Oh hi guys!

Writing from bed, after a weekend in Mexico City. 



It may not be right if I didn't get food poisoning right? I think I got it from raw vegetables rinsed in water, or something like that.

But starting Sunday and all through the last two days I've been in bed, either throwing up or sleeping. 

IT'S REAL CUTE. But I need to tell you, I've been watching INSECURE AND I LOVE IT. It's SO GODO on HBO GO. Promise, swear. I don't watch TV really but I LOVE IT.

Any other get well recs for me? HOLLER. 


Anyway I wanted to share with you my Mexico City Outfits. Really into red lately, and let me tell you, all of it is of course, SUPER comfortable and all things you can wear for other occasions outside of vacation.

I know I find myself only buying vacation looks, where I literally buy outfits that fit the location so much they're like costumes, ha. But this jumpsuit I'll wear for a wedding I have upcoming (love a good jumpsuit at a wedding moment) and then the red dress I can wear for any date night. The to is a bit low for work in my humble opinion.


Red Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit by Amanda Uprichard

I am such a fan of this designer! Shoutout to this new babe on the block for making DVF like pieces that FIT.

Red V-Neck Dress by Cinq-A-Sept

This dress is so SEXY, soft and I LOVE THE FIT. 

Black Denim Jean Skirt from ASOS

The perfect skirt for everyday in the summer. 

Tan Onesie from Forever 21

$10 - yes please!

Brown Metal Ray-Bans from Ray-Ban

My classic go-to's!

White Tennis Shoes from Nordstrom

Love these. They are perfect for exploring the city. 

Black Mules from ASOS

I love these. The heel is just right, and they are SO COMFORTABLE. 


Sharing my full travel guide and itinerary on the blog next week! I can't wait to share with you, it was AMAZING. The city is incredible, colorful, fun, exciting and there's so much to do. You'd love.

Thanks for da patience when I am recovering, fam! Talk to you next week.



5 Things To Do in CABO (featuring my stay at The Pedregal Resort)

Thanks to The Pedregal Resort for Sponsoring this Post!

Oh man this was a GOOD WEEKEND. 

Have you guys been to Cabo? First timer, y’all. 

I mean ever since Laguna Beach (Kristen Cavallari dancing on the table and Stephen being LIVID mad, them fighting all night in the streets of Cabo…. EVERYTHING)

I was sooooo excited to go! 

My first bachelorette of 2017 for one of my best friends, Gemma. 6 of us, in a villa in Cabo San Lucas, it was PARADISE.

Highly recommend, so sharing my top 5 things to do in Cabo.

1). The Resort at Pedregal: First things first. Let's talk about The Pedregal Resort. 

This place is vibes. Serious vibes. It’s desert, stunning, in the hills of Cabo, and absolutely breathtaking. There’s amazing infinity pools, delicious food and the staff are super helpful. In each room, you have your own pool and beach area. 

The Pedregal is literally CARVED into a cliff on 24 mountainside showcasing seriously pristine oceanfront acres.

Here, you can truly immerse yourself in a truly unique and exclusive experience, because when you arrive, you enter through a private tunnel, which leads to the end, a gorgeous paradise by the ocean. The resort features a collection of residential style casitas with the luxury of personal concierge services, private plunge pools, rainforest showers and a host of modern amenities.

The staff here is top notch, the meals are AMAZING, each room has everything you need, and you're truly LIVING. It's not to be missed.

All of my photos here are from the resort, and I would highly recommend that if you go, enjoying their dining as well. Each breakfast, dinner and even snack in the room was delicious. They are masters at the attention to detail, and truly care about each guest.

You can reserve directly through their site, here.

2). Flora Farms: As good as it seems/looks/people say. A farm-to-table organic and easy-to-find-meals-for-vegans, spot it was adorable. It’s an actual farm, with produce you can buy, a pond, small shops, an ice cream truck…I got a really nice cucumber chilled soup, raw vegetable salad and piece of their pizza (no cheese thanks!). Plus their drinks are heaven.

3). Boat trip to the Arches: This was one of my favorite parts of the trip, we took a 4 hour boat trip around the coast and it was the BEST. The water is a crazy color blue, the surrounding area is such a stunning neutral color, and the arches are a must see. For the day, we did matching bathing suits (Gemma just happened to wear tan too! As a surprise for her). You can pick up a boat the marina and ours was super clutch because it had a covering so we weren’t in the sun all day. #SPFqueens

4). Dinner at Ediths: Super cute, super cabo, this decor is really adorable. It has string lights and lanterns everywhere, plus a colorful fiesta feel. 

5). Rent a villa in Pedregal: We had the most gorgeous villa during our stay. In the hills of Pedregal, you can find so many MANSIONS with pools, huge patios, decks, staff to cook your meals, and everything. There are mansions that fit up to 30 people, or for us, perfect for 6. 

Anything I missed? Have you been? What else can we share with any babes who are looking to go?

Okay off to unpack and chill before bed, I loves you.