Let's talk about LASHES

So when I moved to L.A.

I was like, what are all these ladies doing to look SO put together ALL THE TIME? I'm confused. It's like there is a constant level of glam they have. In workout classes, at the grocery store...everywhere.

Then one day I remember being out with a friend, and just looking at her being like "yo you are gorgeous as fuck and I am wondering why you look so doe eyed all the time?"



She said, 'Oh yeah girl I got my lashes done.'

I'm like okay what.

'Yes, done, like got eyelash extensions'.

Leave it to freakin' beaver that we would be able to figure out a way to create eyelash extensions.


So then I notice, all of the babes in L.A. pretty much have their eyelashes done aka they all get eyelash extensions.

Not sure that would happen in Ohio? Ha.

But, I needed to know what was up and if it was worth it.

So, I went to Beverly Hills Lashes, and in full disclosure - they covered my lash set. I got an appointment with Kilee and into the bed I sat. I didn't need to write this post, I just loved the experience. 

Yes, so basically lay in a bed.


For an hour and a half, I seriously took a nap, chatted with Kilee, and relaxed. Didn't feel a thing and honestly I wouldn't have had any idea that anything was happening except when I was told to open my eyes, and I had a little eye lash stuck to another one.

So that's it, go in, lay down, relax and get little tiny lashes glued to your natural lashes.

I was hesitant before I got my lashes done about damaging them, yes. I think that's the risk you run, but I will let you know if I notice anything damage wise. So far, it's been two weeks and they are still in and strong, and I haven't seen but a lash or two fall of.

Also, I love them.

I truly love them.

If you know me, you know I never wear make-up, like ever. I'll wear it twice a week maybe, and having these lashes makes getting ready SO EASY. It's like a natural mascara/long lash. All you need is your foundation, bronzer and some lip color and you're GOOD.

I got mine done, with the lashes longest on top, rather than the cat eye, because I like the open eye look rather than the cat eye. Personal preference!

You can do a really glam look with tons of lash sets, and as much intensity as you want - or if you want a more natural look like what I got, that is possible too.

I wanted to share more information and some of the questions I have been getting, so I asked the expert Kilee of Beverly Hills Lashes.

She's ADORBS. So professional, so sweet, and just a joy to be around. It was cool when I napped, and I felt like she 'got' exactly what I was looking for.  

What are eye lash extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are an enhancement of the natural lashes each person already has. The purpose of eyelashes are to keep daily dust and dirt out of your eyes. For someone with lashes on the shorter side, eyelash extensions are a great way to keep eyes clean.

How long do they last?

The timing of the extensions do very slightly from person to person. Everyone's eyelashes are different so it's tough to give an exact number. However, most clients tend to come back in every 2-4 weeks to get the few that fell out, filled back in. 

Is it painful?

Eyelash extensions are not painful. You actually should not feel them at all, if done at a proper length and thickness. Clients tend to feel their lashes more when they are too heavy for the client and drop down into eyes view. 

What are the lashes made of? 

There are a few different options each guest does have when it comes to the type of lashes. The main and most common type of lashes are synthetic mink lashes. There are also silk lashes and real mink lashes. Depending on the clients taste, will determine what type one would use. 

Can you get it to look glam and natural? 

You can certainly make extensions glamorous for a night on the town while still keeping them natural. The placement of different lash sizes will make lashes appear more natural. Your natural lashes stagger in length so to create a natural look, you would add multiple sizes throughout the eye.

Why do you love lashes?

I love lash extensions because it's an easy way to get fabulous fast. There is something about lashes that give you confidence. It has something to do with the way you feel when you step out of the shower and don't have "raccoon eyes" from makeup bleeding down your face. A mother who has children to watch after can wake up ready to take on the day or even when you go on a vacation lashes are a great way to keep up "makeup" while not wearing any makeup. 

Does it damage your lashes?

This is a common misconception that eyelash extensions only damage your lashes but that is not the case. Most clients find their lash extensions to be damaging ONLY when they do not keep up on cleaning or they tend to get lashes wet in the shower. Eyelash extension glue has a solid consistency when cool and/or dry. Hot water makes extension glue tacky which is when clients find "clumping". This occurs when lashes get hot next to each other and then dry together. (Tip: do not get lashes wet with hot water! Cold water will keep lash glue as a solid - hot water makes tacky. Wash face with cold or cool water to avoid clumping) 

Is upkeep expensive?

Upkeep will refer back to how well you take care of your lashes. Some clients take excellent care of their lashes and come in once a month. At that, it should be a very fair cost. If lashes are not maintained, the cost will more than likely be greater due to having to replace crooked lashes. 

What I'm wearing in this post:

Choker via House of Harlow (on sale!)

Top via Show Me Your Mumu (on sale!)

Any questions for me or about lashes loves? ASK AWAY.

If you're in LA - definitely go to Kilee - LOVE HER.

Have da best week!