Weekending (back) in NYC

Although it's only been a month since I left, being back in NYC felt very different.

But, coming to New York City on vacation/work during the fall is the shit.

It just makes things so much easier when you know you're leaving. Like in this case, in two weeks. It's the right amount of time especially when it's fall-ish out, and the temperature couldn't be more perfect. L.A. doesn't really do "fall" I think when it will feel like fall, it may just really be winter. It was nice to wear a light sweater (from H&M with a hole in the armpit -standard), do lots of walking, workout at places I missed, see people I love and get excited for another few weeks here to do what I need to. 

I did an early flight Saturday morning, landing in the afternoon NYC time and almost forgot (since I slept the ENTIRE flight) that flying from coast to coast is no joke. It's truly as long as, if not longer than NYC to London. When we landed, the lady next to me goes, "wow you are a good sleeper!" LOL.

The first weekend I stayed with my favorite chick Alexandra in the Upper East Side and did a FULL-ON Upper East Side-athon. Like rich old lady style errands and shit. 

  • Meatball Shop: YOU GUYS THE MEATBALLS AREN'T VEGAN. Which ruins my life. I still rep Meatball so hard though. It's cheap, so fast and casual. 
  • SLT: Which is a bomb-ass workout, for real. Its expensive AF so I am not sure how anyone would do it consistently but worth it every once in a while. 
  • Candle Cafe: A good vegetarian spot for brunch. #whitegirls
  • Juice Press: JP and I have been casually catching up throughout the week 
  • Central Park: Old ladies that WALK. I miss walking so much, in Cali you just don't do it even though it's like insanely nice out. Walking in the park is the shit, you can see so many different people, different things and when it's light sweater/lulu zip-up weather, it's everything.

It's so nice sometimes to just kick it with people you love, and when you're with those friends where you can say or do whatever (even errands) and you're happy.

Since I'm here for two weeks, I stayed in Brooklyn for part of it, in the city a few nights and then ended my time in Financial District at another friends house off Gold street. 

Friday night Barrett (of artisanking.com, who I'll be interviewing soon) Julie and I did something hilarious. Just like the good little middle-twenties ravers we are, we did the ZEDD CONCERT Y'ALL at MSG. Honestly was so fun, I didn't feel old as fuck which is cool, and we just went sort of crazy. Saturday was the best, I'd recommend recreating it in NYC - stat. 

  • SoulCycle with Lilly in TriBeca in the morning
  • Seamores for brunch: SO GOOD, good veggie options and for non-veggies it's so legit.
  • Aura readings: I am writing a post about this later but, it's at Magic Jewelry and it's so interesting.
  • Chelsea Galleries
  • Lots of WALKING
  • Lots of CHILLIN' at night, just catching up and being together at Barrett's. 

NYC I miss you, sort of. But just like anywhere you go, it's really about who you're with, than where you are. 

Doing a full NYC vs. LA post next week when I have more time. Until then, I love you! Have a good Sunday, y'all.