KEY for post workout recovery AND getting a leaner, tighter bod


Happy you're here!

How are you guys? How was your weekend?

Summer is flying by, no? Living in L.A. I feel like I have no idea what season it is. Sort of weird, like groundhogs day, HA. But, can't complain.

I cleaned SO MUCH yesterday, I got rid of lots of random things (I had like 40 sparklers in my desk drawer?????) I also did some home shopping on Urban Outfitters - OBSESSED. It's so Malibu, boho chic. 

If you want me to show you what I got, let me know!

So on another, very Monday type of note, let's talk fitness.

Recently, I've been really upping the workouts.

Somedays I'll do a yoga class and strength class. I've got SoulCycle regularly with Lindsey, and then I try to run once or twice a week (so boring for me lately. If you run, what's your secret to stay interested?)

It's SO NICE that now in L.A. I have babes that I can workout with regularly. 


If I'm completely honest, since I moved to L.A. I've put on some weight that's just bugging me man. I'm trying everything, and I want to write a full post on that topic, but I'm doing what I can in the workout space to try and get this shit off ME. 

Everyone is different, and I know what's a good place for my body and weight, and I'm just not there. In pictures, I take 1 of 400 that looks good - so don't let that fool you! HA.

I've talked about my workouts and eating here and here, but I have something new to share with you that I am obsessed with.

I always want to share stuff that works for me, that could also be helpful for ya.

This isn't sponsored or anything :)

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's).

Not sure what they are? 

Branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs, can be taken during or after a workout to help improve exercise performance and endurance in addition to potentially aiding in muscle recovery. 

BCAAs go directly to the muscles for fueling, building and repairing after a workout. 

Science says,

"Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) refer to three amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. BCAA supplementation, for people with low dietary protein intake, can promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over time. It can also be used to prevent fatigue in novice athletes."

I realized how freaking sore I was yesterday, and it was because I had ran out of the BCAA's that I have been taking regularly.

For me it has been confirmed time and again how much of a difference BCAA's make in my fitness game.

I've noticed I have:

Less muscle soreness

More lean muscle tone

Increased natural energy (no cracked out jitters)

I've been taking them for about 6 months now, and really feel like I can workout longer, and more often without a necessary recover day or two in between. Plus, it's all natural, without any stimulates or weird ingredients that your body won't recognize.

For real. 

I LOVE that it's affordable, gives me a little boost of energy, helps decrease body fat and lets me workout longer and harder.

Enough said, right? Basically, say 'fat loss' and I'm yours.

(Seriously though if there are vitamins or supplements that say 'weight loss' there's a 99% chance I'm buying it). says,

New studies have shown that dieting groups supplementing with BCAAs (like leucine) increase muscle retention and maximize fat loss much more effectively than non-supplemented groups. That’s the bottom line, my friends: more muscle mass retained, and a greater percentage of lost body fat.

The major benefits of BCAA's

All amino acids are necessary for the growth and repair of muscles and tissues in the body. So, without them, protein in the body breaks down resulting in muscle loss.

(I take mine in the morning and then again at night. Usually with breakfast in the morning and nothing at night). 


During exercise there are increased levels of serotonin, which can actually make you more tired during a workout. 

(Weird I know!)

Several studies have proven that BCAAs, can potentially help reduce serotonin levels and help prevent tryptophan (the hormone that makes you so sleepy, that's in Turkey LOL) from entering the brain. This means you bypass the 'tired' stage of your workout.

Like a natural energy boost!

BCAAs can also potentially help with muscle soreness.

BCAAs can be used to help prevent post-exercise muscle soreness by impeding exercise-induced muscle damage and helping stimulate growth and repair.

When to take your BCAAs:

Ideally 45 minutes before and 45 minutes after your workout.

This gives you added energy and helps to repair muscles after.

This isn't a hard and fast rule. 

I've read you can also have them within 24 hours, but I usually try before and after a workout. 

My favorites:

You can take BCAAs in pill form of powder form in a drink or shake.

I do both, but prefer the pills because it's easier. 

What I'm wearing in this post:

Really into a new activewear brand, Ethona and I am wearing ALL their new gear. I posted some of their stuff on my Instagram and recently did a super fun shoot with them in Malibu. What I love about their clothes is that they are really good quality. Super thick and SOFT as hell. The color palette is muted, and I feel like I need a new athleisure brand in my life!

Ethona Gray Tenacity Tight Grey Leggings

Divine Zip Front Hoodie in Grey

Irresistible Long Sleeve Layer Nine Iron

Adore Muscle Tee in Mauve

Gleaming Bralette in Snow Grey

Okay so your turn. Let's discuss tips.

Do you guys take BCAA'S or anything else to help in muscle recovery from a workout? I think if you're working our regularly, you're definitely an athlete, so treating yourself like one is key! 

