My Grocery List (all items I get sent directly to my door - vegan + healthy)


So excited to share this one with you! My grocery list from Thrive Market. I have been using Thrive Market for the past year or so, and have LOVED the whole experience. I love them for a few reasons:

They are all about giving back: Each time you check out you have the ability to donate to a family in need. There is NOTHING easier than that. I always look for ways to give back, and Thrive is that way. 

They work with nonprofit partners like Feeding America to distribute free memberships to the families and individuals they serve. They also allow people to apply for a free membership right on Thrive Market. Additionally, they offer custom educational content to our Thrive Gives members, from shopping lists to recipes to a 22-part video course about how to live healthy on a budget. Learn More

It's delivered straight to your door, in really thoughtful packaging: I order my Apple Cider Vinegar from Thrive, and the first time I was a little nervous about the whole thing because there couldn't be a smellier liquid. Period. So when it arrived I was so grateful that the packaging was super thoughtful, it was wrapped up in a recyclable package, with no possibility of breaking or leaking. The box is brightly colored, beautiful and makes you happy when you see it. It really is, the little things.

I don't need to leave my house to get what I need: 'Nuff said, hehe.

Their prices are 50% off retail prices: Oh yes, and they do the price comparison for you. They are all about making sure that everyone can eat well, and so they cut out the middle man so everyone can eat healthy.

It has brands that I know about or need to know: I have found so many great brands on Thrive, that I would have never known about before! They really vet everyone so that you can be sure the brand is thoughtful and the product is great

It's EFFICIENT: I just use my favorites list and order what I need super quickly. It comes to my door a few days later. 

You can shop by diet (and it's all Non-GMO): I am vegan, and really tend to try to eat as well as possible, so there is the options to shop by diet. Keto, Vegan, Paleo...they have everything you need making it really easy to follow your diet. 


So I am so excited that they are working with us through The Almost 30 Podcast, and that we have the ability to share a discount code with you, as well as the ability to shop our favorites! Check out my list below, and click the button to get a discount on your first order (which is already a huge savings!)


For a great resource to learn more, you can also check out the Thrive Market CEO on Rich Roll's Podcast. This was when I first heard about Thrive and immediately fell in love with the concept and his ideals.

Happy to share this with you. Anything I missed on the list? 

Let me know!



When you need a plant based low sugar reset: Splendid Spoon

Hi baes:

How are you? Hope all is well :)

I don't know about you, but lately I have sort of been falling back into negative habits around eating and body image and it's really bumming me out. I just haven't been putting myself first therefore the decisions I am making around eating and self care have fallen by the wayside and it's just a bummer.

So I needed a motivation, and I am pretty pumped to start fresh, and to seriously reset and establish a confidence in myself that I can nourish my body and not be so obsessive about my food.


But, to get myself back my favorite way is to prepare myself and my fridge with healthy nourishing foods. One of my favorite ways in the colder months especially, to feel light, and be kind to my body and digestion is through Splendid Spoon.

Splendid Spoon is a meal delivery service that combines the power of plants, the science of slow cooking & nutrient bioavailability and the proven health benefits of intermittent fasting to design a formula that easily fits into your daily life. Their plans are customizable, and suitable for those on an elimination program, a sugar detox, or paleo diet. Of course too, it's suitable for vegan and vegetarians. 

They have a few different plans, but it's mainly smoothie, and thick soup or bowl based. So you're really helping to reset your digestion and nourish yourself with liquid focused foods.

How it works! You can get:

The Program 2.0 5 Days of Breakfasts Lunches and Drinkable Soups

Just Breakfasts Powerpacked Smoothies that are DELISH

Just Lunch 5 Plant Based Lunch Bowls

 1 Day Soup Cleanse 4 Drinkable Soups and 1 Soup Bowl

Right now I incorporate it in once a month as a digestive reset, and way to nourish my body through drinkable vegetables and hearty soups. If I want to snack or eat on it, too, I will, but I find that I am really full my following their eating plan. It feels SO good and you feel REALLY full after each meal. 


Why I love it:

It’s affordable: $135 for the 5 days package and plus you get my discount. That's NOTHING for meal delivery I swear!

You feel nourished: Truly. There's nothing more nourishing than a thick plant based soup!

It’s Ayurvedic: Yes the warming soups are so good to fuel your digestive fire. 

It gives my digestive system a break: Having soups and liquid based nourishment gives your body time to completely reset.

I get all my veggies in: They are obsessed with making sure you get veggies in. With their plan you get plenty.

