WELP HERE GOES NOTHING: The Almost 30 Podcast (!!)

Oh my goodness guys.

I never thought this day would come. 

Can I be super excited about something for a second? 

(blushing emoji)

So you know i am a huge podcast fanatic, and listen to about 5 hours of podcasts a day. NO JOKE. During my run, when I am walking anywhere, when I am working or driving, it's ON.

I talked about my favorite episodes, and favorite podcasts here.

I also interviewed The Lady Gang a while back (LOVE THEM!) and really have been interested in the medium (is that what you'd call it?) for a while.

Why podcasting:

Because as much as I love the blog, I love the emotion and flow of speaking, and feel like this is connecting with readers, not in front of a screen. 

I know how much we are in front of screens on the daily and to be able to have a conversation with you via the podcast is pretty much the best thing ever. I've always said I want to TALK to people, or have people really know me aside from photos or what I write. The podcast is that.

Also a podcast removes the visual aspect of it, where you get to know the real me and my real personality.

How I talk, the cadence of my speech and what I really think about topics we discuss.

It's also perfect that I'm doing this with Lindsey.

A true inspiration in my life, and SO MANY others lives through SoulCycle (she literally is a fitness queen in L.A.) fit modeling, acting, whatever. She's the perfect ying to my yang. Thoughtful, aware, funny and just on the same page as me with shit.

She brings good life advice, good career advice, fitness/health advice, and she's single. So her insight on dating and love is unique to mine. 

Which is so key! 

I've written about Lindsey here, and featured an article that she did on what she eats in a day. She's a funny chick, and makes all the difference in this podcast. It's nice have two perspectives on every question or conversation. 

So a bit more about the podcast and process in this post!

Behind the scenes:

We've been working on this for about 6 months now, idea sharing, recording, deleting, practicing, basically everything with trial and error.

Finding what works and what feels right and going for it.

We also created the website (I did all the backend and design) and then had photo shoots for our branding, created a Facebook page, found a sound engineer, figured out how to actually get a podcast on iTunes. 

We also have our Instagram we created!

It's been a process for sure!

Oh and working in our schedules when to record had us up on weekends at 7 A.M. 

It's definitely not easy, but we'll talk about our launch in one of our mini-sodes which we'll be sharing weekly, and are shorter episodes to answer questions from you.

But if you have any about the process, let a girl know! I got you!

What The Almost 30 Podcast is about:

Being authentic and real. As much as I am on the blog, and then some. Being able to speak exactly the truth that I want, has been amazing.

We're about figuring this crazy part of life together. Dating, career, friends, health...we talk about everything that we actually talk about IRL.

Honestly, you're twenties and thirties are UNDERRATED challenging.

Like our tagline says, it's when shit gets real. 

You choose your life partner, you choose your career, you choose where to live. Your priorities change so much from 20 to 30, and you are a different person at the end of it.

I feel like, no one ever talks about this time, and how many choices we have. So we want to explore that. 

The format:

For most episodes we follow a format, but sometimes we have guests on, and sometimes we'll do mini episodes where we just answer a question. Trying to keep it spicy!

Hundred/Not Hundred: SO ME RIGHT? Hehe - this is our highs and lows of the week, what we loved and what we hated. What's hundred, and what's not hundred. 

Shit that stuck: This is the deep part of the podcast where we talk about things that inspire us, and make us excited. It's the 'shit that stuck' with us for the week that we want to share with you. 

20s Us 30s Us: This is a hilarious look on what we were doing in our twenties, to what we want or what we're scared of in our 30s. 

Most importantly, we answer question from our listeners (you!) 

Where you come in:

I'd love to have you join the podcast, and ask a question that we should answer about ANYTHING. Nothings too crazy, or specific or too small. We've talked about dieting, periods, boyfriends, career...anything under the sun.

You can submit your question here on The Almost 30 Podcast website under the 'ask me anything' section.

Also if you know anyone, or are someone that would be a great guest on the show, let us know! Just like my interviews, I am always on the lookout for badass individuals to share their story! 

Last, if you could help a sister out and subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes, you will make my LIFE. 

Having people subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes really helps get on New and Noteworthy on iTunes, which is MAJOR and a  huge goal of ours! Just to help spread the word and get this little thing off the ground!

Here is the link, and tell ya friends: I would be so grateful!

Um okay, so I want to know so much from you.

Podcasts, are we into them? What would YOU want to hear about listening to a podcast? Wanna be on? Let us know or submit a question using the forum!

