The French Do it Better: Finding inspo with the Truly French Blog

This post is sponsored by Lingerie Francaise but all opinions are my own.

Hi babes! 

Doing something new this week, sharing some LINGERIE INSPO from Lingerie Francaise, a trade association that represents the hottest and most high end French lingerie brands. 

Because here's a secret: Forget wine and cheese (y'all know I don't really drink or eat cheese anyway - HA).

The French have been making the most amazingly well-crafted lingerie since the time your great grandma was wearing one of those crazy corsets. No kidding.

If there's a reason French women have that "je ne sais quoi" going on, it's because of what they're wearing underneath.' 

Basically, the sexiest and highest quality lingerie I get from here.

Gone are the days when I wear ratty hot pink thongs and rhinestone push up bras, HA.

But Lingerie Française also has a blog called Truly French that has tons of good info, great articles and information on French style, fashion, design and culture plus interviews with French designers who give me all the inspo feels. 

It's THE hub for everything you should know about the world of lingerie - French lingerie, bien sûr - and French style.

If you didn't see my instagram wearing one of their pieces from their brands you can see it here,

I’ve been LOVING it as a great mix up and for date night :).

Excited to share this with you, because it’s given me such good insights on love, lingerie and how french women think.

I love new interesting articles that I can relate to, but also learn from, and Truly French is PERFECT for that.

Let me know your favorites!