New Obesssion: Daniela Kende's Sexy Cacao Maca Bites

Oh guys have I got a treat for you!

Last weekend, you may have heard that we held the Sex, Love & Other Things Event at Saje Wellness off Abbot Kinney. It was BEAUTIFUL and lovely and gave me all of the feels. It was great to really open up and chat with some other badass ladies about love, relationships and sex (hehe). I want to do a full post on it later, but today wanted to share a quick easy AMAZING healthy low sugar recipe you have to try.

unnamed (1).png

One of the highlights was of course my girl Daniela Kendes fat balls. I mean, oh my GAH. 

Super low in sugar, high in protein, high in healthy fats, filling, tasty, easy, delicious, these things are INCREDIBLE. Great for breakfast, a snack, a desert...whatever! I had like 40.

Et Viola! Your new favorite treat:

unnamed (3).png

Daniela says,

"Mighty Bites are my go-to treat to whip up when I need an energy boost that’s not going to mess with my blood sugar and send me into a sugar-craving tail spin! They provide a fantastic balance of fat, protein, fiber, and superfoods, and unlike most energy bite recipes out there, are very low in sugar. I created this Cacao Maca *Sexy Bite* to deeply satisfy a chocolate craving (think dense truffle consistency!) and to give you a dose of my favorite hormone balancing, skin-saving, libido-boosting, energy-giving ingredients. No, it’s not too good to be true!

Sexy Bite superstar ingredients include:

  • Antioxidant superstar raw cacao, which has also been shown to increase serotonin levels and boost mood (hence why we may crave chocolate when we’re feeling down)!
  • Maca, an ancient Peruvian adaptogenic herb, that’s used globally for its hormone-balancing and libido-increasing properties.
  • Pumpkin seeds — my personal favorite super seed — which are loaded with skin and hormone-balancing minerals including zinc, magnesium, copper, and iron.
  • Chia seeds, perhaps the most popular superfood these days, for good reason! I especially love the extra fiber and protein boost that chia seeds provide.
  • Hemp protein, my favorite plant-based protein, as it contains 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones that your body cannot create on its own. Including protein (and minimizing sugar) in your snacks will help you avoid a blood sugar spike that turns your well-intentioned snack into a mini-binge (which I’ve found most “energy ball” recipes guilty of).

NOTE: I’ve included two versions of my recipe below. The first version features two amazing products from my friend Sophie Jaffe’s deliciously clean superfood line, Philosophie. When I discovered that the Philosophie Cacao Magic protein powder and Superfood Coconut Butter contained many of the ingredients I was already using in my Sexy Bite recipe, I thought I’d create a version using these products that provides a very similar nutritional profile and benefits as the original, with some of the ingredients already combined for you!"


Let me know if you make them, please! Thank Daniela later :)



CABO PREP SERIES: DE-BLOATING With KleanLA (tips for getting beach ready)

Hola loves!

How are ya? How was the weekend?

I went to the clippers game, comedy store, got prepared for Cabo next weekend...

Oh yes, Cabo baby!
I'm going for one of my best friend Gemmas bachelorette :) and it's going to be 6 of us total (love). 

We're staying in a DOPE mansion spot on the beach, and we'll be doing Flora Farms, a boat, sunset dinners...

Any recs? I've never been! Let me know! 

So, yes I completely understand the risk I take sounding so shallow by doing a mini cabo prep series.

BUT honestly, I wanted to look forward to something, and really give myself a timeline to work towards to get in REAL tight shape. If I feel good about my body I'm in a better mood, just the damn TRUTH.

Just keepin' it hundred.

Oh and did I mention that the babes on my trip are basically super models? 

That's another reason to get RIGHT, ha.

With the trip coming up, I knew I had to do something in regards to food to make sure that I was going to be eating well. 

Staying full, eating lightly, eating foods that are anti-inflammatory, nutritious and filling... also to try and reign it in all eating treats all day. 
But when I'm eating well and it satiates me, I tend to reach for the desert way less.

So, nothing more for me to do but call KleanLA for the goods.

So this time around, I got both the Get Going Special, and the Kleanse.

For the past two weeks I've been eating their 4 meals, and the juice cleanses after.

Yes, I have been eating other things (like these Moon Juice crackers), protein shakes with avocado, choc zero (no sugar chocolate) and a few other things. But the basics of my day consist of these meals. 

