Joshua Tree with Airbnb: aka my DREAM

This post is sponsored by Airbnb but all opinions are always my own. 

Oh man.

If I could tell you one of my dreams, it would be to work with Airbnb.

Back in the day, before I shared the blog with anyone really, I wrote a post called: True Life: I tried Airbnb. The post is really embarrassing and seriously shouldn't be seen or read by the world, but I was a babyyyyy back then (baby blogger that is). 

This was two years ago, when Airbnb was new on the scene and people were still baffled at the idea of 'staying at a strangers house'. 

But, I was into  it from the get-go.

Airbnb is more than just an overnight stay. It's not a hotel, it's not an in and out experience with a coffee maker in your room, ironing board and wrapped up soap (well it could be I guess but...ya know). It's not sterile or corporate. 

I know I'm being dramatic but it's true, if you know me you know I love speaking to Uber and Lyft drivers, learning from new people and experiencing new things. Whenever I book with Airbnb, I know that it's going to be part of the experience of immersing myself in the culture.

Part of the joy of traveling is meeting new people, experiencing the community, and really being 'in' it. 

It's like when you go somewhere and just stay at the resort the whole time. You're not REALLY doing it.

Places I've done airbnb:

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Albaquerque, New Mexico

San Francisco, California

Marrakech, Morocco

Palm Springs, California

Palma De Majorca, Spain

London, England

Sonoma County, California

Toronto, Canada

Cape Town, South Africa

Santa Barbara, California

Ojai, California

Newport, Rhode Island

New York City, New York

...just off the top of my head :).

So, I've have an amazing sense of what you get when you do airbnb, over a regular hotel. 

There's something really amazing and special about being in someones home. Especially that of a stranger. You're reminded that, just like you, people can be trusted, and not everyone is all that bad (if at all).


So when airbnb asked me to write about one of their experiences, I was over DA MOON. My dream brand (one that represents, travel, adventure, and community) working with Hundred to share something exciting with you, my friends. 

Airbnb experiences are excursions or other activities designed and led by local hosts.  In my case it was Rian, a host for the 'Desert Wanderer' experience over 3 days in Joshua Tree. These hosts like Rian give guests unique access into places and communities in their city. In this case, Rian brought us to places I would have never gone to without her guidance. 

With airbnb experiences, these hosts can offer both immersions and one day experiences. Immersions happen over multiple days and are offered as is—their schedules can’t be modified. One day experiences can last just a couple of hours. All experiences can range from workshops to long treks, and are available for various skill levels and interests.

The itinerary: 

Friday: Horseback riding and mimosas 

On Friday, the group met in the Hollywood hills to embark on a 1 hour journey on horseback to see LA from a different view and set the tone for the weekend. After the ride, we had a little mountaintop mimosa to kick off the weekend in style. 

Saturday: Justin and I packed up and headed from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree. The trip is super quick and easy, and we made it in under 2 hours. We left around 10:00 AM, just to be sure that we didn't hit any traffic leaving the city. Obviously packed the goodness from Erewhon (raw vegan burrito wrap, Moon Juice Crackers, and La Croix). 

When we arrived in Joshua Tree, the address for our first activity was at the Integration. 

How I didn't know about this, I DON'T KNOW, because it's SO me. 

Integration is a rad, earthy, spiritual and cool sound bath experience that Justin and I both LOVED. Justin loves a good chill session, so anything we do where we are laying down, he's about it. I LOVED just relaxing, getting  out of the sun, and being in such a beautiful space. It's all wooden, has the perfect acoustics, and has a really rich history that they told us all about before we started the sound bath.

What's a sound bath:

"This is an unforgettable sound experience for those who seek deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and introspection. All Sound Baths are 60-minute sonic healing sessions that consist of 25 minutes of crystal bowls played live and the balance of the hour to integrate the sound and relax in the sound chamber to recorded music.

