FINALLY. The Skinny Confidential Bombshell Body Guide Review (!!)

Um super important.

So you guys remember a few months ago when I was picked to review the TSC Bombshell Body Guide? I dooooooo.

We'll it's been a few months, and I really wanted to give it the serious go, to do the workouts (THERE ARE SO MANY) try the recipes and connect with people on their social media site. I just feel like if I did it for a short time it wouldn't be the full deal, no? Plus the holidays happened and you know, LIFE.

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But, to recap, the TSC Bombshell Body Guide is a everything you would ever need in the realm of heath and fitness. It's for the beginners, people who have NO IDEA about health, nutrition and really don't want to know the science behind stuff, but eat well and feel better about their body.

<< You can see the page dashboard below. Gorgeous, no? 

But I was a little fearful that, since I've been in the game for 5+ years, working out pretty intensely the past 3, averaging about 6+ workouts a week, that I would be past some of what was provided or available. Like, that I would be doing tricep dips on my couch a lot or something. I also am vegan (as you know) so was nervous that there wouldn't be recipe ideas for little old me.

I workout in classes, and in group fitness places mostly, but have weights in my apartment and my yoga mat/foam roller combo in the corner that I actually use a lot. Well the weights just like sit there but I've used them. The foam roller is my best friend.

Anyway, I didn't think that I could use the home workouts as much as I did. This book is NO JOKE. I spent a good amount to print all of them, so I could leaf through as I pleased and do whatever workout fit how I was feeling.

You know when you're done working out and you're like yah, thighs! But there's also the other parts of your body that you know your possibly neglecting, like the soft spot under your arms or the sides of your lower back (honestly I cringe typing that).

Well this was PERFECT for me to supplement those workouts in and get that full body, tight feeling. During days I just did cardio, it was a nice balance to do the booty work, or the arm work and just feel that extra bit of strength. Because, lifting honestly changes the game. When you're doing just one workout all the time, it's probably not going to give you the results you want, period. I've found the most results to happen when I'm lifting the most.

I feel like I'd normally improvise with my weights for arms, just like maybe a jab here and there, do a shoulder lift for 30 seconds while watching YouTube tutorials...but with this it was super easy to understand and see, and I actually felt like I accomplished something after I did it. Like, I could say that I was 'done', and not just bored and wanting to stop. 

If you are new to the workout game - this is everything. But if you're a seasoned vet, who needs a guide to follow (like me) there isn't anything more you'll need. 

You also know that I love a good juice cleanse, so it was nice to see the tips and support if you're doing a cleanse or even just researching one. Having the community there of people who are active, online and engaged, is SO KEY if you're juicing your day away. I loved too, that Lauryn was always on commenting and responding to people to encourage and support. 

Okay so I need to explain what it consists of.

There's a fitness section:

The fitness section is a full, 28-week program, divided into two sections and targeted workout plans to hone in on specific areas of your body or what you want to work on.

Phase one is meant to take a user from beginner stage to intermediate stage.

Phase 2 will take a user from intermediate to advanced.

The workouts use body weight resistance, and get progressively more intense, so even if you already work out they recommend starting with Phase 1 and moving on to Phase 2. Both of these include stretching techniques too (which I need because I NEVER stretch).

A nutrition section:

Currently the nutrition section provides healthy recipes  (which are updated ALL THE TIME), cleanses, a nutrition guide, and a 7 day eating plan. There's also a grocery store guide and so much stuff added weekly. 

The goal is to create an all over lifestyle change with these recipes, something that you can stick to and work in with your life. Not have it be your life.

What I loved:

  • You can do these workouts anywhere. You know how much I travel, and it was fun to do it this past weekend in Palm Springs. Just bring the guide and weights if you want, and you're good.
  • By combining both the food and workout you'll get results super fast.
  • The supplement guide (!) I LOVE any and all supplements, so seeing this super detailed and descriptive guide to what to take and why, is crazy valuable.
  • How Lauryn interacts with people on the BBG Community - seriously! She's super involved and supportive, and I loved communicating with her there.
  • How you can do the BBG at any fitness level. I mean she collaborated with celebrity trainers and fitness professionals, so for any place on the spectrum, you can use this and be successful.
  • The titles of the workouts are things I understand and relate to like, 'Bye Bye Muffin Top' and 'Buh-bye Bat Wings'.
  • Cleanse guide and coaching, which is really good to know, and education for anyone who wants to know more about cleansing in general. Suja is one of the sponsors, so you can get Suja cleanses directly from the site. 

My final (random) thoughts:

  • I purchased 5 lb and 8 lb weights on Amazon, as well as a Yoga Mat to do a lot of the 'at home' workouts on. 
  • My favorite recipe was the Acai bowl recipe! AMAZE.
  • Justin actually used some of the recipes, HA. They are high protein, lo-carb and FILLING.
  • The members only portal is underrated.  I loved to see what everyone was doing, and again, Lauryn interacts with you often.
  • Obviously being vegan changed the diet plan a bit and I used a lot more of my 'food' than most would. A difficulty about being vegan is to try and work what I am eating into any normal diet, or eating plan. For vegetarian, there's a lot on there! 
  • I think that it was nice to work this into what I do with ClassPass so I'm not ALWAYS running around L.A. at different studios (although for the most part I love that). 
  • With all things, everyone's different. Everyone eats differently, works out differently and their body responds differently. But, a constant healthy diet (shown in the BBG) and consistent workouts, plus support from a community is a basic recipe for success to be happier with the way you look.
  • Print out the guide! So you have it on your desk or near you to do each workout. They are SO THOROUGH! So if you have no idea...these are seriously step by step. By having it printed it helped me to leaf through and find which workout I liked best or needed for that day. 

+ the essentials you'll need for BBG success:

(Those Alo mesh leggings are the BEST! In photo below)

Need more? You can read more about it via Lauryn's blog and posts here, here and here

So guys, last thing. These never work unless you do, ya know?

Also obsessed with Lauryn and TSC. I'm not even a big blog reader, but SUPER into her stuff and writing if you haven't read yet. Definitely do!I

I know this was a LONG one, super detailed but I wanted to be super clear and thoughtful. What questions do you have about it? Can also talk about the membership pricing if you need? LMK your thoughts because you know best!

Have the best week,





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