They're delicious and cover every nutritional base, therefore I'm surprisingly good. I don't want much else, I feel satiated and satisfied.

There are some core tenants that KleanLA follows, that I have outlined here along with what else I am doing to feel my best self! This is perfect to do once a quarter, once a month, or just when you want a reset. I noticed a major difference related to bloating, feeling too full, my skin clarity and energy.

De-bloating/anti-inflammatory eating:

Things to avoid:

Gum (it makes you feel bloated because of the fake sugars, and can make you feel hungry more often) 

Kombucha (I decided to cut this out because I was drinking 1 or 2 a day!)

Milk or dairy products (dairy causes lots of inflammation in your body)

Things to add:

FIBER (lots of it)

WATER (lots of it)

Aloe Juice (great for digestion and skin, make sure it's no sugar)

Apple Cider Vinegar (makes me feel super full, and helps to balance the pH in your body)

Healthy fats (found in avocados, coconut oil, nuts - I've been doing tahini lately on EVERYTHING)

Berries (high in vitamins, and antioxidants - they're anti-inflammatory)

Vegetables (because, DUH! With each KleanLA meal I got in so many more vegetables than I would have normally)

Sleep (for real, sleeping more regulates your hormones - I loved this article on sleep, hormones and your weight you can read here)

My new favorite treats:

Moon Juice Green Fermeneted Seed Crisps

Choc Zero Zero Sugar Zero Carb Chocolate (45 calories a piece and EVERYTHING)

Raw Chocolate Bark via 

Bhakti Chai (super sweet and no sugar)

What I love about KleanLA (that you can also do before a big event):

PLAN YOUR MEALS (for real, plan out what you're eating, so you can be prepared. By planning for your setbacks, you set yourself up for success. Having meals ready, is KEY for me, and doesn't allow me to go off the rails and just eat whatever is around)

Don't deprive yourself (if you're like me, you'll end up overeating later, so if I have my healthy meals planned, and even a desert planned, so that I'm eating enough. Anytime when I've tried to deprive myself, it always ends horribly and I'll binge later. With KleanLA I am eating every few hours, and I know where my meals come from, therefore I am never deprived)

Food prep (that's where KleanLA comes in for me, they do it all and it's right to my door. If you're at home though, prep your food and meals on Sunday so you're ready and set for the week)

Make it tasty (make sure you're eating food that tastes good, because if it doesn't taste good you're definitely going to want something else later - most likely something that does taste good. I can't say enough about KleanLA's meals - they are all so different, all have amazing sauces and flavors that I would NEVER make at home. If you're able to cook yourself, mix it up! To make sure you WANT to eat it, not just something you SHOULD be eating)

Keep it balanced (make sure you have fats, proteins and greens in your meals. I wrote this article on why it's a game changer you can read here)

A few of my meals this past week from KleanLA for inspo:

Meal One
Vegan Potato Cakes Stuffed with Kale & Mushrooms
 on Spinach
Asparagus, Roasted Tomato on Spinach
Potato Hashbrowns

Meal Two
Citrus Herb Hearts of Palm & Bell Peppers Salad
Tomato & Cucumber on Romaine
Quinoa & Quinoa
Dairy Free Ranch
Coconut “Bacon” & Chives

Meal Three
Swedish Mushroom & Quinoa Meatballs
Broccoli on Spinach
Brown Rice Fussili Pasta
Swedish Mushroom Sauce & Parsley 

Meal Four
Cajun Grilled Zucchini
Okra & Tomato Wedges on Arugula
Brown Rice Pilaf & Lentils
Jambalaya Sauce

Again I've been eating meals from the Get Going Special, which provides 6 days of food. Some of my favorite meals, were the tofu scramble, cauliflower steak, sauteed mushrooms...YUM.

The second week, I got the Kleanse Special which helps me to alkalize my body, neutralize acid while boosting your metabolism. It has 6 days of food which includes 3 organic pressed juices and 2 Klean meals per day.  This is a nice transition with amazing juices as I get closer and closer to my bikini bod.

Looks so good right? What else do you do for beach prep? Any tips I missed for cleaning up your diet before a big event? 

Share your secrets plz.

Next up I'll be writing about the workout schedule, y'all!





Been doing some traveling lately! 

I just got back from a few days in San Francisco and then the weekend in NYC. Was fun to do each coast, and I LOVE staying on the move. 