You will be resting comfortably in the deeply resonant, multi-wave sound chamber while a sequence of quartz crystal singing bowls are played, each one keyed to the energy centers or chakras of the body, where sound is nutrition for the nervous system. The results are waves of peace, heightened awareness, and relaxation of the mind and body."

via Integration

Pretty rad, right?

After that, we did another activity I would have never known unless it were for Rian, our guide. Even from searching online and looking at my usual spots for good recommendations, nothing said anything about Integration or this spot.  

This rad place was the Noah Purifoy Outdoor Sculpture Garden. Noah Purifoy is an artist who died a few years back, who made super interesting pieces out of trash he found in the area.

Dinner was perfect and super western vibes at Pappy + Harriets, a local favorite that surprisingly had way more vegan options that I would have thought for a BBQ joint. I got the vegan chili with avocado, green salad and enjoyed that with chips and guacamole (OBVIOUSLY). At the end of the night we went back to Joshua Tree acres for stargazing.

It was super exciting that, at Joshua Tree Acres, another Airbnb experience was happening that we joined in on. It was with Martin, who owns these INSANE telescopes that allow you to see the surface of the moon, galaxies and stars. We actually got to use our phones to take pictures of the moon.

I know this seems out there, lol, so bare with me. But we're in the desert, using our iPhones and a $70,000 telescope to take pictures of the moon and stars. 

So rad, right?

It's nice to be in a place where we can see the clear sky, stars and sleep in the quiet night. Although L.A. is  more quiet than NYC :) it still can be noisy and hectic at times. 

What's included:

Ticket to live music and sound bath at the Integratron 

Transportation to, from, and within Joshua Tree and the hi-desert

1 night accommodation in Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree Acres

Sunday: As a finale, we spent the desert morning enjoying the best of the best. With turmeric lattes, food, nature, and a visit to a hippie commune.

YUP! Hippie commune, a community in the desert where they basically live off the land, and live amongst themselves in the desert. 

First though, in the morning, we had the BEST breakfast La Copine. For real though this is a GEM. Again, would have never known about it or found it without Rian. The line to get a table here is gnarly, so if you go, go early or prepare to wait.

848 Old Woman Springs Road, Yucca Valley, CA

HOURS: Thursday - Sunday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

People actually arrive before they open to write their names down on a list so they have a seat as soon as they open their doors. For food, I got the sweet potato hash and turmeric latte (actually two of them) and it gave me LIFE. 

Another good spot for coffee in Joshua Tree is Joshua Tree Coffee Co.

With my full belly, we headed out to Joshua Tree National Park. So much to see, and you can spend as much or as little time in the park as you want, really. We decided to do the light hike, and take it easy just to walk around. 

I like this guide for the best hikes in Joshua Tree. 

Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 7 days a week

6554 Park Blvd.
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

After roaming the park for a little with our crew, I was BEAT, and ready to retreat back to my little bungalow on the beach.

Huge thanks to Airbnb for this, and for Rian for taking us to the best spots in Joshua Tree, this trip was AMAZING and I loved every second of it. Highly recommend for any desert adventure :). 

Questions, ask me!



THE PERFECT WEEKEND: Palm Springs Itinerary

I think I should be the mayor of Palm Springs I love it so much.

If you follow me on Instagram, or on Snapchat you've seen all of the Palm Springs weekends I've done in the past few weeks. 

I just LOVE the place.

It's only a two hour drive from Los Angeles, and the vibes you get being in the desert, are unparalleled. It's such a unique, relaxing, colorful place, I find new things I love each time I go. I love that you can do Palm Springs as a romantic getaway, with girlfriends, and really anyone can find something fun to do. 

I've done Palm Springs with my babes, we hung by the pool, chatted, ate good food and explored. I also did it with a group of people, rented a house and did a party weekend, which was amazing too.

Whatever your fancy, Palm Springs can suit you.

