Weekending in Santa Barbara (with Billabong)

Hiiiiiii my people!

Just coming off an AMAZING weekend in Malibu and Santa Barbara with my childhood best friend (I'm talking since like 7th grade) and we haven't seen each other in over a year. She got engaged recently so it was perfect time to reconnect and just like, regroup and chat ya know?

It's rare that someone in your life knows EVERY single person that's been in it, and EVERY single situation you've been in pretty much. She remembers when I would go to the tanning bed, like 3x a week, bleach my hair white, and wear cheer shorts (I wasn't even a cheerleader) to the movies when our parents dropped us off. Also when we would have sleepovers and prank call people on 3-way and eat Teddy Grahams. So, the conversation literally and figuratively flows like wine, hehe. Those friends are the best, right?

The trip began with a cruise down the PCH (hang loose sign) to Malibu Farm for a casual lunch on the pier on a GORGEOUS day. 

If you haven't been to Malibu Farm - it's perfection. The menu is so good, it has a mix of healthy and tasty things, and the scene is just to die. You can relax in comfy chairs and enjoy the day on the water. Highly recommend the turmeric latte!

So this amazing 2 hour lunch, turned very rapidly into a full afternoon when my friend LOST HER ENGAGEMENT RING THROUGH A CRACK IN THE PIER FLOORBOARDS. 

Being newly engaged, my friend isn't used to wearing her *GORGEOUS* ring, and casually it slipped out of her lap (she was putting on lotion and took it off) in between the motherf'n floorboards on the pier at Malibu Farm.  Yes, there was sand below us, and yes there was enough space for rings to slip through but possibly not get back out. 

Can you EVEN.

Chaos obviously ensued and 20 of the staff helped us use coat hangers to DIG between the cracks to FINALLY find the ring underneath a bed of leaves and other little bits of debris. 

SO. Bottom line is that I probably will wear a fake ring because I can't even be trusted to keep track of my cell phone and house keys. HOW CAN I BE TRUSTED with a RING? Also, the pressure to keep something so expensive on my body!

But, we found and retrieved the ring, and all is well with the WORLD! It was actually amazing to see everyone helping to look and support us along the way, ha.

Anyway, back to Santa Barbara.

This weekend was extra special because I teamed up with Billabong to wear some of their SUPER comfortable, everyday casual vibe clothes. Since I moved to California I've really needed to "Cali" my wardrobe, and pretty much all my friends here wear Billabong on the regular. If you haven't seen it lately, their stuff is super cute, priced SO well (most things are under $50 dollars) and it gives off that laid-back babe vibe that I'm pretty much going for. 

What I wore (and loved) from Billabong:

From Below Short Sleeve Top (in chambray) 

I LOVE this shirt, it's like the go-to under anything fits just right shirt for super cheap. Getting it in the other colors, stat. 

Wonder Why Dress (34.95!) 

The dress is super low key, wear under any type of jacket, or wear as a cover-up in the summer. It's very basic, which I like and felt super comfortable in it. I got a medium which fit really well, but would maybe even go larger to make it a bit more baggy and go for that loose look.

Need more? What else is super cute right now from Billabong:

Off the shoulder top, $44.95: I love this with jean shorts in the summer, that boho, sexy girl look.

Dream of me tunis, $69.95: Sexy cover-up, yes please.

In my mind shirt dress, $39.95: Wear anytime, basically, this sort of stuff is my staple. 

Silversands long-sleeve top, $59.95: Perfect with flare bell bottoms, in the fall/summer (or anytime in L.A. really, HA)

SO! It as basically a perfect match, ya know? Me in my Billabong beach babe gear, with my bestie in Santa Barbara. Life is somethings just right, no? But back to the weekending guide for SB!

Where to stay:

You guys HAVE to stay at this DOPE Airbnb we had, it was STUNNING. Like, the most gorgeous place. Lot's of attention to detail, our own spa and courtyard. They had bottles of wine for us and breakfast in the morning...just the best, and super cheap! If you need to sign up for Airbnb you can do so using my link here to get $20 dollars off your first stay. 

Anywhere really, in the town or on the water is good. There are loads of hotels (the Four Seasons Santa Barbara!) and B&B's in the area, I just LOVE airbnb.

Where to eat:

Malibu Farms: Please when you're in Malibu?

Opal: A local favorite, super classic and beautiful food. 

The Lark: The most popular spot in Santa Barbara I would say. Reservations are hard to get, and it's really busy but the drinks and food are good! No vegan options, however. 

The Wine Cask: I loved this place, Super old school, a little upscale and the staff was amazing, Ate three or so baskets of bread.

Backyard Bowls: My FAVORITE. I love Acai bowls, they are packed with antioxidents and so delicious.

The Savoy: For brunch, it's a good spot! Low key and has a grocery store so you can get delicious and nutritious stuff.

What to do:

Go to the Mission, it's a famous spot and gorgeous to see. 

Rides bikes down State Street and do some shopping! Very bike friendly town, and super easy to get around.

Visit the beaches in the area. Some of the best are Arroyo Burro, Leadbetter Beach, and Butterfly Beach.

Do a hike, like La Cumbre Peak

Have you guys ever been to Santa Barbara? Anything I missed? Also, since my friend lost her engagement ring at Malibu Farms, we stayed there just long enough for me to see and meet Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential! Crazy, and SHE IS THE BEST EVER. So cool, Michael was sweet and they were just so much fun to be around! She actually wrote about my bestie losing her ring here, LOL.