GIVEAWAY ALERT! ICY BLONDES REJOICE + my current haircare routine with Dessange

Hi babes! 

HAPPY MONDAY! I know, who says that right?

Well I am excited to brighten the day with an easy amazing giveaway for you of a new product I've been loving.

I haven't written about beauty and new things in my routine in a while so I am oh so excited to chat with you about an update I have on the hair front.

(As a note I've also written about a vitamin I take called viviscal here, my hair secrets here and did a little hair tutorial here.)

My hair is like, my thing.

The uglier I feel, the longer I want my hair to be.

This weekend at the wedding I was at, I was walking down the aisle (I was a bridesmaid) Justin was like "you had the biggest lions mane of all the maids" - LOL. This was when I told him to tell me I was pretty (because I was NOT feeling so hot in my dress, ya know?)

But with hair, it's important to know too I'm also a real big shampoo snob.

LIke, it has to be nice and it needs to be expensive for me to use it, because I'm washing my hair about once a week or every two weeks. Seriously. It's a game changer.

My biggest problem honestly lies in the fading of my color. In LA you are in the sun so much that my blonde turns brassy in weeks. It becomes a bronde color that I'm not into and it BUMS ME OUT. 

I think anywhere, actually, keeping the color of your hair the same day you leave the salon is so KEY. But when you're blonde the blonde changes color daily. The water could make it fade, the salt from the much!

So I was so excited to try Dessange Paris, and see about the California Blonde product line. I mean, hi? That's me right?

So my thoughts y'all! Honest and true, like me :)

For real.

I need to talk to you about the Color Correcting Cream. I am going to sound dramatic, but I don't know where this has been all my life. My color gets brassy, in less than two weeks after coloring it and keeping my blonde ashy and cool - is a CHALLENGE. I'm not gisele in 100 ways but also that I can't pull off that brass. This cc cream takes ANY Brass out of your blonde and brings you back to the sexy cool color that's light and more white than orange/gold.

I now use this regularly, once a week to reset my color and fresh it up. It keeps me going to the hair dresser so much and freaking out about my dull locks. 


The shampoo and condiitoner have been really nice to help prolong my color and keep me blonder, longer. I am a huge fan of the consistency of the shampoo, and the conditoner I mix with my other conditioner, because my hair is MEGA dry. If your hair is normal, it's a perfect moisture for you. I just mix it with Oribe Gold Lust or Bumble & Bumble Super Rich, to give my hair that extra something.

For the illuminating gold serum, for real such a good additon to after shower, pre-comb through your hair. it's major for keeping the UV rays from penetrating your locks and ensuring less breakage.

As a non-grocery story user of hair products, I am so into IT.

This whole set, is SO affordable, at Target and really worth the price to extend your color and maintain your blonde.

Did I say it's at Target? I think they should have a bar in target, but I'm just SAYING. #favoritestoreever

I am so glad that there's a new thing to keep my color, something that's affordable and basically salon quality at a serious low price (everything is under $10 - what?!)

But most importantly I want to share the new product with you! I'm doing a giveaway to my readers for a full set of Dessange Products from any of their 5 collections! LOVE THIS.

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Questions for me on the product, anything? Let me know! Let's chat!



Thanks to Dessange and Target for sponsoring this post! 

Long, thick and healthy hair SECRETS (what vitamins I take, products I use...!)

Hello you!

She has big hair and it's full of SECRETS! (Best movie ever!)


Writing this post by request because I think I've talked to at least 6 people about this lately.

image1 (3).JPG

It's my hair. 

It's gotten REALLY long and it's just massive at this point. Not sure why, but I feel like my hair has been varying levels of thickness in my life. Probably related to diet, and hormones but right now it's a MANE and SUPA THICK!

Thankfully, my hair is my thing. Since I was little and when I was wearing an eye patch. I had my hair.  The uglier I feel, the longer I'll have my hair, hehe.

But it's been nice to be long again, and I wanted to share the biggest secrets to having long thick hair that doesn't break, and can survive coloring and sun damage. 

Good hair can change the world, right?!

Hair secrets:

First, most importantly, is viviscal guys. I SWEAR BY IT. 

Biotin doesn't work. Like I don't know why it just doesn't. Or if it does I never noticed. This is the REAL DEAL. 

