Money on my mind (New Mexico edition)

People ask me how I afford to travel as much as I do. 

Seriously, I've had people from high school (who I legit don't talk to regularly) like text me to ask me how I travel so often. 

If I really thought about it I'd say about 30% of paycheck goes to the next trip. I

If someone was to ask, I'd just give a shoutout to my roommate, who I share a studio with (um hi rent cut in half) and like, good planning.

But on the real though, I have thoughts on how I afford to travel at least once a month. 

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True Life: I tried airbnb


Airbnb is so interesting. It gives me hope for humanity. The fact that people can actually trust complete strangers to stay in their homes without any real verification or even meeting them in person?!

If you don't know what Airbnb is, it's a basically a way for regular people to rent out their homes for people to stay in lieu of a hotel, hostel or bed and breakfast. AIrbnb explains the concept below:

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