GIVEAWAY: Sleek, clean, minimal and MARBLE iPhone case from CaseApp

Hi hi!

How are you? Excited for Thanksgiving? What are your plans for the Holiday?

Continuing the trend of giveaways this month, with another amazing opportunity from CaseApp! I don’t know if you guys recall, but a while back I did a giveaway with them, and it was so popular that I wanted to run it again for ya!

A little background.

When I did that collab, I had my amazing marble case from CaseApp, and I switched it up with a palm print this summer.

The whole time I secretly I missed the marble.

I just felt like the palm was a little too flashy for me, I want my cases to be clean, white, and be able to look professional at work meetings and at blog events. I don’t want my case to be so colorful or printed that people think it looks immature or I seem young.

Does that make sense? Minimal and professional. 

Marble is clean, it’s white, it’s got a bit of an edge and it’s just versatile basically.

This one I have now from CaseApp is different (and better) than the one I had before because its way more durable and thicker.

It’s got an extra layer of protection (which I NEED) and I feel much safer about my reckless habits with my phone with this one.

It's matte, there’s a little bit of a black edge around the outside which I like, and it really doesn’t take on any dirt or coloring on the case which is key.

I feel like I’ve had cases (like my last palm one) that had white around the edges (rather than black here) and it got so dirty it looked ratchet.

Having this be black it always stays the same color, and the white marble on here hasn’t faded at all from the time I got it from CaseApp a month ago.

I’m not the only one with makeup all over my case please?

CaseApp also gave me the matching iPad cover which I am SO into since I didn’t give my iPad any love with a case. Hence, why it’s cracked, LOL.

So I needed to start taking care of it, and I love how it’s just as clean looking, and matches perfectly. This one has a bit of a gloss on the finish, which is amaze.

Simple and easy for you! We’ll of course ship it your way for free :)

Excited for you guys! I really LOVE my case so happy to share it with you (and a friend if you want!)


How to enter:

Follow @hundredblogla on Instagram (me!) 

Follow @caseapp on Instagram

Like my photo and tag a friend who you'd like to win a phone case with you!

We've got two people winning! 

That's it!

Giveaway closes on November 28th at 5 PM EST.

I will DM the winner and we'll send ya the marble dopeness! 

Discount Code for 20% off your purchase from CaseApp: HUNDRED

Okay guys happy giveaway month! Another one coming on Thursday this week :)

Let me know if you have any questions, etc! Wearing Bourbon Barbies in this post!