I wrote about it before, and you can get it here, but it's the real DEAL. It has changed the game for making my hair so much thicker, and growing so much more quickly from when I had the Rachel cut in August of last year. Sometimes I think about the girl that told me about viviscal at a bar, and I want to kiss her.

You can get a months supply here, for around $25 dollars, or 6 months supply here for $110 which is SUPER cheap for what I've seen! I would do the 6 months so you can really see the results.

Like any vitamin or pill you have to use it for about 3 months before you notice a difference, but it's SO WORTH IT! 



I wash it once a week, maybe.

I truly go as long as possible, up to two weeks without washing my hair. If you use a good dry shampoo (like this one by Caviar!) it will absorb the excess oil and create volume and lift without drying it out from washing. This has allowed my color to stay, and caused less breakage.

I workout most days, so when it's sweaty I'll dampen the roots with water and shoot it with a blowdryer. But even letting it dry with a little bit of being dirty, gives it lots of volume!

Plus it saves me SO MUCH TIME to not wash my hair.

  • I never blow dry. Ever. My hair is naturally really straight, no wave really, so when it's drying I'll run a wet brush through it as it dries to keep it from doing radical things. It's key to keeping it healthy, because the less heat the better.

Right now I am going off a curling binge, I curled it 3 days in a row and it feels like Bob Marley dreadlocks it's so dry. For that, I'll do a mask once every two weeks. I rotate between expensive and cheap brands. For real L'Oreal has the cheap drugstore brand game on lock, and I love Kerastase masks for all they do. I put the curling iron I use on here. It's BOMB and my curls last fo-eva.

On products, I feel passionately about spending money on products - like the ones I use linked below. Because, if you wash your hair once a week (slash month) you can spend more and use less. The expensive shampoos WORK and have really helped with damage control. 

This is weird, but I don't know, and also TMI but we're all FRIENDS. I also think my hair is thicker since getting off birth control (I have the copper IUD). I felt like those hormones messed with me. Anyone else? Is that legal to write that? LOL.

For coloring, I get it done once every 3 months (down from every 4 weeks when I was MEGA blonde) and having a toner added at the end really helps to draw out the color and make it last SO much longer. Highlighting and coloring your hair can REALLY lead to breakage. For blondes, your essentially removing the the pigment from your hair when you make it blonde (for other colors you are adding pigment).

So, having my hair a darker blonde really has extended my time away from the salon which saves my hair and my wallet :)

Hmmm...I think that could be it as far as secrets. Massaging the scalp is good, I'm like a cat basically if you rub my head. But any questions on hair? Ask me!


Products I love:

PHEW. That one felt good. Any tips for me? Do you do anything special to keep your hair healthy? Lemme know! Or share below so we can all benefit :) 

Also I'm wearing Ethona Active - it's a new line based out of Los Angeles that I've been working with - and LOVE. It's super soft, fits well and the cut is pretty unique. RECOMMEND IT! 



Embracing your ROOTS (how to grow out your hair color)

Helloooo guys! How's the week? Crazy we are halfway into February, no? 

Okay, so my multi-tonal, multi-color hair has inspired me to write a post. I've been on the fence as to wether or not I go team root/growing out for ombre and I've decided to go full force and just see what my hair is gonna do without coloring it for as long as possible. 

Maybe six months?

I've gone about 3 months at this point (which is longer than I've ever done in my whole life pretty much) and want to see what a real deal ombre will be. I have also thoroughly enjoyed having it a bit darker at the top. I can then do a bold brow on my eyes, and embrace a different make-up palette than with bright blonde.

I've been getting my hair highlighted and colored since I was like 14, when I used so much sun in that something needed to be done to correct the problem that was my vitamin C hair.

I'm trying to find a photo of me when I had BLEACH BLONDE Playboy bunny locks in high-school and early college, but I think they are all photos stored somewhere on a high school party web shots pages or under my bed in a shoe box at my moms.

Anyways, so since I moved to NYC a few years back, I didn't realize that you didn't HAVE to get your hair done every 4 to 6 weeks and actually having a good hair colorist means that you can push it longer because the highlight. Meaning the color isn't RIGHT ON the root. It's as if you create a root which allows for the natural hair color to nicely come in. 

ALSO SO IMPORTANT. Is getting a GLOSS. This is EVERYTHING when having a hair color that allows your natural roots to show and not having the super stripe-y look circa 8th grade highlights. It's as if it gently erases the intenseness of the highlight and smooths it out to create an all over gloss. It's basically a semi-permanent color to lock it all in.

