My favorite place to stay in Arizona (Hotel Valley Ho)

Oh man, sometimes you're just in awe. Do you know what I mean? When you're so taken aback you don't know what to say? I am sure you guys may think that could never happen to me, LOL. But when I got to the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale last week, it did. I was quiet I was so in AWE.


I went on a trip with my sister and best friend of 18 years to Arizona to run the Rock N'Roll Half Marathon, see Sedona and relax in Scottsdale. Don't really have any tips for running a half marathon besides the fact that we probably should have trained way better than we did, HA. But we finished and that's all that matters.

I really love those opportunities to push myself and remind myself that nothing is that big of a deal and you can do anything.


Sedona is gorgeous, spiritual and vibey, and I would highly recommend spending time there when you can. We got massages, got energy readings, had really good meals and got a hike (and got lost of course - HA).

After that we went to Phoenix, which was  really a quick trip since the race was the next day. We ran the race, laughed the whole way, and after were so excited to check into the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale.


I mean, guys. They knew my name, were such angels at check in, the vibe is SO RAD, and everything was just so on point. The decor is a gorgeous retro vibe, that's colorful Jonathan Adler chic with a bit of a modern twist. They just actually redid it recently so everything is basically brand new. 

THE ROOM. I honestly can't. There was a huge floor to ceiling window that showed the gorgeous Arizona mountains, a full kitchen with supplies, giant bathtub and huge shower, a washer dryer (um I don't have one of these in my APT) and a massive living room to relax in. We felt SO at peace after being so tired running the race, to clean up and just chill out for a bit.

Of course there is no chilling like pool chilling, and we headed to the pool area to relax. There was a perfect little cabana, and darling amazing sweet wait staff that gave us amazing cocktails and some veggies and hummus. Heaven right? Snacks, drinks and a place to lay. 

Ok bye.


Each person there was nicer than the rest - honestly I don't know if I am jaded because people in LA aren't as friendly or maybe it's just at that hotel but I think it's just there :).

At the end of the day, I was so grateful to sleep in this giant California King bed, by myself while my two loves got their own bed in the other room (it was bigger than my apartment and this room was in The Tower). 

Plus, shooting in here was easy, right? It's reallly cool and totally my vibe.

I've always said that wherever I go, I feel my most authentic self in a robe :) and that's exactly the case here. Just me in my element at my favorite place in the desert!


Excited for you guys to go stay there. Maybe in February when I am going to Bloguettes if any of you are going to go too? It's right in Scottsdale, in a great area that's walking distance to great restaurants and shops. We can all hang.

Also P.S. using Lightroom now to edit these pics, can you tell? It really helps with the vibe, no? 

Excited to share this with you!





6850 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Jonathan Adler Modern, Retro Vibe




No resort fee

multiple pools

REALLY NICE fitness center that's BIG


Zuzu Restaurant and Room Services (yes pls)

Mod decor

Various room types and sizes for whatever you are looking for

Amazing location

Plush robes

Such friendly staff

Valet parking