It’s EASY: Nothing easier than drinking your smoothies or heating up your delicious thick soups. 

It saves SO MUCH TIME: It's easy and takes no time to eat and heat up your meals. 

Example Menu:

Green Dream Smoothie: Water, avocado, organic pineapple, coconut milk, organic lime juice, pea protein, almonds, sea salt, organic chlorella, organic spirulina

Cauliflower Tikka: Water, cauliflower, organic tomatoes (organic tomatoes, organic tomato juice, sea salt, citric acid, calcium chloride), onions, cashews, tomato paste, coconut oil, lemon juice, coriander, cumin, cilantro, ginger, turmeric, sea salt, black pepper, chili powder

Cumin Sweet Potato: Water, sweet potatoes, cashews, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro, sea salt, cumin, red pepper powder

Red Beet Buddha Bowl: Water, red beets, sweet potatoes, onions, organic carrots, quinoa, organic kale, extra virgin olive oil, organic celery, tahini (crushed sesame seeds), lemon juice, sea salt, garlic, coriander, cumin, chili powder

Celery Plant Drinkable: water, celeriac, organic russet potatoes, onions, organic celery, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, garlic, thyme, black pepper

Cauliflower Coconut: water, cauliflower, navy beans, onions, organic celery, coconut oil, garlic, sea salt, Madras curry powder, rosemary, black pepper


So my lovelies, sending you love this week! Plus, excited to share that to do Splendid Spoon you can click the link here, to get a one of my Ambassador Perks, $20 off your first purchase! Try it out, reset, refresh and nourish yourself in a low sugar plant based way.



P.S. Read my article on Splendid Spoon here:

New Obesssion: Daniela Kende's Sexy Cacao Maca Bites

Oh guys have I got a treat for you!

Last weekend, you may have heard that we held the Sex, Love & Other Things Event at Saje Wellness off Abbot Kinney. It was BEAUTIFUL and lovely and gave me all of the feels. It was great to really open up and chat with some other badass ladies about love, relationships and sex (hehe). I want to do a full post on it later, but today wanted to share a quick easy AMAZING healthy low sugar recipe you have to try.

unnamed (1).png

One of the highlights was of course my girl Daniela Kendes fat balls. I mean, oh my GAH. 

Super low in sugar, high in protein, high in healthy fats, filling, tasty, easy, delicious, these things are INCREDIBLE. Great for breakfast, a snack, a desert...whatever! I had like 40.

Et Viola! Your new favorite treat:

unnamed (3).png

Daniela says,

"Mighty Bites are my go-to treat to whip up when I need an energy boost that’s not going to mess with my blood sugar and send me into a sugar-craving tail spin! They provide a fantastic balance of fat, protein, fiber, and superfoods, and unlike most energy bite recipes out there, are very low in sugar. I created this Cacao Maca *Sexy Bite* to deeply satisfy a chocolate craving (think dense truffle consistency!) and to give you a dose of my favorite hormone balancing, skin-saving, libido-boosting, energy-giving ingredients. No, it’s not too good to be true!

Sexy Bite superstar ingredients include:

  • Antioxidant superstar raw cacao, which has also been shown to increase serotonin levels and boost mood (hence why we may crave chocolate when we’re feeling down)!
  • Maca, an ancient Peruvian adaptogenic herb, that’s used globally for its hormone-balancing and libido-increasing properties.
  • Pumpkin seeds — my personal favorite super seed — which are loaded with skin and hormone-balancing minerals including zinc, magnesium, copper, and iron.
  • Chia seeds, perhaps the most popular superfood these days, for good reason! I especially love the extra fiber and protein boost that chia seeds provide.
  • Hemp protein, my favorite plant-based protein, as it contains 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones that your body cannot create on its own. Including protein (and minimizing sugar) in your snacks will help you avoid a blood sugar spike that turns your well-intentioned snack into a mini-binge (which I’ve found most “energy ball” recipes guilty of).

NOTE: I’ve included two versions of my recipe below. The first version features two amazing products from my friend Sophie Jaffe’s deliciously clean superfood line, Philosophie. When I discovered that the Philosophie Cacao Magic protein powder and Superfood Coconut Butter contained many of the ingredients I was already using in my Sexy Bite recipe, I thought I’d create a version using these products that provides a very similar nutritional profile and benefits as the original, with some of the ingredients already combined for you!"


Let me know if you make them, please! Thank Daniela later :)