Always thanks for being supportive, loving, thoughtful and open with all the stuff that i do. You guys are the best, and if I can support ya in anyway, let me know! (Also make sure to link your blog post here!)


Krista xo

Introducing: The LADY GANG (aka your new best friends)

Okay so.

I've written about podcasts before a few times and how I CRUSH podcasts on the daily. 

I listen to them ALL THE TIME.

When I work, when I walk, in the car... it's satisfied the quench for me to always learn and grow, and I can drop dope facts and information in conversation.

But the game was changed when I found the LadyGang Podcast, via Fashion Lush, who is an amazing blogger out of San Diego.

Currently, I only listen to podcasts that are in the business, self-help, and personal growth vein.

It's Tim Ferriss, Rich RollGary Vee...those types. The topics are on bettering yourself and ways to maximize performance in all aspects of your life, basically. 

So, after a while, it's like okay, I get it. Make your bed, meditate and say no to opportunities that you don't LOVE and journal. Right. Got it.

So I needed a refresh, a fun and light podcast that's more like a conversation, with friends. 

Yes, podcasters become my friends and mentors. 

Backstory real quick. 

I met Rich Roll, and his wife Julie Piatt and I was so nervous.

Which says a lot about me if I'm nervous to meet a 50+ Vegan Athlete and his wife - LOL. I blacked out and said,

"It's like you guys are my friends".

LIKE WHAT. YOU ARE NOT FRIENDS! They were like *blank stare blink blink* who is this random girl super excited about meeting us, who is obviously crazy and isn't our friend?

Shake my damn HEAD. At least I went for it, I guess.

But these babes are truly like friends. THEY ARE SO FUNNY, on point with topics and guests, plus they're HONEST and real.  I love that they're based out of L.A. and are SUPER successful business babes on their own.

(Read their bio's below!)

Especially during your commute, there is no better way than to listen to them chat and interview really interesting people.

What I love about The LadyGang Podcast

Realness. These babes are SO REAL, down to earth, and relatable. They talk about periods AND Hollywood parties in the same 30 minutes.

Rawness. There's nothing that's off limits, which makes you feel like you're hanging with your friends. 

The good week/bad week segment. Is freaking hilarious. I love hearing each of their insane stories from the week.

They answer questions from their listeners. You can email the babes and ask ANY question you want answered. It speaks to their coolness, and connection they want with their audience.

Their interviewing style. They bring in the guest to the conversation fluidly, which brings out an interesting side to each person they interview. It's more natural, and frankly, makes it more fun.

Let's meet the babes!

Keltie Knight

Emmy-nominated Keltie Knight has interviewed the biggest celebrities in the world, including Oprah, Taylor Swift, Pink, Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, U2, Stevie Wonder, Adam Levine, Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Gwenyth Paltrow and more. She also served as host of the The Thanksgiving Day Parade LIVE on CBS, CW's World Dog Awards with George Lopez, the CW's Greatest Holiday Commercial Countdown and US Weekly’s 2012 Emmy Awards Live From The Red Carpet. Recently, she made a cameo appearance in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, The Young and the Restless, and introduced the “Red Carpet Challenge” on Project Runway. Keltie is also a budding fashionista with best-dressed mentions in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Just Jared, US Weekly, The Daily Mail, People Stylewatch and The New York Times. 

Jac Vanek

Jac Vanek is a self-made entrepreneur, CEO and one of the most powerful fashion and music influencers of her generation. She created the Jac Vanek brand from the dirty ground up, and has transformed it into an unconventional powerhouse that continues to defy long-standing notions, standards and boundaries of the fashion industry. Her sassy graphics and slogans boldly say what everyone else is thinking, and are worn by celebrities such as Cara Delevinge, Vanessa Hudgens, Joe Jonas and Ellie Goulding.  The Jac Vanek brand is stocked in major retailers, including Topshop, Zumiez and NastyGal, as well as high end boutiques around the country.

Becca Tobin

Becca Tobin is an American actress, singer, dancer, blogger and smart ass. She spent three years playing the resident “mean girl” on FOX’s hit TV show Glee. Her other television appearances, including NCIS LA, Drop Dead Diva, Mystery Girls, Late Late Show with Craig Fergusonand Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. Tobin’s red carpet style has been featured in numerous publications. In September 2013, Becca launched JuneMoss.com, a fashion blog inspired by her two fashion idols – her grandma June and Kate Moss. The blog has been featured on WhoWhatWear.com and as one of “The Surprise Celebrity Blogs You Should Be Reading.”

