*THE* best glasses for your face shape from Warby Parker

Greetings, babes! Today we are chatting about GLASSES. Fashionable, function-able vision correction. Something I am very, familiar with.


Not sure if you guys knew but I wear glasses when I'm not in my contacts. My vision is okay, and I've had something to help me see since I was like 3. I had the ones that wrapped around my little ears so they would stay on (sweet) because I was so little I would have probably broken them if they weren't almost attached to my head. I also had an eye patch for a period - TRUE LIFE.

Anyway, enough about my attractive past. My vision has changed and I was in need of new glasses - bad, but I've spent SO MUCH money on previous glasses (if you don't wear glasses you don't get it - it's around $450 dollars to get lenses and frames that are nice...). It's sort of insane. I remember buying my last pair of expensive frames, Prada ones I LOVE, but they also were like $400 dollars for a piece of plastic - which seems a bit crazy, no?

So I thought to go to Warby Parker down on Abbot Kinney near me in Venice to get new frames, and was super excited about their new spring 2016 line

If you don't know Warby Parker, they are the affordable glasses, that, for every pair sold a pair is distributed to someone in need. Always feels good to give back, right?


In case you didn't know, a few other good things about Warby Parker:

  • They have an amazing at home-try on program (5 pairs, 5 days, free trial) -- pick 5 frames, they will ship them for you for free, you have 5 days to decide which pair, then simply return them. Return shipping is also free! You can purchase your pair online with your prescription, which is super easy and something I love because getting a prescription can be a total freakin' pain
  • They have a one year guarantee (just in case!)
  • 100% UV protection on all frames (sunglasses and optical)
  • They have anti-scratch & anti-reflective coating included (which is normally SO expensive from other lens companies)
  • They offer free shipping & returns


So I have such a hard time finding glasses to fit my face, so I did a bit of research to find which frames fit best for me, that I thought would be valuable to also share with you.

Again I have a ROUND head, full cheeks blah blah, but sticking to the guidelines helps a lot.


The perfect glasses to fit your face shape:



Oval and round

Avoid: Top heavy or decorative frames

Try these: Crystal with hazelnut



Square or strong angular frames

Avoid: Too small or too short of frames 

Try these: Nash in Crystal




Mostly any style, square or round shapes

Avoid: Oversized frames and shapes

Try these: Winston in Old Fashion Fade





Round or oval 

Avoid: Square shapes

Try these: Kimball in Marzipan




Oval and rimless frames

Avoid: Very narrow or thin frames

Try these: Lyle in English Oak

Tips for trying on glasses at home:

  • Try your glasses on with and without make-up. I didn't realize this until I actually did put on makeup with my glasses, that I liked them - HA. It makes such a difference with how they look and feel, and if you wear make-up everyday, it's super important. They need to look good both ways.
  • Take pictures. Weird, but it helps! You can see how you look outside of just in the mirror and compare and contrast. Also send them to friends.
  • Wear them around and see how you feel. Try them on with clothes too. So you can see what sort of clothes you want to wear with them!
  • Go to a Warby Parker store, so you can try more than 5 pairs on, if you want!



So the ones that I am wearing in these photos are Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise and Nash in Greystone.

(Also, apologize for the selfie's but sometimes you just gotta let your boyfriend live his life and not take pictures of you, ya know?)

I ended up getting the Chamberlain in Whiskey Tortoise because I like the shape a bit better, not so big!

So guys I'm over spending mass on glasses, and happy to help out someone who needs a pair. Glasses also randomly make me feel really hip and cool, so when I'm at the coffee shop I feel like I fit in, HA. 

Have you ever done the Warby Parker try at home glasses? Which ones do you love? Would love to hear!

Now back to the grind. Anyone else finally feeling the energy from the New Year and excited about it? Hoping so!



*Thanks Warby Parker for partnering with me on this post! I love ya.