Shoutout to my boo Jacqui for being the host of the century. Going around China Town with me and our iPhone flashlights to search for my wallet I lost.

Only to have my wallet found on the floor of her bedroom the next day. 

Oh, and then I went to work in Midtown and was planning to leave for the airport straight after for my flight. 

But, I forgot the wallet I had 'lost' at my friends apartment. SIGH. 

I'm SERIOUSLY special. 


So sharing below what I did, what I ate (plus some bars and other bites in between!) and what I was wearing during one of my favorite shoots ever.

As far as the feels back in NYC - it was nice! I LOVED being with my people, hanging with Jacqui is like - the best and easiest thing. Friends that GET IT. I was, though, happy to be living in L.A. where the water is a bit warmer and the beach is in my backyard. 


Yoga at Y7 Soho, Lunch at By CHLOE Soho (I ate the Detox Kale Salad) 

After lunch Matcha from Cha Cha Matcha (I get the Chai Matcha and the Coconut Matcha!) Matcha is higher in antioxidants than tea and way better for you than coffee. New favorite. 

Walked around Lower East Side Admiring the Street Art :) There is such good art in the city right now, it was LOVELY! 

Dinner at NIX Vegan spot that's really good for groups! I had the spreads (lots of hummus, guac and other amazing things to dip breads in!) 

Out at The House of YES - This place is CRAZY yo. So FUN and different. Everyone was in costume, pretty much,


SoulCycle at 10:45 in NoHo with Karyn - she's one of my favorites. SUPER hard and super fun.

Lunch at By CHLOE: I got the vegan caesar salad with the almond butter toast (balance) 

Shopped at Zara (shooting that stuff next weekend they had SUCH GOOD STUFF) 

Shoot with Lydia Hudgens (She is GREAT. Bloggers shoot with her if you're in NYC!) 

Drinks at While We Were Young - super cute spot that is perfect for the gram. Check out my photo here.

SOHN Concert: Honestly my new favorite music ever. SUCH GOOD JAMS. Highly recommend, you can listen to them here

Drinks at William Vale in Brooklyn. The BEST views of NYC for sure. It's perfect vibes. Lounge, space, good view, chill, couches, good music. YAS.

The Meatball Shop (late night!) oh YES. I get their kitchen sink (lots of veggies) with veggie meatballs (these are not vegan though babes - so this trip I didn't get them).


Workout at ModelFit- it's a dance studio, which is really fun to mix it up every once in a while. I would recommend trying and doing their dance cardio or sculpt classes!  

Juice at Juice Press: My favorite is the Mother Earth Greens and the cinnabun (buckwheat cinnamon roll - SO GOOD!)

Breakfast at Dudley's - THE BEST. Such a cute vibe, I got their salad, added Avocado. It's in LES and is good for vegans or non-vegans alike. 

Brunch at Hotel Chantelle - I got their salad, and a side avocado, good food and a great vibe upstairs for sure. 

Shoot with Asher Gardner - THE BEST. So fun, and so real, I got my favorite shots I've had in so long with her. She works for GoLiveHQ (the company that did my website, which you can find that post here).

Dinner with friends at V-Spot Vegan in Union Square


Mile High Run Club 28 Dash - SUCH a good workout. I never run on the treadmill so this was actually a treat to do. 28 minutes of intervals and it FLEW by. Highly recommend. 

Lunch at Organic Avenue - I get their macrobiotic sushi, a green smoothie and big kale salad

Flight back to LA :) 

My favorite all black vibes look from this weekend:

First, I am ALL ABOUT the high-waisted denim and the belt. Ladies, get yourself a belt. They do wonders for your waist and give you a SHAPE. This was my friends vintage belt, and I am in LOVE with it. 

Denim is Topshop and it's SUPER stretchy and comfortable, the black is just right and I felt like I could wear it all day because it's so soft.

Top is Forever 21 with the Rose and I LOVE the detail, it's super soft, fits just right and is good for weekends or work.

OTK Boots are Target baby. I wrote about them here, and am in LOVE.

Photography by Asher Gardner (BEST person to shoot with in NYC I SWEAR. Love her!)

What are your favorite spots in NYC? Things to do? This trip was very chill, relatively speaking, lots of hanging and little touristy stuff - oops!

Loving ya, have the best Thursday!