Feeling Babe Status in a Lace Front Bodysuit

When I walked out in this top Justin was like, sad and happy at the same time, LOL.

It's for sure a little risque, but also super badass and I never wear stuff like this!

I'd say most days, I dress like Ellen Degeneres, loose button downs and skinnies. Or Kate Hudson, aka always in workout gear.

Lace front tops y'all - super in and super COMFORTABLE. This is actually a onesie, HA. The material is super soft stretch and it's so comfortable yet, a bit sexy (eek!) to wear.

They're really 'in' right now, and I've been watching pictures pop up with babes wearing it. Most of the time it's paired with the button front skirts that are hot right now. 

Below you can see the muses rocking the lace front onesie. I'm in good hands with Candice, Emily, Vanessa, Haley, Bella and Julia y'all. Me and my girls stuntin'! Just twinning it!

This one I have one is from GoJane, which is a super cheap site my friend told me about, and on sale now for $22.13 (random price I know) but so worth it.

With this look I wore a camo jacket from OLD NAVY over the onesie, in case I felt like covering up a bit and to make it feel more like a fall outfit. 

The jeans are from J Brand, and they are the absolute best. So stretchy and comfortable - I'm actually wondering what we did before jeans stretched? I probably was unbuttoning my pants more after dinner...hehe

The shoes are knock-off Chloes from Aldo last season, and I've probably never gotten so many compliments on a shoe. 

I think that wearing this for date night is perfect, it's got stretch so you're comfortable to eat and it's like good for that with ya man or on a tinder date even vibe.

Shop da look:



Shoes (mine were last season Aldo and are sold out, but these are super dope)

Jacket (sold out from Old Navy - LOL but this one is perfect from Nordstrom)

Lipstick (my actual favorite lip color ever, it's matte and goes on like a stain - I LOVE. This brand is Hour Glass and the color is Opaque Rouge)

Glad I cropped that one huh? Hehe.

Let me know what you think! Are you down with the lace front onesie? How babe are the ladies above? Also trying to stay up on my Old Navy and see if they ever have any more good things like the camo jacket - I swear their stuff randomly got so legit.

I hope you guys had such a good weekend. As always, thanks for reading :)

Talk soon!


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