non-judgmental is KEY. Jessica listens and truly gives such unbiased advice, it's been so nice to speak openly about how I am feeling and what is going on. Your family and friends can do that, but by removing that 'knowing' of you, you get so much more accomplished.
  • Start small, and take little steps. It makes such a difference.
  • It's not going to be easy and there isn't an end point. Seriously with your body and health, as long as your alive, it'll be a conversation. 

Again it's part of the journey, and part of the LONG GAME. Making better decisions for the rest of your life, not just part of a diet. 


Okay, enough about you. I wanna hear from you guys?

Do you find yourself trapped in negative self talk about your body? What about social media? What do we think.

What do you do to feel better?

Excited to hear your thoughts :)

Have the best week, and if you're coming to the event this weekend, I can't WAIT to SEE YOU.



#HereToCreate with adidas + my fitness motto + why I workout in all black

This post is sponsored by adidas, but all opinions are my own.

Hi you! So glad you are here!

Super excited for this post, because I get to share an outfit I have been living in.

It’s super flattering, street style vibes, all from adidas.

I’ve had a love affair with adidas since back in the day. I lived for my SAMBAS, died for my shell toes (and still do, I wrote about my adidas superstars here) ripped off my snap pants before every practice and now can be found most Sundays in my adidas crew neck sweatshirt. It makes me feel like a badass.

adidas to me, is about being unique, being yourself and being unapologetic about it. It’s at the intersection of sport, street and style.

I never set out in my life to have 6-pack abs, or to be the skinniest babe in the room. My fitness motto has always been about clearing my head, respecting my desire to move, and being strong enough to support all aspects of my life. For me, this year it’s about celebrating my body. Catching each negative comments, I make to myself, and flipping it around to a positive. It’s about focusing on the good parts, everything that works in perfect harmony on a daily basis, rather than the extra armpit fat I notice in the Barry’s Boot camp mirror.

I remember one time when I was making a comment about my body, or something related to that, and one of my friends said,

‘Because your body is the way it is, it makes you who you are’.

This seriously stuck with me. The way my body is made is part of who I am, a reason why I am unique. It’s also helped me to evolve the way I feel about fitness.

I now see working out as a way to keep everything in my life moving. It keeps me energized, excited and happy.

So, when adidas reached out about a partnership I was SO EXCITED, because their holistic view of health and fitness, aligns perfectly with mine.

As a fitness fan (as you know!) I am always on the lookout for the best clothes to work out in, and the cutest shoes to walk to the gym in :). For leggings, I am fan of the high-waist super spanx-like feel.

I’m also all about an all black gym moment. Kim K vibes. It makes me feel less visible, and more chic. Adding in the Stella McCartney element to the whole line, seriously takes it to a whole ‘nother level right!?

These kicks, which I live for, are super light, comfortable with enough support for running (which I am trying to do more of!) I’ll probably do a full post on this later, but running feels like the missing component of my workouts for the past year. I avoid it at all costs, but each time I do it, it’s more effective than almost anything else I do. Having light, comfortable grey kicks is all the inspiration I need to run more.

For workout tops, I used to be a fan of the super loose fabric, but now with HIIT and yoga, I want my tops to be really tight, so I’m not adjusting or I’m not worrying about tucking anything in.

Having a top fit to my body also allows me to see what’s happening when I’m lifting weights, or in a downward dog. I can adjust accordingly. That’s why this top is perfect. It’s comfortable, SUPER black and tight.

That’s the same concept with these pants. I NEED them to be tight enough for me to not adjust, not pull them up, not worry about if they’re riding up or falling down. Pulling up my pants during a workout class is a distraction. It’s the same concept with the top as it is the bottom, it helps me to see what I’m doing with my body so I can make adjustments accordingly with my posture, like in Lagree Fitness. 

What I’m wearing in this post:

adidas Pure Boost X Training Reigning Tramp Shoes


Warp Knit Tank Top


Warp Knit Tights


You can also go to adidas.com to save %15 by signing up to their email list!

Would love to hear from you, your fitness motto. What moves you, what inspires you and what you do to honor your body, not punish it. Looking forward to being inspired by you!



Losing inches & Keeping it TIGHT: With the SUPRAformer HIIT workout

I think I've told you guys that I am a classpass whore.