How do I know this? We'll I've probably spent about a year of my life in the chair getting my hair done. 

My girl in NYC was the first to do the gloss, an although it was expensive (I sweat now thinking of the price I paid...) it lasted 2x as long so I didn't need to go as much, and although the color would fade or change (all blondes seem to do that) it looked good until the day I went back to see her. Anastasia at Pas Deux Salon in TribeCa, by the way. She's amazing.

So here in L.A. I've finally found my girl (at Color Chroma Bar in Santa Monica - her name is Jenna), and I haven't been back since NOVEMBER. Which is huge for me, that's like 12 weeks and I am fully embracing the root/beach-y/slept-in hair that I have at the moment.

Thankfully my hair is longer now (thanks Viviscal) but it's sort of nice to have so much dimension in it. 

A few ways to embrace your roots and extend your time away from the salon:

Have an undefined part

Rock it to the side

Enhance the volume

Tease it out

Dry shampoo

Also something that really is SO important to keeping your hair color, is a good shampoo and conditioner. If you're buying nice clothes or bags, or whatever, buying shampoo at a reasonable price completely makes sense. It's the #1 thing that keeps your color and saves you the extra trip at the salon. I can't say enough about investing in good shampoo and conditioner. Kerastase and Oribe are my go-to's with some Bumble and Bumble mixed in.

I also LOVE the L'Oreal damage erasing hair balm which is super cheap. It's helped me to grow my hair out without getting split ends. It's under $10 dollars, buy it now.

Products that are key for lasting hair color:

 There's a point where, with the root, I don't LOVE my hair with it's pulled back tightly and up. Sadly, I'm there now. It's very obvious it's not ombre, but when it get's long enough it will be an easy transition from the darkness to the lightness of my ends. There are definitely hair styles that work well with a root, and it's almost like you just need to put it out there so it's like it's on purpose.

Hair styles to rock with a root:

The mini bun: 

  • Justin HATES when I do the mini bun, but I LOVE IT. I don't know why it feels so fashionable to me. I know like the mini poof, which I did for so long, it will go back out but right now it keeps my hair out of my face and works.
    • To do this look:
      1. Take a two inch section of your hair from the center, about 1/4 inch thick depending on your hair thickness, and twist from the top. 
      2. Bring down around to a bun, loosing a bit so it's not super tight.
      3. Pin down with bobby pins colored to your hair color (I use 4 of them).
      4. Loose wave curl your hair with a 1/2 inch curling iron.
      5. Spray to set!

Teased root low pony tail: 

  • This is a nice and easy switch-up and you can do a middle part or side part. I did a side part here.
    • To do this look:
    1. Lifting 1/4 inch sections of your hair and flipping it to the opposite side, tease your hair starting from the tip to the root until there is thickness created at the root.
    2. Continue this around the halo part of your head so that when you lay the top layer above it covers the teased part of your hair.
    3. Tease as much or as little as you like.
    4. Brush it out but not all the way.
    5. Pull your hair back into a low pony, using a clear ponytail holder to secure. (I didn't have any clear left - weh). 

Easy twists:

  • I like this look as a change for the day, and it's just something different. It's somethings hard because I want both sides to be the exact same, and they rarely are, so even just one twist works too.
    • To do this look:
    1. Part your hair, either middle or to the side.
    2. Tease your hair lightly around the crown to give it a bit of grip and height.
    3. Pick up 1/8th in sections of your hair, twist from the root to the tip as tightly or as loosely as you'd like. 
    4. Pin back with bobby pins of your hair color.

Et voila! 

I am trying to see how long I can go with this, possibly 4 months until it's looking like an actual ombre? But I'm not sure. I also think it's allowing my hair to grow out thicker and longer, because I'm not losing so much hair from highlighting...

Also, I use MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Coffee Walnut to shade my more acceptable darker brows! It's a bit expensive but it STAYS and STAYS and I also use it to contour my face. 

^^^^^I was moving so quick I had a little wardrobe malfunction - oops hehe.

You can find a few more ideas for hairstyles and ways to grow out your hair color from The Daily Makeover, and Refinery29

What do you guys do when your hair color starts to grow out? Any tips? Also always on the lookout for good products if you know them!

LMK if you have any questions or anything - glad to chat or hear your thoughts!

Love ya, love ya face! Now off to meet some blogging babes in Santa Monica which I'm super pumped about!