This time around, I was able to go on behalf of Palm Springs Tourism, and am SO excited to share some of the best of the best things to do there. It's really easy for me to talk to you guys about a place I already love. 

My itinerary:


V Palm Springs

I was so impressed with the V, that I am going again in a few weeks with a girlfriend from Chicago. The V is recently remodeled, and you can TELL. It's gorgeous, sleek, modern, and feels like it fits so naturally in the Palm Springs setting. What I also LOVED is that, it's affordable for what you are getting. Comparatively speaking, the cost is so affordable for the area, and it's amazing. The pool area was sprawling, and at most of the rooms there is a little swing you can hang out on. On Friday, during the day, I did work all day by the pool, enjoyed one of their amazing acai bowls and salads from their bar. 

The fresh, chic vibe mixed with the open-air layout is JUST what I love. The mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop. Especially with those California sunsets, tho 

I also got a workout in at their gym on Friday, major PLUS.

333 E Palm Canyon DR. Palm Springs, CA 92264


Kings Highway

When you need your avocado toast fix, do this spot in the Ace Hotel. 

Open everyday from 7am to 11pm

Cafe Europa

Such a cute, perfect spot for breakfast. They have a MASSIVE menu where you can seriously get whatever you want (and keep it healthy). The vibe is modern, sleek, bright and colorful. When I was there, I got the gazpacho, which is an amazing treat in the hot sun. They also had a great breakfast menu and enough options to please anyone. 

301 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Palm Mountain Resort

Get your spa on at the Palm Mountain Resort for facials, massages, masks, whatever you need. I did an AMAZING facial, that my skin really needed. Sometimes if I get a facial, my skin will breakout or react to the ingredients used. Often people say it's 'worse before it gets better', but in this case my skin was GLOWY all week and felt clear and clean. The treatment I did was a desert clay mask all over my body, to moisturize and clarify to help with super dry desert skin. The staff was lovely, the treatments were quality and it was more affordable than most other places in the area. 

Palm Mountain Resort is also a hotel, which has a newly renovated pool area and lobby. 

Lulu California Bistro

Super cute, colorful and fun, this place is perfect for everyone. I was SUPER surprised that there were so many healthy options. There was a few things that I wanted as a vegan :) and I loved the soup, and veggie burger I got. The group also enjoyed their oysters, chicken and ribs. ALSO, I mean, they have cotton candy? Is there anything more you could ever want? 

Get their hand spun cotton candy! Obviously. 

A few good vegan options: 

Wild Mushroom Soup or Cucumber and Avocado Soup

Low Carb Veggie Burger

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

200 S Palm Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262

For hours, click here.

Raw Remedy Organic Juice Bar

If there's a juice bar, I'll FIND IT. Both mornings, I went here for a smoothie (you can make your own) and raw wrap (using vegetable wraps) that's vegan. I LOVE starting the morning with a super filling nutrient dense meal like the ones they have. It's also in a really cute area downtown. 

Go Green or Go Home Smoothie + wRAWp with their veggie burger inside - BOMB

116 La Plaza Palm Springs, CA 92262


Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

Why are succulents so cute? It's like I don't know how I went my whole life without them, but there are all of the cute plants at the Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium. There's this gorgeous green house that you can get amazing photos :) and check out all of the interesting plants. It's a great, chill walk and way to be outside for a bit during the day. If you're staying at the V, you're a block or so away and it's super easy to walk. 

This is where I got my cool cactus shots :).

1701 S Palm Canyon Dr. Palm Springs, CA 92264

Open daily from 10AM to 4PM, except Wednesdays. Children are free and adults are $5.

Mirage by Doug Aitken

Bummer that the majority of the exhibits are now closed, BUT the famous and super Instagrammable Mirage house is still open! I believe it is open until October, but it is worth the drive and if you're in Palm Springs already, why not visit?

It's totally free, and so worth it.

Open Monday to Friday from 3:30PM to 7PM. Weekends from 9AM to 7PM.