For real, I go studios all over the city in L.A. and even when I'm traveling I'll use ClassPass to find gyms in the area. It's helped me to really expand my workouts and I do love to mix it up.

They should probably sponsor me.

Just saying.

But I've been thinking lately (or wondering) if mixing it up, and going to so many different workouts (not being consistent in one workout) is detrimental. 

Possibly, by going to a bunch of different places, working different muscles all the time, I wonder if it's not making me as trim and fit as I could be.

So, I wanted to try and commit to one type of workout and one method for a month to see if I felt better results than hopping from gym to gym.

In comes Lagree Fitness Studio.

If I'm only doing one type of workout for a month, I need it to cover these bases:

Muscular Strength (it needs to make me sore)

Muscular Endurance 

Flexibility (key for me, I like to stay limber hehe)

Cardio Endurance (need the burn!)

It also needs to be efficent, the people need to be cool, anddddd I want to see results.

Lagree is a HIIT workout, on a motorized supraformer, so that it TILTS and the degrees change. It goes up or down, so that when you're doing things like catfish (which is where you pull your legs in like a crunch) the added difficulty of having it on an angle comes in. 

So what's already a hard class being on a supraformer is intensified (which is why the class length is 25 minutes!)

“I wanted to come up with a machine that would be everything a workout should be – it should be strength, it should be endurance, it should be cardio, but also balance and flexibility and coordination and core,” Lagree tells PEOPLE. “The tilt and the incline reduce the duration of the workout. When you work out on an incline, it’s much more difficult so you don’t need to do it as long.” - Sebastian Lagree (CEO and creator of Lagree Fitness)

Supraformer is different because it has the tilting ability, you incorporate cardio, and because it's so efficient - you're in and out in 25 minutes. 

YUP - 25 minutes.

But, keeping in mind this shit is HARD. The class is filled with all types of people, but the ones who swear by it are super lean, toned and STRONG.

All about being strong lately - if I won't be rail thin, you bet my ass I'll be strong. 

Probably my favorite part.

My schedule:

For the past month, I've done Lagree 4x a week, and most days I would double (take 2 25 minute classes). The classes are 25 minutes long, so staying for the break and doing the second class, still felt short. I LOVED doing a Core or booty class with the supra class. Booty burn gets that butt, and Core gets you TIGHT and narrow.

In addition, I've made sure to do 10,000 steps a day. A few days I would run (super lightly, ha) but it felt good to MOVE.

The vibes:

I loved the people working there, super helpful, fun and friendly. 

For the actual workout, you're using almost every muscle in your body. Core to keep stable, arms and shoulders to keep you up, and legs during squat and quad series.

It's EVERYTHING, cardio, muscular endurance, core, and stretch. 

The results: 

Before we started this, we did my measurements to get an understanding of where I was.

My measurements before: 

21 inches in my thigh

29 inches in my waist

36 inches in my hips

10 inches in my arms

My measurements after: 

20.5 inches in my thigh

27 inches in my waist

35.5 inches in my hips

9 inches in my arms

Crazy enough, even though I didn't slave away doing cardio everyday, I lost inches. 

I didn't expect to feel tighter, look leaner and lose inches from it. ESPECIALLY around my midsection which tends to be the spot I need to focus on the most. My legs, not so much, but that MIDDLE. 

I mean, around my waist I lost a full two inches, around my arms an inch, my hips smaller everything smaller, tighter, leaner. 

The other thing, I only lost like 2 lbs. So, it was gaining muscle, building muscle, but slimming down in inches.


I have a friend who lives in Chicago too, that swears by it (she's got the best body) and she does it twice weekly to keep it tight, along with other workouts.

For me, that's my plan. To do Lagree 3x a week with some cardio, and maybe a HIIT day to keep it all super tight and continue to lean out. I LOVE the way it makes me feel.

Strong, and sculpted in such a short amount of time.

Try it, my babes!


Lagree Fitness Studio is located in West Hollywood, right off La Cienega, and there are Lagree Fitness locations globally. Chicago, has three!

You can find any Lagree studio here: https://www.lagreefitness.com/locator

Chicago and LA babes, try and go, okay? Tell 'em I sent ya!

Questions for me on this workout, the measurements or my results? Have you done the Supraformer?

Lemme know!