Now, to the REAL good stuff!

I'm super excited to share this interview with these badass females.

I couldn't love sharing dope stuff more, and when it really aligns - my love for realness, honesty and insight. It's the BEST.

For those who don't know - how would you describe the The LadyGang Podcast?

LadyGang is basically a boozy mimosa brunch with three of your best friends, we talk about all of the good and bad stuff that women talk about with only their closest friends. We have celebs stop by, but the fun really is in the three of us!!

Your podcast is super refreshing and unique. How did the idea for the LadyGang podcast come about?

Becca Tobin and I had done a collab together on her blog JuneMoss.com and had always been talking about teaming up, over the course of a year we talked about what we wanted to create and started trying to see who might be our third gal. I think Jac Vanek is one of the coolest major babes in the world, and she offers such a different and unique view of Hollywood. She's self-made and super inspiring. We asked her and she said yes, and I can honestly say this whole journey has brought us all closer. 

It's really easy to get 'into' the show as a listener, it's like you're hanging with your best friends. Basically, you can feel how cool you are with each other. Were you friends previously?

That's the cool thing, we were all friends. But not best friends, and I think that's what makes the show great. I have no idea what Becca and Jac are going to say, and so I'm as surprised as the listeners. 

You each have your own successful businesses and ventures separately (here I will detail your accolades and achievements), what's specifically unique about doing The LadyGang Podcast?

The #1 reason we created the podcast was that we wanted to be in charge. We wanted to create something that was ours, and no one would be able to tell us we are too tall, short, fat, thin, nice or mean. That, to us, with the goal. It's so fun to be the boss! 

You guys talk about EVERYTHING that's real raw and honest. (Here, I will outline a few of my favorite bits, and link them). Is there a topic that's 'off limits' to talk about for you on the show?

Nothing! That's what makes us so fun. I mean, listen to Becca talk about "snail trail" and you know we go there :) 

Do you the men in yo life/husbands listen to the podcast? (When I'm giggling about 'the worst place to get your period' I think to times I've had a period incident with my boyfriend that I'm sure he'd love to relive, so I'm curious - HA)

My husband listens and sometimes he gets mad at me when I tell stories about him. We just did an episode where Becca's boyfriend came on and gave advice. It's so funny because I'll say things on the LadyGang that I don't even tell my husband or close friends and they will totally call me out on it! 

What's been the most surprising interview thus far?

For me, listening to Jeannie Mai changed my life, it was our most inspirational episode and I took some of her advice for myself. I loved our Morgan Stewart episode because she's living a life that is so different than mine. Of course, having Lea Michele on and her being so authentic and honest was incredible. We love all our guests, we don't invite them unless we are obsessed with them. 

What advice would you give to ladies/girls/women/whatever who want to explore a creative route in their career and do badass things like you've all done?

Just keep going. We get asked this all the time, our answer is always to not give up when people reject you or say no. 

What's the best advice you've received from a podcast guest?

Jeannie Mai talked about in her career how she made a personal mantra and then everything she doesn't has to fit under the umbrella of that. I went home and spent the weekend making my mantra. 

Anything major happening for your brands (even outside of The LadyGang) that you want to share with the readers?

Well, we are launching our LadyGang tanks, it's a limited run so only our original members will have the chance to get them. We are about to start working on our site and we really want to include our listeners and give them the opportunity to work for us, which is cool. We have a to-do list that is massive and throughout it Becca's shooting movies, Jac's running her empire and I'm shooting my TV show everyday. 

Get your Lady Gang Tank here.

How has the podcast evolved from it's first episode in December 2015?

I think the show is crisper, and we know what works. Our most embarrassing thing was that when we first got ads in our shows- we didn't know how long to make them so we would talk for 5 minutes about one of our sponsors, now we LOVE our sponsors but people were complaining! We had no idea! So, we've found a good balance, and I think we've really gelled. 

Major goals, or manifestations for The LadyGang in 2016?

Our major goal is that we get every one of our listeners to tell 5 friends about LadyGang and show them how to listen to podcasts if they don't know. That will help us be one step closer to world woman domination! 


Dope right? I can't wait until you listen, and thank me. LOL.

So glad you're here! Thank you so much for reading!


ALSO: MAJOR Thanks to The Lady Gang for working with me on this. TRUE ANGELS.