Let me know what you take or do to recover, I'm always into trying new stuff!

Also, have the best week. It's going to be a good one, I can feel it!



Long, thick and healthy hair SECRETS (what vitamins I take, products I use...!)

Hello you!

She has big hair and it's full of SECRETS! (Best movie ever!)


Writing this post by request because I think I've talked to at least 6 people about this lately.

image1 (3).JPG

It's my hair. 

It's gotten REALLY long and it's just massive at this point. Not sure why, but I feel like my hair has been varying levels of thickness in my life. Probably related to diet, and hormones but right now it's a MANE and SUPA THICK!

Thankfully, my hair is my thing. Since I was little and when I was wearing an eye patch. I had my hair.  The uglier I feel, the longer I'll have my hair, hehe.

But it's been nice to be long again, and I wanted to share the biggest secrets to having long thick hair that doesn't break, and can survive coloring and sun damage. 

Good hair can change the world, right?!

Hair secrets:

First, most importantly, is viviscal guys. I SWEAR BY IT. 

Biotin doesn't work. Like I don't know why it just doesn't. Or if it does I never noticed. This is the REAL DEAL. 

I wrote about it before, and you can get it here, but it's the real DEAL. It has changed the game for making my hair so much thicker, and growing so much more quickly from when I had the Rachel cut in August of last year. Sometimes I think about the girl that told me about viviscal at a bar, and I want to kiss her.

You can get a months supply here, for around $25 dollars, or 6 months supply here for $110 which is SUPER cheap for what I've seen! I would do the 6 months so you can really see the results.

Like any vitamin or pill you have to use it for about 3 months before you notice a difference, but it's SO WORTH IT! 



I wash it once a week, maybe.

I truly go as long as possible, up to two weeks without washing my hair. If you use a good dry shampoo (like this one by Caviar!) it will absorb the excess oil and create volume and lift without drying it out from washing. This has allowed my color to stay, and caused less breakage.

I workout most days, so when it's sweaty I'll dampen the roots with water and shoot it with a blowdryer. But even letting it dry with a little bit of being dirty, gives it lots of volume!

Plus it saves me SO MUCH TIME to not wash my hair.

  • I never blow dry. Ever. My hair is naturally really straight, no wave really, so when it's drying I'll run a wet brush through it as it dries to keep it from doing radical things. It's key to keeping it healthy, because the less heat the better.

Right now I am going off a curling binge, I curled it 3 days in a row and it feels like Bob Marley dreadlocks it's so dry. For that, I'll do a mask once every two weeks. I rotate between expensive and cheap brands. For real L'Oreal has the cheap drugstore brand game on lock, and I love Kerastase masks for all they do. I put the curling iron I use on here. It's BOMB and my curls last fo-eva.

On products, I feel passionately about spending money on products - like the ones I use linked below. Because, if you wash your hair once a week (slash month) you can spend more and use less. The expensive shampoos WORK and have really helped with damage control. 

This is weird, but I don't know, and also TMI but we're all FRIENDS. I also think my hair is thicker since getting off birth control (I have the copper IUD). I felt like those hormones messed with me. Anyone else? Is that legal to write that? LOL.

For coloring, I get it done once every 3 months (down from every 4 weeks when I was MEGA blonde) and having a toner added at the end really helps to draw out the color and make it last SO much longer. Highlighting and coloring your hair can REALLY lead to breakage. For blondes, your essentially removing the the pigment from your hair when you make it blonde (for other colors you are adding pigment).

So, having my hair a darker blonde really has extended my time away from the salon which saves my hair and my wallet :)

Hmmm...I think that could be it as far as secrets. Massaging the scalp is good, I'm like a cat basically if you rub my head. But any questions on hair? Ask me!


Products I love:

PHEW. That one felt good. Any tips for me? Do you do anything special to keep your hair healthy? Lemme know! Or share below so we can all benefit :) 

Also I'm wearing Ethona Active - it's a new line based out of Los Angeles that I've been working with - and LOVE. It's super soft, fits well and the cut is pretty unique. RECOMMEND IT! 



Weekending in Santa Barbara (with Billabong)

Hiiiiiii my people!

Just coming off an AMAZING weekend in Malibu and Santa Barbara with my childhood best friend (I'm talking since like 7th grade) and we haven't seen each other in over a year. She got engaged recently so it was perfect time to reconnect and just like, regroup and chat ya know?

It's rare that someone in your life knows EVERY single person that's been in it, and EVERY single situation you've been in pretty much. She remembers when I would go to the tanning bed, like 3x a week, bleach my hair white, and wear cheer shorts (I wasn't even a cheerleader) to the movies when our parents dropped us off. Also when we would have sleepovers and prank call people on 3-way and eat Teddy Grahams. So, the conversation literally and figuratively flows like wine, hehe. Those friends are the best, right?