For directions, please click here to view the maps.

Aerial Tramway

The aerial tramway is the BEST. It's super zen, super chill, gorgeous and calm and such a fun activity for the day. It's a nice way to get out the sun, and see the gorgeous mountains in the distance. I would highly recommend also!

Regular Hours:
Monday – Friday – First Tram up 10:00am
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays – First Tram up 8:00am
Daily – Last Tram down at 9:45pm

For summer hours, click here.

Adults $25.95, Children $16.95 - click here for all pricing options

Door Tour

In search for the famous pink door? I'd suggest you grab a bike and go on a self guided tour of all the colorful doors! This is such a cute way to explore the city, and the desert homes. Highly recommend (if anything, do it for the gram!)

You can also see my full Palm Springs guide on the Travel Guides section of my blog for more ideas and inspo.

I'm also avail to chat about what to do in Palm Springs, and if you go, I'll probably be there too!

Happy Traveling, friends!



Huge thank you to Visit Palm Springs for arranging this itinerary and taking great care of us! Sarah, you are a true gem! 

Bali Recap + FAV one piece bathing suits and post vacay BLUES

Okay soooo I’m BACK!

Back from Bali and feeling, well very so grateful, in awe and a bit anxious to be honest. HA.

But first, how are you? How are things?

For my blog babes, post a link so I can catch up with ya. Let me know!

^^wearing my Poppy and Maria super delicate gold labradorite necklace here!  

I am feeling anxious in the way that going on vacation is fun, but also feeling like I have so much going on at home, it’s hard to get away.

The Almost 30 Podcast launched a few weeks ago (and it’s been AMAZING), Hundred is here, and I started a new job I LOVE downtown. This biatch is DRIVING. (PRAY FOR THE ROADS).

Justin’s also going out of town right when I’m back and I’ve got more travel upcoming which takes me away from my to-do’s. My best friend is getting married in a month btw, and that's all sorts of feels!

But it's sometimes hard to stay in the moment and not get ahead of yourself thinking of all you need to do.

Vacation is amazing to disconnect, but also it gets scary when you have to reconnect.

There’s going to be a lot waiting for you!

I try to remember that, if I really think about it, it’s always gotten done in the past, and in some cases, one day or night or dedicated time will ease all that anxiety away. Trusting yourself that you always get it done (because well, you have before!) is key.

Have you ever felt like this after vacation?

Maybe it’s the precursor to the post-vacation blues. I loved this Man Repeller article on how to remedy those after a good vacation…

Doing things like:

  • Make a list
  • Get dressed up 
  • Sign yourself up for something
  • Repeat after me, "it's gonna be okay"

All so TRUE. For me it's just thinking about all the parts of my life in L.A. that I love, and when you do all those errands shit that you have to do when you're back, it's pretty invigorating for psychopaths like me who LOVE to do shit ALWAYS. 

How do y'all get over post vacation blues? Let a sister KNOW.

Also, we should talk about tips to get over jet-lag! I'm becoming a bit of a pro, and I SWEAR by these tips:

  • Sleep as MUCH as possible on each flight: On this flight, I slept 12 of the 15 hours and then 3 of the 5 on the second leg - LOL. BYE. I take Benadryl, and I can get a serious snooze on with my neck pillow. HOLLA.  Just let it all go and SLEEP. 
  • HYDRATE: I think hydration is the key to anything in life really? So drink LOTS of water always helps. 
  • No booze: Just throws you off really, and never lets you get a good sleep. 
  • Sleep tracking: To get you shifted go to bed earlier, get up a bit earlier, and increase/decrease your time as you acclimate. When I get back and I'm up at 5:00 A.M. because I'm on a different time zone, I embrace it and just start my day. Being mad that I'm not asleep doesn't help and I trust I'll be back on my schedule soon.
  • Melatonin: FOR REAL. Helps so so much with my sleep cycles. It's all natural, and the hormone that induces sleep naturally in your body. You can get it anywhere really, I get mine here.