The trip began with a cruise down the PCH (hang loose sign) to Malibu Farm for a casual lunch on the pier on a GORGEOUS day. 

If you haven't been to Malibu Farm - it's perfection. The menu is so good, it has a mix of healthy and tasty things, and the scene is just to die. You can relax in comfy chairs and enjoy the day on the water. Highly recommend the turmeric latte!

So this amazing 2 hour lunch, turned very rapidly into a full afternoon when my friend LOST HER ENGAGEMENT RING THROUGH A CRACK IN THE PIER FLOORBOARDS. 

Being newly engaged, my friend isn't used to wearing her *GORGEOUS* ring, and casually it slipped out of her lap (she was putting on lotion and took it off) in between the motherf'n floorboards on the pier at Malibu Farm.  Yes, there was sand below us, and yes there was enough space for rings to slip through but possibly not get back out. 

Can you EVEN.

Chaos obviously ensued and 20 of the staff helped us use coat hangers to DIG between the cracks to FINALLY find the ring underneath a bed of leaves and other little bits of debris. 

SO. Bottom line is that I probably will wear a fake ring because I can't even be trusted to keep track of my cell phone and house keys. HOW CAN I BE TRUSTED with a RING? Also, the pressure to keep something so expensive on my body!

But, we found and retrieved the ring, and all is well with the WORLD! It was actually amazing to see everyone helping to look and support us along the way, ha.

Anyway, back to Santa Barbara.

This weekend was extra special because I teamed up with Billabong to wear some of their SUPER comfortable, everyday casual vibe clothes. Since I moved to California I've really needed to "Cali" my wardrobe, and pretty much all my friends here wear Billabong on the regular. If you haven't seen it lately, their stuff is super cute, priced SO well (most things are under $50 dollars) and it gives off that laid-back babe vibe that I'm pretty much going for. 

What I wore (and loved) from Billabong:

From Below Short Sleeve Top (in chambray) 

I LOVE this shirt, it's like the go-to under anything fits just right shirt for super cheap. Getting it in the other colors, stat. 

Wonder Why Dress (34.95!) 

The dress is super low key, wear under any type of jacket, or wear as a cover-up in the summer. It's very basic, which I like and felt super comfortable in it. I got a medium which fit really well, but would maybe even go larger to make it a bit more baggy and go for that loose look.

Need more? What else is super cute right now from Billabong:

Off the shoulder top, $44.95: I love this with jean shorts in the summer, that boho, sexy girl look.

Dream of me tunis, $69.95: Sexy cover-up, yes please.

In my mind shirt dress, $39.95: Wear anytime, basically, this sort of stuff is my staple. 

Silversands long-sleeve top, $59.95: Perfect with flare bell bottoms, in the fall/summer (or anytime in L.A. really, HA)

SO! It as basically a perfect match, ya know? Me in my Billabong beach babe gear, with my bestie in Santa Barbara. Life is somethings just right, no? But back to the weekending guide for SB!

Where to stay:

You guys HAVE to stay at this DOPE Airbnb we had, it was STUNNING. Like, the most gorgeous place. Lot's of attention to detail, our own spa and courtyard. They had bottles of wine for us and breakfast in the morning...just the best, and super cheap! If you need to sign up for Airbnb you can do so using my link here to get $20 dollars off your first stay. 

Anywhere really, in the town or on the water is good. There are loads of hotels (the Four Seasons Santa Barbara!) and B&B's in the area, I just LOVE airbnb.

Where to eat:

Malibu Farms: Please when you're in Malibu?

Opal: A local favorite, super classic and beautiful food. 

The Lark: The most popular spot in Santa Barbara I would say. Reservations are hard to get, and it's really busy but the drinks and food are good! No vegan options, however. 

The Wine Cask: I loved this place, Super old school, a little upscale and the staff was amazing, Ate three or so baskets of bread.

Backyard Bowls: My FAVORITE. I love Acai bowls, they are packed with antioxidents and so delicious.

The Savoy: For brunch, it's a good spot! Low key and has a grocery store so you can get delicious and nutritious stuff.

What to do:

Go to the Mission, it's a famous spot and gorgeous to see. 

Rides bikes down State Street and do some shopping! Very bike friendly town, and super easy to get around.

Visit the beaches in the area. Some of the best are Arroyo Burro, Leadbetter Beach, and Butterfly Beach.

Do a hike, like La Cumbre Peak

Have you guys ever been to Santa Barbara? Anything I missed? Also, since my friend lost her engagement ring at Malibu Farms, we stayed there just long enough for me to see and meet Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential! Crazy, and SHE IS THE BEST EVER. So cool, Michael was sweet and they were just so much fun to be around! She actually wrote about my bestie losing her ring here, LOL.