I love Erica from Fashion Lush's tips here on how she overcame jet-lag when she got back from her trip to Copenhagen.

On Bali though. This place! (heart eyes emoji).

I really never thought I’d go there before, and if you're wondering, the trip was just my sister and I.

She’s older than me, and at some point in our lives I’ve always wanted to take a trip just she and I in our older years (HA!)

Girls with sisters, I know you feel me. It’s honestly just the easiest friend relationship you’ll ever have, pretty much. 

"We could talk, or not talk for hours". 

I won’t bore you with details but there some major highs, and some lows.

We did some LAME ASS tours that were basically shuttles to shopping markets, and our first hotel was um…well let me just tell you that they charged extra for wash cloths. SO JANK. So we moved.

On this piece, never do a tour with Panorama and never stay at Wina Holliday Villa, HA. There’s better ways to spend your time and to stay for that price.

The HIGHS: PRANA SPA, forever.

It was hours and hours of bliss and cool treatments, I got the shirdohara which is supposed to help open your third eye chakra by dripping oil on your third eye for 20 minutes.

There’s also a scalp massage, and face massage which I LOVE.

I’m like a cat. Pet me and I’m yours.

Also Ayana Resort & Spa, which was the last days of our trip.

This place may have been the nicest place I’ve ever stayed in my life. Everything was taken care of, and there were so many infinity pools, flowers, friendly people, and diva feels. So good.

Just the feeling of travel, exploring and being in one of the most gorgeous places in the world was something I’m so grateful for. I feel like I'm always scheming, planning or on the go, so when I travel I feel like I'm most present. 

This one PIECE was also a huge high for me.

I feel like my whole life I’m like trying to be a two piece bikini chick and man it just feels good to rock a one piece. 

This thing from Swim Like a Mermaid is literally like SPANX and sucks you in, cuts in the right places, and is super comfortable. I am finding more and more, that you look better when you just do YOU. Whatever that is. For me, it’s a one piece right now.

Shop my favorite one-pieces:

The one piece was also perfect for my non-working out bod this trip. I took almost the whole trip off working out, on purpose to let my body sort of re-group since I haven’t taken more than 3 days off, probably since Vietnam.

I feel like at some points, it’s good to let your body fully repair, reset and rebuild.

The one workout I did do, was run.

It’s the one thing you can do wherever you go, and you see a different perspective of a place when you’re running. I go in the early morning, so there’s less foot traffic and in this case it’s way cooler.

I feel like when I want to really get right, running is the way to go. Meditative, a great workout, going for 3 or so miles during the week really helped to ground me during a chaotic week.

I’d say, if you can, go for a run on a trip. Find a path or just go in circles around your hotel (done that).

When you’re enjoying your gelato or desert (after lunch and dinner) it makes such a difference to feeling light and having energy.

Sometimes, if there’s a hotel gym and I’m not feeling too frisky, I’ll connect to wifi, and let myself be on my phone during an interval run. I’ll run for a few minutes, walk for a few minutes, and during the walk I can text or catch up with things that I can’t normally not being connected to wifi. It motivates me to workout (SADLY), so just moving and however you motivate yourself to do it, is key.

On Bali, I am doing a full guide for the travel guides section so that’ll have details on everything for ya. If you ever go or are thinking of going, please email me! Let’s discuss I would LOVE to help.

For packing, I used my Vietnam Packing Guide as a reference :) 

Feels good to be back with ya!

What do you guys think about one-pieces right now and working out on vacay? Do you take a break or still get a sweat in? Any tips? I know BBG girls take their plan on the go, which is something I’ve also been thinking of doing!

Let me know! Now off to Whole Foods (need to DETOX, salad bar salad is major KEY $7 for a super filling salad ya’ll)

All my love,